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  1. I suppose. Didn't look. Is there a point? Two extraordinarily expensive cities.
  2. What is minimum wage in Seattle for tipped employees? At the beginning of this year, Seattle's minimum wage increased to $16.69 per hour for large employers with more than 500 employees. Small businesses with less than 500 employees are required to pay $15 per hour only if they pay $1.69 per hour towards medical benefits, or the employee earns $1.69 per hour in tips.Jan 15, 2021 $15 Now: Seven years later, Seattle's smallest employers hit ...
  3. Thanks. Not enough to live on their own but better.
  4. Are these people also paid anything approaching a livable wage? In the US it's been as low as $2 and a few cents an hour. I don't know what it is now. But I do know that in cities like SF and SEA it sometimes requires four people to live in one apartment or a two hour, one way commute.
  5. I'm not being clear. I'm not talking about choosing to continue to work but rather what if one can't due to physical/mental issues.
  6. Oh, it's not that. He somehow thinks he'll be able to live in his house forever and work because he wants to. He drives luxury cars and is building a $75k kitchen and thinks nothing will ever change. We know that we don't want to wind up in some depressing, government-subsidized living. So we travel but we have a big cushion for if the day comes. Unfortunately I don't have a crystal ball that says how long we're going to live and how much it's going to cost 🙂 ETA: so as it relates to this thread, we'll make our buying decisions for a cruise based on our basic beliefs about making sure we'll be alright.
  7. Ah, I hadn't noticed that you're from NZ. But one never knows. I have a friend who's an attorney and has said he'll never retire. I've asked what he'll do if he has a stroke for example. Oh well.
  8. Doesn't your online reservation info give a lot of that detail?
  9. We don't keep in touch with anyone or download books but definitely NEED the petsitter to be able to contact us. Also has anyone mentioned needing to hear from banks, credit card companies, etc. Twice we've had fraudulent use of our credit card (and that was back in the US not on the trip). We pay every bill we can via our credit card or at least online so periodic online checking is really absolute for us.
  10. Our financial guy who we meet with once or twice a year says that he doesn't worry about us for pretty much the same reason. We take great pride in that 🙂
  11. Bob was the trustee for a while for a little old lady family friend who was spending money like mad after her tight-fisted husband passed away. He finally said "you can have anything you want but not everything you want."
  12. As far as I know (one cruise only so far) we got the same at the Terrace. And one time Bob ordered one of those famous burgers from Waves and they happily delivered it to him on the aft deck.
  13. You're funny. Sorry I missed that the first time around 🙂
  14. But 1, 3 and 4 aren't on Oceania ships that I'm aware of. PLUS they're chains which I avoid like the plague 🙂
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