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  1. I have a mental picture of someone using a metal straw and being accidentally bumped by someone and ....oh my , their teeth get chipped or even worse their dentures fall out !!!!
  2. Re usable stainless steels straws have been trialled, but cleaning was a concern , and they proved very expensive as they quickly became a “collectors item “ ... they were nicked.🤭
  3. With the end of the cruise in sight , I think a lot of passengers will be looking forward to getting home.
  4. Sounds to me like the staff were only doing their job. If authority to change personal information was available to everyone , you would only need one person with a snitch to upset the apple cart and cause real chaos .
  5. While following the voyage of Sea Princess on her world cruise and noting her call to Pitcairn Island , I was more than interested to hear a radio talk about the plastic pollution that has turned up on Henderson Island . Henderson is one of 4 Islands in the Pitcairn group , is very remote , uninhabited and a World Heritage Site. Here is a link giving more information about the situation ..... for anyone who may be interested. It really is a sad comment on society. https://www.stuff.co.nz/environment/113052175/a-remote-island-is-covered-in-plastic-scientists-are-determined-to-clean-it-up
  6. Papeete today and Moorea tomorrow, then across the sea to Auckland , And the world Cruise will be over. Sun 18/08/19 Papeete (Tahiti) / French Polynesia 07:00 21:00Mon 19/08/19 Bora Bora* / French Polynesia 07:00 17:00Tue 20/08/19 At SeaWed 21/08/19 At SeaThu 22/08/19 Date LineFri 23/08/19 Day lost (Due to passing the dateline)Sat 24/08/19 At SeaSun 25/08/19 Auckland / New Zealand 10:00 21:00Mon 26/08/19 Bay of Islands* / New Zealand 08:00 17:00Tue 27/08/19 At SeaWed 28/08/19 At SeaThu 29/08/19 Sydney / Australia 07:00
  7. There will be several private tour operators offering this tour . Google Cruiseship tours Tauranga .
  8. There is a site for victims... http://www.internationalcruisevictims.org/
  9. NZ supermarket price $35 NZ to $60 NZ dependant on vintage and variety .
  10. The tender ports for your cruise will be Bay of Islands and Akaroa . For Auckland you are berthed at Queens Wharf . It is only a tender port for Ovation of the Seas as it is too big for the present dock.
  11. Here’s the map from the call at Pitcairn . Looks like they circled the Island . Wonder if the locals got a chance to come on board .
  12. EmeraldPrincess showing some of the shipping traffic in Genoa. This one is a RoRo ,named Jana and runs from the Island of Sardinia .
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