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  1. Over the years, we have visited Nassau many times and have found some great restaurants and things to do! The people are lovely and we have always had a good time. I’m pretty sure we have never stayed on the ship.
  2. We have no desire to sail on big ships that go nowhere. Sailing only the “big” ships, if that means larger than Voyager class, would cancel every cruise of the 17 cruises we have booked during the next year. We were perfectly willing to sail with a mask, but it sounds like we might not have to!
  3. We will still cruise and adjust! I honestly think my view will be just as enjoyable and my wine will taste just as good sitting on my balcony in the middle of the ocean.
  4. Thanks Ken! That’s what I thought but wanted to make sure I was right.
  5. So, just to be clear, if a TA used someone’s Next Cruise booking on a cruise they now want to cancel, that person can call, cancel the booking, and get the FCC for the NRD without the TA being involved?
  6. On land, we always tip in the local currency, and it’s fine to tip in coins, such as 1 or 2 euros for cocktails. Tips are always appreciated! On the ship we always tip extra in dollars, regardless of whether or not a tip is already added. We do feel the need and always appreciate the great service we receive on RCL ships.
  7. Yep, it happened to me too - Jim’s number and my number. No problem with the numbers though, as I logged into my account just to make sure. The same thing happened a couple of weeks ago on Sunday too.
  8. We’re supposed to sail from Vancouver on Serenade on September 6. I’d be very surprised If our cruise isn’t cancelled. 😞
  9. Thanks Nancy, but we are booked on Rhapsody for the month of October in 2021 and will then transfer onto the Vision TA back to Florida. Although we do love Voyager class ships, we generally prefer the itineraries of the smaller ships, so we probably wouldn’t switch to Odyssey anyway. We don’t plan to cancel EX till final payment. Hopefully, they will cancel first if it is not sailing.
  10. I agree - I don’t think your July cruise is going to sail either. We have the Serenade booked, Vancouver to Hawaii, on 9/6, the Explorer TA from Civitavecchia on 11/6, and a B7B Australia/New Zealand/Hawaii beginning in 2/21. There are no “Lift & Shift” options on any of them and I’m doubtful any of those will sail either. We also have hotels, flights, and private excursions reserved that will have to be cancelled. Right now, we don’t plan to make final payments and are very lucky most cruises are onboard bookings with minimal cash tied up. It would be nice if RCL let everyone know what their plans really are.
  11. They are just stringing everyone along! It’s painful to watch.
  12. FYI - I received my 125% Cruise Planner FCC today, AND, the math was even correct!
  13. We took a walking tour and canal boat ride in Brugge, which was our favorite Port. During our free time, we visited the local brewery that made the Bruges Zot Beer you were drinking, and learned they installed an underground pipeline to move their beer through the City. There was a viewing spot outside where you could see it! Link to the interesting story below: https://globalnews.ca/news/2944925/150-year-old-brewery-opens-taps-on-new-underground-beer-pipeline-in-belgium/
  14. It would be funny if Bob got a new cruise critic name and was here posting all the things he wished he could say during the time when he was a moderator! 🤣 His patience was amazing!
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