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  1. FionaMG

    Blue Bay Beach

    Just answered you on your other thread, but just in case it might be helpful for anyone else reading this one, the taxi stand is literally right next to the pier, where the red arrow is in the photo.
  2. Yes you could. The photo is from the pool deck on Navigator. The taxi stand is where the red arrow is. There is another pier just a couple of hundred yards to the left off photo. So, at most, you should not have any more than a couple of minutes' walk.
  3. An all access just popped up on my cruise planner the other day for Adventure over Thanksgiving so if you haven't checked your cruise planner recently it might be worth checking back. I thought it was quite expensive but I can't see the price at the moment because the system is down for maintenance until noon EST.
  4. The same day the TAP agent weighed our hand luggage at Miami, I saw a woman trying to access the security area with a personal item, a carry on and a laptop computer in a separate bag. The officer at the entrance was having none of it and made her put the laptop inside the carry on.
  5. Agree. If you do go for that option, it's cheaper to add an extra bag ahead of time and that will leave you more personal space inside the aircraft meaning a more comfortable flight.
  6. I'm afraid so. Unfortunately it appears to be gone for good across most of the fleet, although I would hope they will honour it for those who bought it prior to its demise. It has been replaced with Chops +1, which is not such a good deal pricewise but does give you a bit more flexibility as regards the days it can be used.
  7. We have also used Larry's Limos for the ride from Miami International to our pre-cruise hotel in Fort Lauderdale. Definitely not the cheapest option but we were happy with both the service and the vehicle.
  8. Total hand luggage weight for economy on TAP is 10kg, divided up into 2kg for personal item and 8kg for carry on. I travel on TAP regularly (although not a frequent flyer) and the one and only time they actually weighed hand luggage was at Miami. They only weighed the carry on and not the small back pack I had as a personal item, which was almost certainly heavier than 2kg. Of course that doesn't constitute a guarantee you'll be ok on the day if you're over. I believe if you book one of the more expensive economy tiers or business class you get an extra allowance.
  9. Got it for £52.44 for Thanksgiving cruise on Adventure. That equates to $66. Booked on 24 April, which was the day the BOGO died.
  10. We have sailed MSC twice, both times in Europe, once on Poesia and once on Divina. On both occasions it was because Royal had nothing comparable available at the time we were able to cruise. Both times we opted for their cheapest "experience" (Bella, I think they call it). Both cruises were good; food could be hit and miss but that applies to Royal too. We actually preferred the entertainment on MSC because it tends to be more visual and less dependent on language due to all the different nationalities aboard. Often on Royal we skip shows, especially comedy, mainly because DH's first language is not English and a good grasp of the language and culture is necessary to appreciate any comedy. I can understand that US cruisers might find the repetition of announcements in a number of languages tiresome; as Europeans we are used to this, so barely notice it. Once we have heard the announcement in our own language we simply tune out the rest. We did not notice any of the rudeness referred to by other posters. What we did find was that the service staff tend not to try and anticipate passengers' needs as they do on Royal; rather, you have to go looking for someone and ask for what you need. This is one of the reasons why we prefer Royal but we would have absolutely no hesitation in booking another MSC cruise if it suited our schedule and plans better than anything Royal was offering.
  11. And you're also never more than a few feet from an enterprising street vendor who will switch wares from sunglasses to umbrellas in the blink of an eye!
  12. The prices go up and down like a roller coaster. But you can book now and cancel and rebook without penalty if you change your mind or see it cheaper during a later "sale".
  13. Hi @ethansmom778 We are sailing 8 night eastern on Adventure over Thanksgiving and have booked the 3 night dining package. My take on it is that with only 2 specialty restaurants to choose from (we don't eat sushi either) the ultimate package would have been overkill. If you do want to go for it, I suggest you keep checking the Cruise Planner daily to watch out for any possible sales that would save you some money. Remember you can always cancel and rebook if you see it at a cheaper price than you paid. I believe there is a kids' menu at the specialty restaurants which is cheaper than the full cost but I'm not sure how it works. Maybe someone who does could chime in with that information.
  14. The price I mentioned was just for their smallest vehicle. They do have bigger ones if you're travelling with more people. You can use their website to price it. Just use the hourly rate option as opposed to point to point. We have used them for airport transfers between MIA and Fort Lauderdale and would certainly recommend them.
  15. Larry's Limos does this but it can be pretty expensive. I priced it and it was over 200 dollars for 3 hours, although if you're splitting the cost between two couples, for example, it's not so bad.
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