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  1. Hi So, this would be my take on it. I had already mentioned, that I believe many people who rely on tips to augment their income will on occasion, if they feel it may benefit them, will use a well known tactic which is commonly referred to as a "sob story. Everything they say may very well be true, but it is not necessary. To your actual question on how they pick the individuals they relate these stories to, I will point out that these individuals are dealing with hundreds if not thousands of different people every week. They often have been in similar situations for years. Now, I would also suggest that if you dealt with that many people daily in a casual setting where they are more than happy to interact, you too would be able to pick out people that you felt that, if you spent just a little more time in conversation with, might just come up with a "little something extra for you". You know this isn't the norm. You can tell, because it doesn't happen all the time. Especially, if what they are saying isn't quite the truth. Most employers don't approve of that. There are always people who are going to try and game the system. There is always one, no matter where you work. Don't forget, this is actually part of their job, it cost them nothing. After all they are outgoing personalities and they are having pleasant conversations with the clients. If they don't get anything extra, they haven't lost anything. Next week, there will be a bunch of different people.
  2. hi No. If you do own 100 CCL shares, you would be entitled to receive an OBC with either cruise line or any other Carnival owned cruise line.
  3. Hi Oldpeople. Welcome to cruise critic. I too am of the camp that if there is somewhere special that you want to go, or if there is somewhere you need to be for a special reason, don't count on getting there on a cruise. Book a land trip. Cruises are great if you are flexible. Many people don't really understand that because the cruise lines aren't going to make any effort to highlight something that might discourage any potential customer. Most people who have any complaints about their cruise are complaining about something they clearly didn't understand when they booked. The cruise contract that everyone is agreeing to by completing the purchase allows the cruise line to make adjustments to almost everything about a booking without any required compensation. Very often, if there is a significant interruption to planned events, different companies will try to make it up for passengers, but this will be out of goodwill, and not a requirement.
  4. Hi Cruisemom67 Just want to throw this out there for you. It is not unheard of to see people who receive tips as a significant component of their salary to tell a tale. They are not trying to lie. They just see a sympathetic person, who is very pleasant, who also may be induced to dig a little deeper and give "just a little more", and this makes up for those that don't give. The sob story, whether real or not works with enough people that it has been employed for centuries. Whether it is a panhandler, or a waiter, over time it works. One of the main reasons it works, is because giving (especially directly to a person) makes the giver feel good.
  5. Hi I was just stating the fact that a significant portion of the company was sold at that price ($8 a share), and perhaps that's all it's worth, considering the risk. The fact that the price of the shares went up doesn't necessarily mean the risk has lessened. The risk is the same until operations restart and can prove themselves viable. The value of the company (not the price of the shares) after this restart could very well be in that $8 per share for some time. We will see.
  6. Hi To this question, I would say the answer is No. However, what I did say was, we will be paying "more", one way or another. Also, as already said, we will be paying more for everything. The Seabourn prices will go up too, so everything is relative. To this point, I don't know. Maybe you do, but you could be wrong. What I am saying, is that they may be able to operate, just not as profitably as before. You know, maybe that $8 stock price for Carnival is all it will be worth for many years. Just like when they started. At least until they find other, and maybe better ways to separate ourselves from our money. Of course that is, if they survive at all. This is a worldwide situation . The travel industry, not just cruising, is at this time, going on a hope and a prayer. The only reason the airline industry hasn't given up already is because of massive bailouts (again worldwide). Surprise, with our money. Take from the poor and give to the rich. 😃
  7. Hi 1. Yes,for the price reduction, but you can always upgrade to a more expensive catagory. 2. 2 business days before sailing.
  8. Hi I think most of us understand that we speak for ourselves. Few people actually believe the more they say something, the more likely it is to be true. Even if you use capital letters. As far as exorbitant prices, it does depend on the person. There are always people who have more money than they need, for them, cost is secondary. Don't forget the travel industry existed before cruising did. There is lots of competition for your travel dollars. It's like anything else, if you don't have a choice, then you pay the going rate, or do without. I believe prices of everything are going up, not just travel. When/if things get too expensive, people might choose to do or buy less of, or none of any given product, just as they always have. Some businesses will fail and others will replace them, again, as they always have.
  9. Hi Don't forget, some of us just don't have a life. 😄 Very often those post counts go up significantly, when certain changes occur in a persons life. We are not necessairly a representitive group, we are a group that has a particular interest and we like to be informed. Information, does save people time and money. We have learned that a little planning in advance always pay off. When I first started following this site, it was just because I saw a lot of useful information people were commenting on and the more specific your question the more specific the answer. After a while I was realizing, that I was able to actually help people with varying questions. Nothing more complicated than that. The knowledge would come not necessairly from cruising specifically but travel generally. Look at those posts that have nothing to do with cruising. Like how do I get across town inexpesively, where to park, where to stay, eat. Answers to those questions are more likely to be accurate when a local reaches out to help. The fact that we also are expressnig opinions , hopes, wishes, dreams, makes it more like a social group, like a FB. Just another option for people looking for whatever. The guidelines set, are more than reasonable. Who wouldn't want to be a member of Cruise Critic? 😁
  10. Hi That's why companies hire people to make the decision. Unlike all the internet quarterbacks, they try to hire people who actually do have the skills that are required. As I said companies do things that are "required" of them. Like in your example, they don't get to decide when they can start up again. They are told when and how. Other than that, they can only make money if they are operating. If the cruising industry were to fail, it won't be because they didn't do something that was required of them.
  11. Hi The thought is that the Canadian ports that receive cruise ships will be closed till the end of October. There are no cruise ships that stop in Canada later in the year. Cruise ships will/may return next year. I would imagine that was what the OP was getting at. "Cruise ship season in Canada is dead"... at least for this year. It's interesting to see this. They are not willing to allow cruise ship passengers to visit, but at the same time they are trying to figure out how to open the borders. That will be another interesting spectator sport. I know I won't be travelling anywhere until numbers are way down from where they are now. So, I wouldn't want any visitors coming from the U.S. any time soon. For that matter, the same would be true for most countries, maybe New Zealand. They won't open their borders either.
  12. Hi They are going to do what they are required to do. Why would you expect them to do more or even try to figure out what the "right thing" is. Terms like that are subjective. Wonderful thing about capitalism and the formation of companies, is that their singular objective is to make "more" money for it's owners/shareholders. Everything else comes from how it affects their primary objective.
  13. Hi Yes that is all well and good, but you do have to at least acknowledge that there were cruises scheduled to sail in May, June, and July. The people who booked those would have been happy to sail as well. While you may very well be correct that Los Angeles cruises will begin in September, you don't have a crystal ball, just as I don't. These are scheduled, just like the ones that were scheduled for May, June, and July.
  14. Hi You could see how the cruise lines are basically going to do anything that is required of them, by law or whatever other governing body they are going to respect. With that being said, they at this time would look on the situation as being fluid. Good or bad for the industry, it won't be because the companies involved would not do things in regards to health and safety that were not instructions. In regards to your concern, I would think that since the cruise lines see the unfolding of events possibly changing each day. Why would they allow you to cancel at this time, as others noted, you may cancel yourself. They could be hoping (since everybody is hoping) that early sailings went off without issue and rules could be relaxed some more. The very worse for the cruise line, of course, would be if things didn't go off well, and in fact your cruise ended up being cancelled. In that event, they would be in possession of your money. Either way, they have no motivation to ask you to rebook. Perhaps, try to get a PVP. Talk to the person a bit over a some of time, and ask if they could help you.
  15. Hi Yes, but when you just state numbers like that, it's obviously just relative. For instance, take the numbers you mention... is that good? The town I live near hasn't had any cases, even in the seniors residences and there are two in town. Granted, it's a small community, but it says one main thing. If someone in town were to get the virus now, it would have to come from someone outside the community. At this time there are only a few ways to try and prevent this. Social distancing and wearing a mask, oh yes, don't forget to wash your hands before you stick your fingers in your mouth. So, should we outlaw strangers from town? I don't think so. However, if people are asked to give more room or to wear a mask. Please show some respect. It's not a challenge of peoples' freedoms, it's just asking for some help, while trying to find a safe path to our future. Nobody (really, nobody) has the answers yet, but there are many smart people working on them. Don't let the flotsam confuse you.
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