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  1. Have you talked to your doctor about that? Colds are a flu virus so it seems a bit odd that you get them that way.
  2. We had a fantastic airbnb in Copenhagen and saved a TON of money. Their public trans was great also. Hope we can go back some day.
  3. LOL. It sure got OUR attention. And thank you for that experience. I read this to Bob and we've basically decided to revisit this in the AM and if we feel/think the same we're canceling. It's just a vacation. We have more important things in our lives.
  4. I'm not a lawyer so take this with a grain of salt. Not too many years ago we had a car made by GM. It had a major transmission problem. Ours went out when going 65 on I-80 in the left lane. But between when we bought it and when this happened (allegedy still under warranty) GM had filed (is it) Chapter 11 (that's reorganization). They came out of bankruptcy and didn't honor the warranty under the 'former' company. We're starting to consider canceling our Galapagos cruise and getting our $1k back. They're sure not impressing us. It would be our first SS cruise.
  5. Freezing temps are fine but we're unwilling to head into snowy roads in the RV. I'm thinking after the first of the year. We'll likely head back to PNW in the next couple of months. Thanks again for the info and advice.
  6. But not true on all lines although I bet it's going to be mandatory. Also seems like it would be hard to complain about.
  7. The only point I make is that the customer doesn't touch the food until it's been placed on the plate. And never touches the serving utensils.
  8. That's what I keep coming back to. Not just cruise lines. It took me six months to get multiple refunds from Norwegian Air - they're in BAD shape.
  9. Yeah, why have it if they don't have a 'rule' for when/how/who to serve.
  10. Good memory. Yep. Actually got for two different trips, one for this past March and the other for this month. It took a fair amount of time and effort, even copied their CEO on a couple of emails 🙂 The last one just showed up in our account a couple of days ago. We got refunds on every single part of the spring, 16 part itinerary. I finally tossed all those papers in the recycle bin.
  11. I think that's a very good explanation. We've done three, one week plus trips from NorCal to Seattle in the last three months, visiting different places each time. Enjoyed them immensely and are going to sit down soon and figure out another one for this year. We saw some beautiful sights, had some GREAT food, talked to a bunch of fun people. I hope Canada will eventually let us back in but considering our mishandling of COVID who knows? We had a cruise canceled that was six days of a two week plus trip. And then an all cruise (with a few days pre and post) Baltic/Scandinavian trip. So the point is that we also enjoy all manner of travel.
  12. I put it in quotes just to distinguish from a la menu. We adored it. We ate almost every meal there, except for the specialties. Re the "new normal" I'm betting every line will be required to do this.
  13. That's good. All the national parks in CA are now closed due to fire danger.
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