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  1. We have boarded without a cabin number and our bags found our cabin before we did. It’ll be fine and it’s actually kind of fun having to wait until the last minute!
  2. Thanks for all the tips! Good to see finding a great agent isn’t just a given. Dan I agree finding someone that does some volume with lulxury lines is important for us and I feel that it would fill some much needed gaps in our existing service. I also agree that having someone who lives close in this day and age isn’t a big deal. Thanks again everyone.
  3. So I know that we can't openly refer agent on this forum but I live in Canada and am looking for a new agent. We are Platinum members on Seabourn and I do all of my own research and ask for nearly nothing from my agent. When we booked our last trip of 38 days on Seabourn my wife went down to ask for help with her Indian visa and our agent declined to help her out which I thought was terrible. I know there are good agents out there and I also know that there are a lot of agents that also give kickbacks. I am just looking for someone that can help us out, has extensive Seabourn experience and will do a good job. What is the easiest way for me to research an agent that can fulfill my needs. We don't live in a large city and don't have great local access to agent. Thanks in advance for any help on this topic.
  4. Electra Palace is also a great option to stay at. It’s right in the heart of the Plaka and within easy walking distance of all the major attractions. We spent 5 nights there and never used a cab.
  5. Russg140 do they offer busses into Tel Aviv and Jerusalem from the ports or are we on our own to take tours or independent transportation into these places?
  6. Great to hear the reports each day. We look forward to boarding on this same itinerary in a few weeks and find all of this very interesting. Thanks for taking the time to blog about this Russ!
  7. We are on this cruise on the Ovation from Athens to Singapore leaving November 14 so I will be very interested in your experiences. Thanks in advance!
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