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  1. The cruise is 14 months away. I am hoping the vaccine is out soon and things get back to normal over the spring/summer. If not we can cancel, or postpone.
  2. Oh Noreen, it was your terrific reviews I read, and your wonderful photos that convinced me to talk to my husband about booking the silhouette!😁
  3. So excited, and happy to have a cruise to look forward to again! We have cruised several times each with Disney, Carnival and Royal Caribbean. Our last cruise was almost 2 years ago, February 2019 on Oasis of the Seas. We have been wanting to try Celebrity and after reading a few reviews, looking at photos and videos we booked it this morning, an aft-facing stateroom on deck 8. This will be our second aft balcony room and I’m really excited about it. So, what I’m looking for is detailed reviews, with loads of photos. Would love to read all of the reviews I can, if you would car
  4. Thanks for your review. Not fair the Solarium Cafe was unavailable to you, and reserved only for a group. You paid your cruise fair the same as they did. We were on Oasis a year ago and really enjoyed the cafe for lunch, less crowded than the windjammer. Oh, can’t see any of your pdf files, says “unavailable”.
  5. I looked into booking one of their 5-night cruises and a balcony stateroom was $2700. That’s $1350 each adult, and with no extra charge for tips, non-alcoholic drinks and WiFi I think the price is very reasonable. And the BIGGEST perk? NO KIDS! I am extremely interested but...I will wait to see actual photos and read reviews to see what it’s really like. And to see if people in their early 60’s with not-so-perfect-bodies are really welcome🙂 And hopefully they will soon offer longer cruises, we prefer at least 7 nights.
  6. It isn’t Fifi’s fault, throw her owner overboard 😁
  7. OP, I’m very sorry this happened to you and I feel the same as you in that all cruise lines should NOT charter a cruise that already has people booked on it. Not at all fair to people that have already made their plans, especially with multiple families being involved.
  8. We did this once several years ago. Did a 4-night Carnival Fantasy then a 7-night Disney Magic. Both left from Port Canaveral. We did have a day between them so did laundry that day. Would happily do that again.
  9. Yes, Guys is awesome. Burger cooked in front of you and you put your own toppings on, and the fries are just as great. We ate at Johnny Rockets on the Mariner years ago, when there was no charge except for milkshakes and we did enjoy it. This past February on the Oasis we sat down there and had planned on eating. I thought the cover charge was $7.95 but asked to make sure and we were told $11.74 each, milkshakes were extra. We left without eating. Too expensive when there are other include in your cruise fare places to eat.
  10. Even though our Oasis cruise is a l-o-n-g way off...sigh...I've started thinking more about it and gathering information, etc. My husband and I have both been on the Mariner of the Seas (7 nights) and the Monarch of the Seas (4 nights), but I have also been on the Mariner a second time without him. So I'm wondering if our SeaPass cards will be different colors, I'm not sure how many nights you have had to sail before your card changes to the next color.
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