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  1. Day 2 tests change to Lateral Flow Tests on 24 October, suppliers will have them available from 22 October. A photo of the test cartridge will need to be uploaded, but there will be no need for video or supervision. A positive test will trigger a requirement for a confirmatory PCR and self-isolation. No need to change if a PCR has already been ordered for dates after 24th. Personally, if visiting, I’d look into getting them done on arrival at the airport. The requirement is Day 2 or before, so that is permissible. For residents, the free tests available from NHS are not acceptable - they must be ordered from one of the private suppliers.
  2. That might be setting expectations too high 😀 Jet2 to Glasgow only scheduled to operate Monday and Fridays Ryanair to Edinburgh on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Also worth mentioning that Ryanair use Rome Ciampino, not the main Rome Fiumcino airport.
  3. I said “most itineraries”, and those are probably the ones the OP is seeing. I was contrasting this to the imaginary direct, but stopping, flights the other poster introduced to the thread! The OP had the information they requested and not come back for further details.
  4. If you are travelling this month, an internet search of ‘Day 2 test Southampton clinic’ showed at least three options for me just now. An alternative would be to book an appointment on arrival at your airport (assuming you are arriving by air). If you are travelling after the end of October, I would wait for the new rules to be published and for the providers in the market to revise their offerings.
  5. Apologies for my slightly confusing language - the key change may be reading your own results. The change is to lateral flow tests, which use a cartridge that the user can read themselves, rather than the swab being processed in a lab. There was talk of having to upload a video of taking the test, more recently of just uploading the results as in the attached (which happens to be positive!) The user drops fluid that has been used to clean the swab into the slot marked ‘S’. But all speculation until the official rules come out.
  6. Are you aware of such flights from Rome to Scotland? It would be quite unusual. Most itineraries will go via a hub - LHR for BA, AMS for KLM, FRA for Lufthansa, etc - and would require change of planes.
  7. Jet2 fly Glasgow-Rome and Ryanair fly Edinburgh-Rome, but what dates are you looking? Schedules might not be back to pre-COVID levels yet and there be flights only on certain days.
  8. Further updates announced today, in force from Monday 11th. The red list (requiring hotel quarantine for 11 days) has been slashed to just seven countries: Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Haiti and the Dominican Republic ‘Fully vaccinated’ recognition has been extended to many more countries. The requirement for a Day 2 test remains and has not yet been downgraded to a self-administered (and cheaper) lateral flow test, but this is promised by the end of the month.
  9. I don’t set policy for the government here, so I am obviously unable to answer your question. I was merely trying to provide factual information to help people in accordance with Cruise Critic policy on COVID matters (see red highlighted link at the top of the page) which states that: Effective immediately, COVID-related discussion should be limited to actual policy on board ships (and other forms of travel) and its practical application. Discussion should NOT veer into opinion or debate.
  10. I don’t think that works either, does it? Your neighbours may know better, but my understanding of the ‘UK vaccine programme overseas’, which includes the Overseas Territories, is that it also applies only to residents? Incidentally, this is not a change, it’s the current definition of ‘fully vaccinated’.
  11. As foreseen in comments in several recent threads, details of the shake up to England's COVID testing regime for inbound travel have been released: - changes to the 'red list' from 22 September - see https://www.gov.uk/guidance/red-amber-and-green-list-rules-for-entering-england#red-list (the US and Canada, where many of our queries come from, are not on this list) - from 4 October - no longer any requirement for a pre-departure test from non-red list countries for fully vaccinated individuals (NB if vaccinated in US, must be resident in US) - see https://www.gov.uk/guidance/red-amber-and-green-list-rules-for-entering-england#new-rules There is still a requirement for a Day 2 test - from "later in October" the Day 2 test will change from a PCR test to a cheaper lateral flow test (it is not clear from reports I have read so far if this will be self-administered and declared)
  12. I think you may be referring to the numerous entrances/exits to Charing Cross Underground Station, which are indeed often used as pedestrian underpasses. There are surface level, lights-controlled pedestrian crossings on all the roads surrounding Trafalgar Square, so no need to go underground. A recent boon has been the pedestrianisation of the side of the Square in front of the National Gallery.
  13. We are expecting a major shake up of the rules by October, and it is speculated that the Day 2 PCR test will be replaced by a much cheaper lateral flow test (for those fully vaccinated under approved schemes). Unless you are travelling imminently, I would not yet book tests.
  14. There are strong indications of a major revision to the travel testing requirements by 1 October, so I really wouldn’t worry about this for the next few weeks at all (and preferably not until next year!) In fact, I’d go as far as to say that making plans under the current system might lead to confusion or error under the system applicable in eight months time. I have no doubt that provided the travel you want to do is allowable, you will have easy access to the necessary testing.
  15. You’ll need to be more specific to get useful advice (inbound, outbound, what sort of test?), but yes there is. Note that all testing for travel in U.K. is done by private firms, and costs and reliability vary. https://www.heathrow.com/at-the-airport/fly-safe/covid-19-test
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