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  1. Looking forward to good news for you as well, Lanky Lad!
  2. What a nice, positive post about observing responsible behavior during a pandemic. Thank you for sharing it.
  3. The downside of a contactless payment world - today I went to the bank to get some cash, after using a credit card exclusively since March. And..... I've forgotten my PIN. Sheesh.
  4. Gardening! We have a groundhog; it's not deer after all munching on our newly planted perennials. I've been sprinkling chile powder on the leaves and we put some fencing around the most susceptible plants. It is so sad to see a healthy plant reduced to a few stems overnight. Texas is seeing a surge in covid19 cases so it's good to hear from you.
  5. Hot and humid here in Maine, too, LewiLewi. Although to a Floridian it might seem merely warm! Mike's mom lives in Florida and she stays close to home and always wears her mask. She has COPD so she would probably not survive an infection. I'm annoyed at your governor, too. On another subject, prompted by the Cunard wine bar discussion, we've discovered a slew of sparkling wines made in the champagne style that cost far less money - cremants, cavas, etc. Affordable "champagne" - the perfect summer drink.
  6. I totally get it! Well done Costa, for your business practices, too.
  7. I'm on it! Thanks for the tip. Deer hunting season here is in November. We're told to wear bright orange vests or jackets when we are outside. Someone also told me to wear a hat, because my hair is now pretty much all white, and hunters could mistake me for a white-tailed deer. The deer seemed to disappear from around our house around the middle of October last year; I think they knew what was up.
  8. It was wonderful. The ship was brand new, for one thing. It mostly had a lavish feel that we hadn't really experienced before - an example being heaps of caviar on caviar nights. The only downside was that it is a German ship, and although it operated as a bilingual cruise some functions were not really available to the English speakers. Most of the German passengers spoke English, though, so we never felt isolated.
  9. Oh, a deer got to a newly planted Rudbeckia a couple of nights ago. Do I need to glue chili peppers to the remaining leaves? Fortunately the rest of the new plantings were untouched. Fingers crossed.
  10. Whew, that is a tough choice for Mr HH. Any port in a storm, vs wait for something better... Mike and I met at the company where we both worked, so I won't say there wouldn't be problems with Plan B, but it can work out well, too. We met about 35 years ago. To celebrate our 30th year together (we aren't married) we took the most luxurious cruise we could find and afford, which (sorry Cunard and all on this thread) was on the Europa 2. It was pretty spectacular. But our hearts remain with Cunard. It's funny, I keep having thoughts that I should browse the internet from some new bit of fancy wear, which is something I regularly do before a Cunard cruise; but sadly, no reason to do that now.
  11. So sorry! I was rooting for your Acer. That aside, everyone's garden experiences make inspiring reading. We are in the midst of a serious upgrade to the plantings around our house, and the sight of so much fresh and healthy greenery fills me with happiness. Mike's vegetable garden is coming along, too; although he admitted last night that his corn was not going to be knee-high by the 4th of July (an American corn-growing metric). So far no deer or groundhogs have breached the fortress, I mean fencing.
  12. Thanks, BigMike911, you made me laugh out loud with that.
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