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  1. I looked at S2355 and S2140. Isn't it possible that both ships are for sale? It's not necessary have to be one or the other. Even if S2140 is an old listing, it says that it was updated in Aug. 2020. Maybe, Azamara didn't want to advertise one of its ship that it was trying to sell, just as Princess doesn't want to advertise that it wants to sell its R-class ship. I can't see a small website not updating its files for 5 years - Azamara bought the Pursuit in 2015 right?
  2. I was in cabin 7001 on the Marina for a cruise from Papeete to Lima. It was nice sailing around French Polynesia. However, once we picked up speed to head to Easter Island, my balcony was not dried until I dock in Lima. The extended balconies in the aft were dried as we had friends who had an extended balcony in the aft section, but avoid the extended balconies in front of the ship if you know the ship is going faster than 15 knots or going through rough waters. The mist created by the bow of the ship as it cuts through the water wants to land in those extended balconies in the front of the ship.
  3. If the ad shows ship was built in 2001, it is the R-8. So all the various name changes for the R8 are Minerva II, Royal Princess, Adonia, Fathom, and, currently, Azamara Pursuit. So, those who wanted Pacific Princess, you got the wrong Princess ship. Right now, the only ships from the Renaissance fleet with a passenger capacity of 704 are the Azamara Pursuit and Journey, but the latter was built in 2000. So, if I was a betting man, the odds look very good for the Azamara Pursuit.
  4. If you thinking of sailing next fall on the Nautica, then you will be sailing the Mediterranean. So, it will be port-intensive and relatively calm unless you run into a rain storm. The rainy season is October and November, so that is the time you may run into a storm. Also, I don't think the Mediterranean storms are as violent as ones in the open ocean. Just get a cabin mid-ship and you will be o.k.
  5. It gives us a frame of reference. Let's say those cruiselines haven't improved in the last 15 years. If anything, the quality has dipped a little bit. Oceania will be an improvement on those 3 cruiselines, but don't expect alot as you will probably be disappointed. The Riviera or Marina will be the ships where your tastebuds may be the happiest. The Red Ginger, an Asian Fusion Specialty restaurant aboard either of those Oceania ships, may be the one that will interest you the most.
  6. People think they can avoid the virus by suppressing it, i.e. minimizing the actions that occur in society. Well, this virus is in the same family as some cold viruses. How well have our society suppressed the common cold or developed a cold vaccine? I am a believer that 20% of the population is susceptible to this virus. The virus has to go through this 20% before our society reaches herd immunity. Suppressing the virus will just postpone the day of reckoning. We have effective early treatment for the virus as well as prophylactic drugs, such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. They may not be FDA-approved, but they are used throughout the world. Amazingly, the area where both of these drugs are used on a everyday or seasonal use is Africa. Look at their death rates or even infection rates compared to the USA or Europe. Just because they are not FDA-approved doesn't mean that they don't work. When a vaccine arrives, how effective will it be? Will it cover that 20% of the population that is susceptible to the virus? At best, it may just reduce the severity of the virus. Hope for the best, but plan for something worst.
  7. I think you can't even access October cruises right now on Oceania's website. So, they have been deleted. We have to wait another 30 days until they cancel November cruises.
  8. Hey if you go skydiving in the USA and your parachute doesn't open and you have covid-19 and you ended up as a pancake, you will probably be counted as a covid-19 death in many states. I bet the death rate for the elderly in the UK has dropped dramatically for non-covid19 causes.
  9. It sounds like the youths in Spain are no different than the youths in America. Once they believe this virus is no more dangerous than influenza to them they will act accordingly. So Spain will probably be going through what some of our warmer states are going through (such as Florida, Texas, and Arizona). They appear to be just past the apex of the epidemic cycle and I hope they achieve some level of herd immunity. I'm a firm believer that cruising will come back when they find a cure or a vaccine or a prophylaxis.
  10. Are most of the new cases in people under 60? All the articles I read haven't mentioned the demographics of the new cases.
  11. Thanks, just what I suspected. I haven't book my flights, just my room so far. Waiting for Oceania to cancel my cruise so I won't lose my cruise credit. Technically, if that canceled cruise was the 1st time you use the FCC that expires at the end of the year, you can book another cruise in 2020 with those FCC and those FCC can roll over when Oceania cancels that cruise. That's somewhat of a gamble. What are the chances Oceania will sail this year?
  12. That sounds odd. Did you cancelled the Sept. 2020 cruise before Oceania cancelled that cruise?
  13. Thanks, my cruise is not until 12/3 and the way things are going, I expect it to be canceled.
  14. Did anyone paid for their canceled October cruises with Future Cruise Credits that are valid till the end of this year? I assume Oceania will roll it over, but how far into the future will these new FCC be valid?
  15. Well, they are still using hydroxychloroquine in Australia. The discovery of Ivermectin killing the virus in vitro was in Australia (Kudos to you guys). Update on Ivermectin as a prophylaxis: it is good for 6 months, so not long term, but not short term. If you know the progression of the disease and you read up on all the short term and long term effects of HCQ, then when you read those negative studies, it doesn't make sense. The Henry Ford study had shown there was a 50% reduction in deaths for their covid19 patients when the drugs were given in earliest part of the late stage (which is called the pneumonia stage or lower respiratory stage), basically as soon as they enter the ICU. If we had done that when the drugs were first available, the number of deaths in the USA would have been halved. The optimum time to give this drug is in the 1st stage, ASAP when symptoms appeared. We knew this back in March. If we had done this back then, deaths would probably be 10-15% of what it is now. We could have move the disease from a hospital setting to an outpatient setting. Currently, the USA has 10 times the number of deaths from covid19 than the entire continent of Africa. On a per capita basis, it is roughly 35 times. Guess what they take in Africa, it is not Remdesivir, Here is a report from an American Journalist in Brazil. Remember, Brazil took Sweden's approach and did not close their economy. https://www.citizenfreepress.com/breaking/hcq-is-dominating-in-brazil/ In this video it talks of HCQ and Ivermectin use in Brazil. Do not denigrate this website and say whatever they are saying is junk. Just do what President Reagan said in the past, "Trust, but Verify". If Ivermectin as a prophylaxis works as they claim, maybe cruising could get back to where it was. All of you are waiting for a vaccine to return to cruising. A vaccine is basically a long-term prophylaxis. Most prophylaxis are generally short term. Ivermectin appears to be a medium term prophylaxis (and you can probably call it a short term vaccine.) In any case, it looks promising. We just have to wait for that study due sometime at the end of this month.
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