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  1. Mat Seguin. He was great! Probably one of the best directors we’ve had.
  2. I wouldn't count on it. I'd call the airline since they changed the flight time by a big margin. They might be able to rebook you on a different flight at no charge. That happened to us once on Delta. We did have to do a connection, but at least the times worked better and we didn't have to pay a change fee.
  3. We just got off the Conquest on Saturday and it was fine. Some of the decorations are out of date, but it's clean and has lots of upgrades. No complaints at all.
  4. I just logged into my carnival account to check. We were planning on purchasing the Cheers package prior to our cruise in January. The 18% gratuity is already there, so they are not waiting until Dec 1.
  5. If you have the cheers package and are drinking at the Red Frog/Blue Iguana, order a shot and whatever you want to mix it with separately (along with a glass of ice) before going back to your room to get ready for dinner. Stick them in the fridge while you shower and then you can mix a drink while you are getting ready. No need to leave the room get another drink!
  6. Cool pics, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to sailing her in January!
  7. Ha! The Lido is so convenient though, so I see his point ;)
  8. Good point. The balcony offer looks like it's right above either the casino or the sports bar. On the Lido we're above and below other rooms so I think we'll stay where we are.
  9. Yeah, same with us. We are rarely in our room other than to sleep, shower, change. I did miss having it on our Southern Caribbean cruise coming into some of those beautiful ports. I keep going back and forth on this one. The same price would buy a couple excursions or one cheers package though....
  10. I got the e-mail for an upgrade offer from an inside to a balcony for $370. We are currently on the Lido but the balcony would be on the 6th floor. We are on the Conquest for a 6 night in January. Is this a good deal or should I pass? Hubby thinks we should keep our inside room.
  11. We went to LFK in 2017 and booked a spot through their website here: https://www.littlefrenchkey.com/packages/ They will have a driver waiting for you with your name, but you do have to walk about 5 mins from the port. They will ask what time to pick you up and they will be waiting to take you back. They will make sure to get you back to the port in time to leave. We loved spending the day here. We did the package that includes lunch and 2 drinks. Snorkeling is not great, but they have kayaks you can use and a fun rope swing. I highly recommend it.
  12. We had a great time on our cruise on the Liberty in 2017. Love Blue Iguana, Alchemy bar, and we had great meals in the MDR. We also came out ahead in the casino :)
  13. Thanks for your great review! We are doing the same itinerary on Conquest in Jan (but in reverse). I am really looking forward to it after seeing all of your pictures! We've never been to Amber Cove. Is the pool free admission if you don't rent a cabana? Is there a fee to just use the chairs by the pool?
  14. Thanks for your wonderful review! I agree with you about getting to know the local culture and eating with them. You have a beautiful family and it looks like you had a great vacation together.
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