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  1. I think, ( could be wrong) if you disconnect from their wifi, (if off the cruise at a port where data isn't too much) you can access everything
  2. Confused. Does that mean you couldn't prebook dinners and such for the second leg?
  3. Word I got from people is that she was trying to take a selfie
  4. Sorry, while it is a terrible thing, I have been on the ship, and you don't fall off those balconies if you are doing things like sitting in the hammock, or standing up next to the balcony looking at the sea / sky. You fall off a balcony because you were climbing on things you shouldn't have been climbing on, or showing people how cool you were by sitting on the railing.. So while I feel sorry for the people that had to watch her land, or try to help her when she did, I have no empathy for anyone else on that ship trying to make it about them, when it isn't.
  5. A person fell (or jumped) from Deck 14 and landed on Deck 7. Unknown if they survived. The ship went back to Miami last night, and will be departing this morning. 2 days at sea, no Roatan, and going to Cozumel instead of Costa Maya Friend on board just told me the captain announced a full credit for future cruise
  6. I am a TA, and I can tell you the comments about how the TA called and they said the price was made up are most likely made up. As a TA, I can change the fare on anyone's cruise to a better rate, provided they are not past final payment, or have not paid in full. I don't even need to call them to get that rate changed. Additionally, I can often find lower rates that aren't advertised online. Please note, booking a trip through Expedia, or via Costco is not using a travel agent.
  7. Friend just advised me that her passport expires in June, for a cruise we are going on in April. Cruise goes to Mexico, Belize and Roatan. Does anyone have personal experience on taking a closed loop cruise to these countries on Princess using just a Birth Certificate and License?
  8. What were the costs for the Sanctuary? How full was it?
  9. More importantly, the non-lgtbq+ crowd for the most part is very accepting and friendly. I didn't notice one dirty look or hear one nasty comment from anyone on our cruise. At the late night dance parties, there was intermingling, and everyone was dancing with everyone. Very odd feeling not having to worry about being persecuted. Best time on a cruise ever.
  10. i just got back from a solo cruise this past weekend. A bunch of us created a facebook chat for solo sailors on that cruise and we got to know each other before sailing. The group was pretty eclectic. There were gay, straight, bi, trans, people from ages 25 - 62. We planned some dinners and such together, and more or less hung out at different times and events throughout the cruise. Several of us are now planning to do another cruise together next year. Once on the ship, we went to the solo passenger meet and greet (around the time they do sailaway) and met several others that we incorporated into the group. Then some of did the grog walk and found even more new people. The team that runs all the events was an amazing bunch of people that I also got to know some of fairly well. They were always there to say hi, and kind of made it feel like family. You all are welcome to join us on our cruise in January 🙂
  11. I am guessing they are doing PCR tests? What is the turn around time on them?
  12. not sure if the ships offer it. In the USA, it's not an approved medicine, so many Doctors can't prescribe it. However there are online Doctors that can, and a pharmacist can prescribe it to you as well.. it was free when I got it, and I have an extra one on hand for when I travel should I ever need it.
  13. Well... assuming you didn't get exposed again on day 4, you should be fine. You will think you have it on day 3, and know you have it on day 4. 10 days from day 0, so if you don't show positive until day 3, it's about a week that the tests come back positive. I think after 5 or 6 days they say you can go back into public (with a mask and being careful). I took the antivirals when I got it, and felt better by day 6. My brother did too, but he rebounded, which seems to be one of the problems with being on the antivirals. But its also different for everyone.. these are just approximate dates based on my and some other people I know having it back in August. I did a cruise in September, the ship was half empty, I still wore a mask when indoors in crowds except at dinner(and all the ship personnel were always wearing them as well) and had no issues. There is a new variant since then. so all bets are off.
  14. If you get a sniffle.. no. If you get a scratchy throat, feel a little out of sorts, tired possibly. If you get a fever absolutely. Fever is going to be covid or flu this time of year, both are highly contagious. Princess (and all of Carnival's lines) are going back to requiring masks.. so that should help control it
  15. I was checking on reddit as well.. nothing there.. found a link to facebook group, about 35 people on there. I still tink it's going to be a pretty empty ship
  16. the whole ship for 2 of us.. no lines
  17. Been looking for people on this cruise. I put a meet and greet out on here, but no one has even admitted they are going. I am going solo, will be my first virgin cruise
  18. They really should have renamed it the Scarlet Witch for that sailing
  19. If the weather is bad enough to make things unsafe, they will close the sanctuary. I have been up there on a cold rainy afternoon, inside the covered area, sitting on the lounger with a blanket and a hot cup of tea, and enjoying every minute of it on the other hand.
  20. With Princess you can add / change / delete without charge anyone except the one of the two initial passengers before the final payment is due. If you try to delete both the first 2 passengers they will typically cancel the cabin, even if you try to do it at different times. But for someone to have to book 3 people, and then cancel one, in order to get a cabin that is open is a bit ridiculous. If you can find the cabin is available, have your TA, or Princess book the cabin as GTY and then have them move you to the other cabin. Either your or your TA will need to call in to Princess for it, although sometimes if you know it's available, your TA can change the cabin number after it's booked from a different screen. ( But to find out its available you (or they) need to pretend to book the cabin as 3 or more). The problem becomes when they book you at a higher (or lower) booking level, then you can't get that cabin without a more difficult change process.
  21. Agreed. There are parts of the ship that some people prefer to be in. Why should they have to book a cabin elsewhere or be subject to the whims of where Princess wants to put them because they don't have kids? For the people that want the 4 people cabins - book early. Or get two cabins. One adult and one kid in each.. You will be more comfortable that way anyway.
  22. Depends on if you cancel them prior to the final payment date
  23. Does the Princess Plus drink package include the specialty coffees or do they make you buy the specialty coffee card as well?
  24. Send me a message on here if you can
  25. You should be able to call princess, or have your TA call princess and tell them to move you to one of the cabins that it shows you is available.
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