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  1. An "impossible whopper" and a super size Texan do not make "gourmet" choices 😁
  2. I guess it is Surf n Turf, medium rare. If I ordered it rare, would the lobster tail be a little translucent?πŸ˜‰
  3. No way. Surf n turf is the 1st thing we eat when we board an Oceania ship. It is probably prime filet mignon, but not Black Angus like their regular hamburger. Myself, I prefer the regular hamburger over the Wagyu burger.
  4. I believe the rule is if it is unfiltered wine, rest for a few weeks. If it is filtered, just let it stand upright for a few days. All whites are filtered (who wants cloudy white wines). Most reds are filtered, but you really don't know until you open the bottle and start pouring. It is more of a question if the sendiment in the wine bothers you or not.
  5. Thanks! If it is as good as everyone says, I'll bring it to the Meet & GreetπŸ˜‚
  6. I will be getting my first bottle of complimentary wine on my next cruise. Is that bottle only for cabin comsumption or corkage is not required?
  7. Don't forget Vancouver and Lima is not too bad.
  8. Don't expect much in terms of true Asian cuisine aboard Oceania. Like I said, Red Ginger is really Asian Fusion but it is surprisingly good, alot of Oceania cruisers rate it as their favorite restaurant. Here is the menu from the Oceania Marina, https://www.oceaniacruises.com/Documents/Menus/70445/Red-Ginger-Dinner-Menu.pdf Red Ginger is only aboard 3 of Oceania's ships.
  9. I'm not familiar with dim sum places all over the Bay Area, but the best place in San Francisco and stretching down the peninsula past the airport is probably Palette Tea House & Dim Sum at Ghirardelli Square. Strange that there is high class dim sum restaurant in a very touristy location, but generally over half their customers during lunch are Chinese. Their best dish is Char Sui made with Iberico pork - best I ever had in my life. Almost every dish taste excellent. Consistency and excellence are what I would expect from a high class dim sum restaurant in some luxury hotel in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, it is probably the most expensive dim sum restaurant in the Bay Area.
  10. Doesn't matter if you have access to good Asian food, good tasting food is good tasting food. My wife and I, her best friend and husband, plus her best friend's husband best friend and wife were on the Marina in 2017 and we all agreed that Red Ginger was everyone's favorite restaurant. Now, I am Chinese-American who lives in San Francisco all my life while my wife and the other's were born in China and most of them are living in Hong Kong. All of them are well-traveled and are familiar with various other Asian cuisines. Red Ginger is really Asian Fusion rather than a collection of regional dishes. Everyone's favorite was Miso-Glazed Chilean Seabass - never had this dish until I sailed with Oceania.
  11. I warned you about the white wine from Rangiora. It is not very good. It does have a novelty factor to it. You are better off getting white burgundy or a white rhone at Carrefours.
  12. If you have space and weight capacity in your luggage, you can bring a couple of bottles in your luggage. Generally, I use something called "wine diapers" to minimize damage from breakage. More importantly, the bottles should not be easily move about the suitcase. Logically, they should be stored dead center in your suitcase, protected by your clothes. Nothing hard adjacent to the bottles. We generally bring about 2 bottles on our trips - mostly because that's all other countries allow you to bring in. In Papeete, if you come across a white wine from Rangiroa, a wine made in French Polynesia, avoid it, it is not very good. French wines are not inexpensive in Papeete. After corkage, it may end up costing as much if not more than the cheaper wines on Oceania.
  13. Best coffee bet for mass market lines - try Costa or MSC, both Italian-owned and both cater primarily to Italians and other Europeans.
  14. If your cruise is the Pacific Northwest, then I would recommend the Star rather than the Ruby. Ruby is what I considered a warm weather ship. PNW is still fairly cool in April. So, it is cool enough that people don't go out on top, it will feel quite crowded below. I was on the Emerald Princess, a sister ship, re-positioning back to the USA from the Baltics. It was cool enough that very few people went out on top and felt quite crowded below. The Ruby may have a few more anemities than the Star, but if you like to go swimming or even to use the hot tubs, Star would be the one I recommend.
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