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  1. I love the smell of a tip thread in the morning.
  2. I thought all Aqua cabins had bed by the bath? Learn something new everyday 😊
  3. Agree - being in the same cabin makes it very easy indeed. Comicbug -Besides the letter, it never hurts to mention to your cabin steward early on (and again towards the end of the first leg) that you are B2B and in the same cabin. enjoy
  4. BTW - a search on this board for “tips” or “gratuities” will bring up some fun reading 😂
  5. You are going to get replies from both sides of the fence on this one, lots of different opinions, this is just mine. Tips are included in the beverage package & no need to tip extra unless you want to. Some bartenders will give you a slip to sign even with the package, others don’t. If you want to add a tip you can. What we will do is find a bar we like on the 1st or 2nd day, tip them “good” (each to their own what good is) on the first day, then keep going back. If they continue to give good service, enjoyable conversation, etc, tip more. If not, find another bar.
  6. 100% agree. If we know where and when we want to eat, we prebook it to guarantee we have the reservation. You never know when it will be a “busy” specialty restaurant cruise.
  7. Yep agree. With a policy like that it’s no wonder nobody showed for the auction.
  8. It’s an increase in cruise fare, especially for selecting the beverage package. But still cheaper than purchasing the package outright.
  9. I agree, however I wonder if you can "cancel" the package after a certain time. Would be an interesting question for RCL which would no doubt result in several different answers. I think I would purchase in advance, then the day before arriving Brisbane go to GS and try to cancel the remaining days. Well, actually I'd probably just stay on board and drink, but that's just me 😁
  10. Strange indeed. I would seriously check with either (or both) the club and celebrity to see what happened, especially since you booked direct. Would love to hear feedback what they ultimately tell you, if anything. Good luck.
  11. It's funny - have gotten various recipes from ships, made the dish and it never tastes as I remember. Must be something about being at sea...
  12. Believe it is just wine. From my experience the Premium Bev package is better as it also includes other drinks and a discount on btl wine. (1 persons opinion only).
  13. Not good at all. You might sign in to your Capt Club account and check your profile just to see if your friends email address is in there somewhere.
  14. I copied this from a different thread
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