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  1. And now you refuse to say what. Okay.
  2. Well, I'm not young ) But let's say you have dinner at 630 or 700 would that give you tme for your "evening agenda"? xoc
  3. Like what please? And I'm talking about dinner.
  4. I am one who is quick to praise. BUT, like you when something like you mention occurs, I report it. In writing. If all one does is go on social media and complain, nothing will change. And, yes, one must name names. Thanks for being so explicit.
  5. I'm curious. When not on a ship do you consider it "tedium" also?
  6. I hope it exceeds your expectations. We sailed on their 400'ish pax Midnatsol to Antarctica almost two years ago and loved every moment of it.
  7. We were on Midnatsol in Antarctica almost two years ago and it was the trip of a lifetime. But if you're expecting a 'regular' (whatever that is) experience you'll likely be disappointed. We ADORED it.
  8. He probably looks a little dicey 🙂
  9. Oh stop it. You're beloved and if people start to argue just 'avert your eyes.' Hear me?????
  10. Minions. I need minions.
  11. Yeah, being from Atlanta it does qualify it. Bu Mother was the real deal and passed on as much as she could 🙂
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