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  1. Again, still can't log in, sigh... always asked to verified my email address, send, then ERROR, please try back later, GRRR
  2. Yes, good news, heard this the other day, Fingers Crossed...
  3. Great Ideas, we all hope most if not all her points can and would be implemented .. Great video..
  4. NOPE, again called and message was sent to IT department, every few weeks this is happening. sigh.....
  5. Booked on Her for Dec. 2021, over 2 weeks ago. Wahoo....really something to look forward too in theses days of such sadness
  6. Doin good, going to miss sailing MSC, but we booked Seashore for December 2021.. LONG way away but it is worth it.. Yes Armonia is an option as the itinerary has some stop in which we had been. Wish MSC would re look there option in the Caribbean for different Itinerary stops.. Hope all is well?
  7. I always have used USA TA, never had a problem being Canadian, Just pay USA funds, more OBC good as it gets... You need to us a USA TA, I am thinking...
  8. Well Hello Mrs. Cori, doin ok, still LOVING Msc as you can see. Just booked Msc Seashore for Dec. 2021, 🙂
  9. I do LOVE MSC....🛳️💗
  10. Yes you still can book through USA site, just booked my Dec.2021 sailing on Seashore.. Been booking and dealing with only the USA site. Although my TA is awesome and does everything...Do you have a USA TA or Canadian??
  11. Just checked MSC USA, website and the Seashore is already out for bookings today, wahoo!! Although again NOT a good Itineraries, BOOOO, but least it is another New Ship.. MSC needs to do much better, sigh..... same old same old.... :
  12. Great question.. my opinion is they will stand firm on there policies.. But this is sure a totally different scenario for everything about cruising with this virus ….
  13. CRUISE ITINERARY UPDATES 11/03/2020 Due the continued Covid-19 crisis development in many of the countries where we operate, the restrictions imposed by various government and port authorities, and the safety measures we put in place since January, we are forced to adjust or cancel some of our itineraries. These decisions reflect the situation as it continuously evolves. We are in contact with governments, health authorities and local authorities to monitor any news and we will keep adjusting our operations as often as required to protect the health of our guests and crew members. It’s worth noting however that as of today most of our fleet continues to operate as planned, and we have had no Covid-19 case on our ships. Cruises in the Emirates In the Emirates due to a limitation on passenger’s movement imposed by the local authorities we are cancelling the cruises of MSC Bellissima and MSC Lirica starting from March 14, including the Grand Voyages of MSC Bellissima on March 21 and that of MSC Lirica on April 18. Cruises in the Mediterranean In the Mediterranean due to the limitation of movements requested by the Italian government, embarkation disembarkation and transit are not possible at the moment. Consequently, we are adjusting the itineraries of MSC Grandiosa and we are cancelling the cruises of MSC Opera from March 10 to April 21. For both programs as well as for other smaller changes, all details are available in the table below. Please note we may have to do further adjustments as the situation evolves. For the cruises we are forced to cancel we will offer to our guests a voucher equal to the value of the cancelled cruise, to be used for any future sailing departing before the end of 2021 plus an on board credit of €100 per cabin for cancelled cruises up to 6 nights and €200 for cruises of 7 nights or longer. Solely for the cancellation of MSC Bellissima Grand Voyage Dubai-Yokohama, and MSC Lirica Grand Voyage Dubai-Venice, we will offer and on board credit of € 400 per cabin. This credit is refundable, valid for any period of the year and can be combined with any existing promotion. We at MSC Cruises are committed to deliver great holiday experiences to our guests, and we are sorry that current circumstances force us to change some of our plans and possibly disrupt some of your dreams. We look forward to sail with you in calmer waters very soon, always with the safety of our guests and crew as our top priority.
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