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  1. If my memory serves me right , didn’t he set P&O Australia up before RCL hit the scene ?
  2. Ruby is in Tauranga today , then it’s off around NZ . I agree and think it’s too early to be cruising around NZ. There are still some nasty storms around that blow in from the south .
  3. Yes great shot. sure do miss the cams .There is one from St Kilda but ships appear as a small dot in the background. Ruby Princess due in Auckland tomorrow . Hit a rough patch today so will be have a rock and roll ride into NZ.
  4. Interesting to see that Island Princess will be doing the American World Cruise , LA to Fort Lauderdale , in 2021 ,instead of Pacific Princess .
  5. Christmas Day the roads will be , (should be ) quiet so the taxi will be quicker than normal. Train may be on a Christmas Day schedule.
  6. I dont think they will take anything away, perhaps introduce limits though . I also think there will be a move to add more benefits to the "suites" ....eg private dining rooms as HAL already has. and other perks .
  7. They could make the tender ride ashore into an event in itself. ....... (or perhaps not , the cruise lines might like the idea and start charging for the ride....☺️ )
  8. It would have been quite an Endeavour to dock at Cooktown. It was tender call , but they seem to bypass it nowadays.
  9. Could be this one ,Sherrard Island https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/ports/sherrard-island-anchorage-queensland-australia.html
  10. Yes . From webcamsydney.com time replay. https://webcamsydney.com/#
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