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  1. Sounds like you have to be a past gambler to receive these. Tom
  2. What is this and how do I find it ? Tom
  3. In my upcoming Panama Canal cruise, April 18, 2019, Volendam my boarding pass says the Embarkation time is 1.00 pm. Isn't this contrary to the usual time of 11.00 am? I hate to miss the lunch at MDR. Should I just ignore this and try to board at 11.00 am? Tom
  4. I agree. In my upcoming Panama Canal cruise there were posts of people introducing themselves mostly. I tried to post something interesting about Kings day and even post some pictures of what my wife and I are going to wear and got one lukewarm response. It didn't seem to have much to do with trying to meet people and exchange information and therefor my enthusiasm has dwindled. Tom
  5. This thread has gone sideways. I asked 'if HAL kitchen use this method', not to debate the look or taste of this style of cooking. Tom
  6. I read somewhere that seasoned HAL cruisers prefer a smaller ship, R class like Volendam. Is there a reason why? Tom
  7. Does HAL kitchen use this method? Seems like the new 'in' thing. Tom
  8. Any problem with the cabin A/C recently? Specifically cabin 1909? Tom
  9. If each occupant of a cabin has his/her own Carnival shares (100), can they both get the OBC on the same cruise? Tom
  10. When a cruise features fee gratuity, does that mean the crew don't get them? If they do, where does the money come from? Tom
  11. I was reading Scrapnana's south American cruise. On page 1, post 36 HAL actually used a term 'formal theme nights'. Kind of make things confusing. Tom
  12. I've read some posts that people have used the term 'formal nights'. Have HAL brought back the 'formal nights'. I thought 'Gala nights' are here to stay. Would a typical panama canal cruise has 'formal' or 'gala' nights? Tom
  13. Same experience for me until I politely asked her to stop doing it. Tom
  14. Are there any advantages booking with a personal cruise consultant than a TA? Tom
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