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  1. Just clicked on and caught the rangers getting a pic
  2. The Moderna vaccine has been shown to be effective against the new variants of the virus that are emerging . https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/01/25/covid-vaccine-virus-variant/
  3. One suggestion in the States had been to give half doses as they are having supply problems.
  4. If they send 2 ships to Australia they would be be leaving port full every cruise .They are the perfect size for East Coast and Top End cruising.
  5. NZ scheduled for a March start up,but I-read the manufacturer is having problems keeping up with supplying the demand .
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9174909/Jacinda-Ardern-speaks-Wiggles-arranged-New-Zealand-concerts-without-booking-quarantine.html No quarantine no tour. The Wiggles have sold tickets to 20 shows in NZ , but have not secured bookings for the mandatory quarantine.
  7. from a google search on the history of Fosters....... Fosters Lager was a very p
  8. I remember going to a drive in bottle store on the Gold Coast and being asked if we wanted the beer hot or cold . Do they still do that? (cold was extra )
  9. One thing I have noticed is how children are leading the way .Noticed several occasions where children have sanitised and signed in then made sure their parents did as well .
  10. Best value for Campervans at the moment is to hire one . Due to Covid ,bargains abound . Most are around $80 per day but I’ve seen some of the basic ones going for $29 .
  11. The ships are getting on a bit , and would probably need a big upgrade .
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