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  1. They are losing me as a customer, and a salesperson the longer they drag this out.
  2. I'm more concerned they are going to take the other Brilliant sailings off the schedule. They should have just taken all of them off back in June or so when they took the TA off the schedule.. What they fail to realize, is that the people they are going to piss off most are the ones that spend their money for the rockstar and mega rockstar cabins..
  3. This is what i got back from my sales leader about an hour ago We’re putting on our finishing touches and finalizing our ports of call for future itineraries. While we don’t have all of these confirmed yet, we do know there will be changes coming later this week. When everything is ready, we’ll make sure that you’ll be the first to know. Warm Regards,
  4. I thought they would send it to my first mate account.. I will go out and play on FirstMates
  5. Was just thinking the same thing.. would be nice as a TA to have 24 hours to review what's going on.. I figured they would announce on the 7th but have seen it written that they would start selling on the 7th.. I hope they just announce.
  6. The app doesn't work, however you can call Sailor Services (or your First Mate) and they can add them for you. I was in the system and booked several shore things for the January 13th sailing. After I did, they showed up in the app once.. then it went to not working again.
  7. I am almost at the point where I think they are putting out fake stuff to keep those of us hunting satisfied.. .
  8. What I have seen so far, is that they are selling shore things for the Brilliant for both December, and January (as the days get marked off). They have also paid out c omissions on the first few Brilliant Cruises, and are still selling the December - April cruises on her. So if they are going to cancel it, they better do it soon, as at this point people are getting airfare and hotels, and these are not covered by the insurance Virgin offers. They are trying to build a customer base, but if they piss off too many people, they won't come back. As a TA I have almost $100,000 in sales on the Brilliant for January.. if they cancel those on me now, I have wasted a year of my life selling their stuff, and I won't bother in the future. As to the Trans-Atlantic.. I have booked airfare, post cruise hotels and such, and would love to know if I should cancel this stuff before it becomes too late. If the ship isn't going to make it here for Dec/Jan, I doubt they will have it come here on a TA.. And nothing says whether or not they are going to say anything about the Brilliant, other than starting to sell cruises on her out of Portsmouth starting in late April.
  9. I was just in the middle of mapping all of that out.. Amsterdam is over night from the way it appears
  10. still don't know which trip but this was sent to me by another agent..
  11. The pictures on Google Earth / Maps are of the Resilient. But you can use google earth and see other people's pictures. This one was taken in August, and it dawned upon me based on the position that this had to be taken from on the Brilliant. Link to all the pictures (you may have to cut and paste it into browser) https://www.google.com/maps/contrib/116607257405043313332/photos/@44.4238049,8.8433579,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m7!1e2!3m5!1sAF1QipM2QtRhi8TCZbo2SqlHYQgVRd-4XeO_4YBfLFU!2e10!6shttps:%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2Fp%2FAF1QipM2QtRhi8TCZbo2SqlHYQgVRd-4XeO_4YBfLFU%3Dw365-h273-k-no!7i4128!8i3096!4m3!8m2!3m1!1e1?entry=ttu
  12. Got some uplifting information today, Virgin has started paying out commissions for the Dec Sailings, so I would think that's a good indication that the ship will be on schedule. Doesn't say anything about April, but it's a start.
  13. the last pictures Ive seen are from Feb https://www.shipspotting.com/photos/gallery?shipName=BRILLIANT LADY&shipNameSearchMode=begins
  14. I am hoping so. The other good news is that I was just out looking at the Jan 13th cruise on the travel agent portal, and they have loaded the shore excursions. The one for the 20th does not have them yet. This hints to me that all things should be good for Jan - Apr
  15. i am hoping they will do the transatlantic as promised, and then an add on up to Portsmouth.
  16. I thought maybe Richard would announce what was going on while on board this week, but maybe not. Sales rep told me they are hoping to announce next week.... but i think she told me that back in July as well.
  17. does anyone know how long it was before they canceled the cruises on the Resilient?
  18. From what I've seen, I believe the ship will be hitting Brussels, Amsterdam, and then probably Denmark Sweden Norway sampler, and then an alternate route that goes from Portsmith to down to Portugal. I think they will have this ship doing two alternating routes rather than just one. My sales rep told me she believes they are going to announce everything end of this week, beginning of next, but they've told me this before too.
  19. Keep an eye on it. I Had a client I did the same thing for, but they didn't refund it, they just put it as an FCC. So if you don't see it show up on your credit card in 3 or 4 business days, call them again and make sure they actually refunded it.
  20. People in the Facebook Mermaidan (which is less than 120 days) are starting to see occasional access to the app for their cruise. I think the Dec - April cruises will go as advertised. As to the Transatlantic.. it will probably go out on the 20th as it is supposed to, but where it is going, is another question, This screen cap was captured (and since disappeared)
  21. I have had no problems when using Alianz travel insurance, in fact they have always been easy to make a claim and pay quickly. I had a fall, and ripped a tendon, and had to go to the hospital in Brazil. Ambulance, Emergency room, drugs, change to air ticket to fly home cost more than 2x what I paid for the insurance. They covered it all. I also had my cell phone stolen when in Peru. They paid for the replacement. There have been a few other things I have had to claim and have never had an issue.
  22. Some one just told me the saw it in Belgium on the 7th, but didn't say which port
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