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  1. And I agree with you. But how does not tipping make it better? Do you communicate with the cruise line's upper management about this? Do you boycott those lines that don't pay a decent wage? I'm a US citizen and travel internationally a good bit. I always check to see what tipping practices are in the various countries.
  2. I guess I wasn't reading that closely. But to the point, do you agree that the employees shouldn't be severely punished due to the actions of their employers? Not whether the policy should be changed or not. I think/hope we're all in agreement on that one.
  3. Please, who were you replying to?
  4. I used to be on a food site and there were those that were spending close to or more than $1000 for dinner for two and wanted to weasel out of the appropriate tip. Generally the people on that site would figuratively rip him a new one. If you can't afford the tip.... And I understand that people who formerly worked in the biz are the best tippers of all. Been there, done that.
  5. I can't imagine any business that doesn't occasionally "fire" a customer.
  6. We're not pool/beach users so it's moot for us. But if I were part of that demographic and saw some of these things happening, I'd call out the person. Gently and quietly but if that didn't work I'm completely capable of upping the ante. That's when my husband calls me Bruno as in "don't mess with Bruno." 🙂
  7. I wonder if anyone will dare to disagree with you.
  8. I so often see on social media that people will complain here but not correspond with management. So you've wasted your time. (Not you, of course.)
  9. I agree. You may not like the system - and I don't - but you're penalizing the worker if you don't tip.
  10. Oh, I don't doubt you. But wow.
  11. Oh my, so that's Mexican and not Spanish.
  12. Okay, gotcha. So you DO the conversion. I do also. I just put it on a little piece of paper in my wallet 🙂
  13. Thanks. I knew the first part but not the second. I'll share that on a food site I'm on. So I wonder if the machine itself would be considered safe in cabins. PS I don't need coffee that much.
  14. I don't know what Santorini is like in Nov. but we were there in spring a couple of years ago and it was a mess of tourists. And does "private boat" mean you're on your own after that? From the port to town(s) it can be also a mess.
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