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  1. It's possible, I just never noticed it before.
  2. As a TA, (and a fairly technically savvy one) I know how to move around their booking system. It actually wont show a cabin as available if you put in 2 guests, but if you change it to 3 it will show them. Once you find the cabin, then after you book the cabin with an alternate cabin, you put it in on the screen where you can change the cabin, and if you are lucky it will change the cabin. However sometimes it throws out an error code, and you have no choice but to call Princess and ask them to override it, and put the person in the cabin you want.. They are doing this on their website too, it's not just the booking system. It's either a coding flaw, or they are trying to get the ships to be max passenger again. This is a recent change to the booking system, never had this problem in the past that I recall
  3. My experience - I had booked a cruise, and it worked fine.. I was like wow, not sure why everyone is having a hard time. Then I had to cancel that cruise and rebook it under a different booking number to get some FCCs applied. This is where the nightmare started. The App only shows the old cruise. Won't let me link the new cruise, won't let me log onto the cruise just using my booking number.. I've deleted it a few times. However, on the website, they have a link where you can use the web version of the medallion app, which worked just fine. I was able to get into the cruise, it had all my information, and now shows me that I am in the Green lane. Still can't get this same information on the AP. After I deleted it and reinstalled it a few times, I noticed it is now showing me cruises I canceled weeks ago. Read somewhere in here that someone asked them i their grandkids could help, I would have replied they obviously used their grandkids to write the app They have a phone number listed to call under delete account on the phone app. Going to try to call them and see if they can fix this mess. Not really caring that much as it let me order my medallion and I got a confirmation email, and will most likely not use the app on the ship unless I absolutely have to. Hopefully by then it will have cleaned itself up.
  4. Princess is actually doing this on thier TA booking system as well. What ends up happening is clients are dumping their travel agents, because Princess can find them a cabin, and their TA can't.
  5. Was looking for a cabin in a particular portion of the ship the other day for 2 passengers, and all that was available was guarantee. When I looked in the same area for 3 passengers, all of a sudden the cabins I wanted were available. Booked it with whatever I could find, and called them, and had them move me to one of the cabins I wanted.
  6. Yeah, pretty much my card of choice, have 3 different ones lol. Have been to many countries where it was hard to use, so always have an emergency MC and Visa.
  7. Have not been especially thrilled with the MSC website - the online checkin states you can use American Express, but the site it sends you too doesn't allow it. So I had to call them to get them to send me the electronic ticket, and have to register the card when I get to the ship (will bring a visa just in case) And then, purchased the internet package, and MSC billed me twice. Called them, had them cancel it, they rebooked it, and it billed me twice again. Have filed a dispute with my credit card.. easier than calling them again.
  8. I've a similar service and test when I was out of the country and needed to take the test to fly home. If it's the same, they will have you take the test on camera, and watch the results for 15 minutes. They will then send you a report by email almost immediately. Just an FYI.. had the new variant 2 months ago (am fully vaccinated).. started feeling sick on a Sunday, but the home test kits did not show a positive result until Tuesday. Got on antivirals on Tues, and felt better by Thursday, but continued to test positive until the following Weds.. (about 10 days). This seems to be the norm with the new variants so don't be surprised if people start getting sick when you are on board.
  9. Just reviewing the diamond benefits now. Will need to book things quickly when we get on board
  10. This is what you get for 99.00 1 shellfish platter to share 1 appetizer 1 dry aged ribeye with sauces and sides selection 1 chocolate lava cake 2 glasses of New World wines so it's kind of pricey. This one appeals to me a bit more, and is probably the one I will take, unless I just wait to get on the ship.. this one is only 75: Book two distinct dining experiences! Includes two dining experiences at the following venues: Sushi Galaxy offers the finest sushi at sea, awarded by Berlitz Guide. The package includes a unique experience of Japanese cuisine composed of sushi, sashimi and much more, plus one typical oriental dessert Butchers' Cut is a unique steakhouse parlor where guests can choose their favorite beef breeds and cuts from our glass-fronted meat-aging fridges The package includes food only, a three-course dinner to choose from the Dining Experience Menu. Some items may be subject to an extra charge.
  11. First Time cruising on MSC, not not familiar with the restaurants Looking for recommendations as to if I should pre-book the dining experience, or just go and order from the menu. The "experience" looks overly expensive, compared to what I have been able to see in regards to the menus. Anyone have thoughts or experiences with this?
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