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  1. While I've read here that they're fun, I've also read that you really don't learn much if you're already half way decent in the kitchen.
  2. That's too funny. I've asked them the same thing! A few years ago we were doing a house exchange in DC. Because Bob's family had lived in Annapolis we went out there one day. They have/had a bricks and mortar USAA office. I couldn't get in there fast enough 🙂 Bob's father was a Marine fighter pilot in WWII and Korea but then died in a peace time helicopter rescue. He was around 50 so didn't get all the years in that your father did.
  3. Ah, now I see. Thanks. And I'm guessing the transaction fee is just built into the exchange rate. Bob's been with USAA for over 50 years...from back when he was "an officer and a gentleman." We LOVE USAA.
  4. From what I've read here the roll call excursions are generally the same companies that I can book with on my own. And most of the passengers are from the ship. And "uncertainty" for us is a good thing. It's one of the reasons we (likely) stopped doing escorted land trips. For our trip in the fall we'll certainly do a tour in SPB because of the Russian aspect. I need to do my research about the other ports, two of which we'll have already DIYd before then.
  5. But even if local I have no need to actually meet.
  6. I appreciate the info. Even though it's not been even a year yet, for the life of me I couldn't remember. And, like everything in Norway, the wine on board was quite expensive. An older (than we) English couple had wine at lunch and dinner (good for them!) and were paying about $75/btl. But, hey, you're only one once 🙂
  7. I'll double check but a quick search just now kept saying "worldwide."
  8. Can you provide a USAA link please? The ones I saw were somewhat incomplete and non-USAA sites said they don't rebate ATM fees outside the US. I find that odd since they were started to serve the military. Thanks, Bud.
  9. Here's an article from almost a year ago: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-uber-chile-insight/riding-with-uncle-diego-ubers-wild-drive-for-growth-in-chile-idUSKCN1R00BF If you really want to use them I'd contact Uber and see what the status is now. We were recently in Buenos Aires and were told that they're not real popular so we used the "radio taxis." Just flagged them down 🙂
  10. But I can sign up with the same tour companies that the ship people are signing up with and travel with the same people. As I said I would just be cutting a layer out of the process.
  11. Is there a fee for using the card? USAA recently stopped rebating our ATM fees so may be looking around.
  12. I believe you. I've read that World Market carries that tuna. Check it out.
  13. First of all,congratulations! Second, I hope you get some great advice here. Third, based on nothing, why would you need a US passport? There are people from every nation traveling. I bet this isn't going to be a problem. But.... I'd contact every government office you can think of. And, again, I bet you're going to get all sorts of good info here and elsewhere. Best of luck.
  14. Some years ago in Rio our builder who spoke no English and his wife who spoke even less 🙂 took us out one night. Spent quite a while drinking caipirnhas and then Bob and Paulo got up to do karaoke. They picked the wrong song and wound up having to do "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing." Major lol-memory 🙂
  15. From what I've read and supposed it just puts another layer into the process. And I've read here about people getting quite 'territorial' about such things. I've been described as "she doesn't suffer fools gladly" so it's probably best that I just show up at the appointed time 🙂 PS: The "green" soup was pretty darn good.
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