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  1. We have a USAA bank account (husband was in the Army in the 70s) that rebates ATM fees. We only use it for this purpose. And not just when traveling. Any ATM even here at home.
  2. We flew them twice RT to Europe in their business-equivalent section and it was super and so well priced. But, yeah, their time is terrible.
  3. I call it "quick to criticize and slow to praise."
  4. Somebody on another board did the math. UK has a population of 66,000,000. If they could vaccinate 100,000 a day it would take about 2 years to vaccinate every one. Once. But likely it will be twice. My cruise booked for 3rd quarter 2022 doesn't look that good when the math is done.
  5. Do you make your living writing? This is super. Thanks.
  6. But that doesn't mean you're immune.
  7. I took a cabin just a few doors down the hall. Just wanted to share.
  8. I remain content, for now, that we booked for 3rd qtr '22 and are looking at another for later that year. We shall see.
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