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  1. It would be very informative if the lucky passengers disclosed their bid amount and if it was accepted. Knowing bid amounts would be useful for future bidder in submitting their bidding.
  2. Our Anniversary is in October and we have always sailed that time of year. This October will be our 40th and are looking forward to another Med. Cruise. Sailed to Alaska in July with 7 perfect days. No rain or fog. Sailed the Caribbean many time in August and Sept. and ever a hurricane, Only once did we have a bad day, and that was a hurricane while docked for a day in Bermuda in July! Never a river cruise issue in October, November or December either. We have never experienced a bad sailing. Just book it and enjoy it. Never try to plan around future weather. If you feel that sure about your prediction capabilities, become a meteorologist.
  3. Thank you for the information.
  4. We will be in port on Sunday, late in October. We would like to do the Blue Grotto and see some of the town itself. My questions are will the shops be open this late in the season and it being a Sunday, and will the grotto, if the sea permits, also be available. Any advice is welcome.
  5. We did the Uniworld Danube Christmas Cruise and loved it. The ships decor is over the top, but thats what helped make it different. The ports were nice and the included excursion to Salzburg just added to the whole experience. The only disappointment was sailing in the evening caused us miss the market lights at night. A trickle of snow in Budapest helped to give the holiday spirit.
  6. What ever you chose to do, do not, I repeat, do not take the donkey path down to the dock. The path is full of donkey dung, slippery uneven steps and having to share the steps with donkeys coming and going. Very risky and stinky.
  7. We will be sailing on the Marina in October, our first time with Oceania. We will tender into Sorrento and will be in port 7-6. Our intent is to go to Capri in the morning, do the Blue Grotto and just stroll around the town and have lunch. Then head back to Sorrento and do some shopping, ship by and getting to the ship by 5. Is this too ambitious as it will be on a Sunday. Do ship excursions leave from the ship or the main port? Our preference is to do it on our own, but maybe in this instance, the ship excursion may be the best route. Any advice/comments will be appreciated.
  8. Sailed to Bermuda twice. First time was in July and there was a hurricane but we were in port, so no big deal. Second time during in first week of September. Weather was great. No rhyme or reason, so just go and enjoy.
  9. Sailed Uniworld's Danube Christmas cruise from Budapest the first week in December. This was our first river cruise. Being truthful and not to diminish the experience, it was somewhat disappointing. The food on Uniworld was only ok. The ship was barely decorated but for the garland on the stair rails, a ginger bread house and a 12" tree on each table. No festive feeling. The markets were all as hoped, though except for Bratislava, they were all done during daylight. Daytime experiences were most disappointing. Dinner and sail time interfered with night time market visits. The first day in Budapest, while on the town tour, we were treated to a light coating of snow which was beautiful. We had rain in Vienna, sun and clouds the rest of the days. Not too cold, but just right for the holidays. The Vienna market in the rain was very nice and the exclusion to Salzburg was well worth it. It does get dark early, so next time I would be willing to skip a dinner and go eat at the colorful night market or two. Our best tip is to bring packets of hand warmers and lightweight water repellent shoes. We would love to do it all again.
  10. Another grand palace or an another quaint town. Pick your poison. Have a great sailing.
  11. Though I have only sailed Unworld, with no other ship to compare, I too feel the food was very disappointing. Yes, I did not go hungry, and yes I did go back for a second sailing, but the food is what makes me looking for a different line. Everybody says how great the food is, I was afraid to say otherwise.
  12. Next week? A little late to ask or worry now. Just enjoy the cruise.
  13. I agree 100% with you. We all know the definition of" insanity", but I thought I would at least try one last time.
  14. We want to do the Seine for a number of reasons. We like the easy non-stop, round trip to Paris, the Seine is relatively stable with water levels, so no bussing worries, the towns appear charming with French influence, and of course while the day would be long, Normandy is of interest. No complaints about our Uniworld sailings, both actually very good, but we know there are other great lines. We thought why not try another and have something to compare. I read reviews, and take each one knowing they are subjective, which is fine. I was hoping to extract additional info as many of the reviews are of Viking and of the Rhine and Danube. Maybe value for money thoughts. Thank you for your responses.
  15. I know the questions are all subjective. I know all food is regional. I know the different ship decors. I read CC daily. I know what all inclusive means or does not mean. I do look at You Tube and brochures, but all of that is staged advertising. Instead of telling what I prefer, maybe it would be simpler to have just asked your favorite line experiences, how well, and why you liked a line. We have traveled Europe multiple times, via land and ocean ship, but only 2 river cruises. I am asking for personal opinions on lines you were happy. Thanks for the replies.
  16. We have previously sailed the Rhine and the Danube with Uniworld. While we had wonderful trips, there were things that we feel were missing. Maybe our expectations were too high. We are now looking at other lines for a Seine cruise to Normandy. Right now, Scenic and Tauck are looking as front runners, but we are asking for your help. We are open to all suggestions. All inclusive is not a requirement as we drink little. Town tours are fine, but churches, castles, and museums are no longer of interest. Attractive ship decor, attentive staff, good food is important and a little entrainment is welcome, though not local folk entrainment. Cabin size is also not important. Aquarium class or a French balcony is fine. Never done a suite! We would like to hear your prospectives and experiences.
  17. Yes there is a chance, but the location may offset the "upgrade". I like knowing what I am getting and not leaving it to chance, even if it means losing the chance of a suite. Do you feel lucky?
  18. My mistake. thanks for the correction. Still the best!!
  19. I agree 100% The best sail-way IMHO is/was Venice via Grand Canal.
  20. We have used them several times. Limo in Rome. Limoinrome.com.
  21. Compare your sail dates with holiday dates. We had great weather Oct. into Nov., No crowds. Daylight savings ends in last week of Oct. and Nov.1 was a holiday. Most everything was closed. Happy sailing.
  22. Too bad about your loss. This was an expensive and exotic trip. Many things can go wrong. Did you have insurance? If not, why not?
  23. No worries. Nothing is too dressy, though everyone dresses respectfully. The weather is cooler, so women may appear to look more dressy because of it being cooler and allows a different look. Shaws, wraps, long sleeves, pants and dresses are all very appropriate without looking overdressed. No gowns, though no one would frown if worn. There is also an opportunity for men to wear sport jackets, and though ties were not obvious, they would not make one look as a stand out. Don't forget hats and hand warmers for daytime tours. Cool weather sailings are our favorites as you lose the crowds with shorts, sandals(ugly feet) and tee shirts.
  24. I never found noise from the stairs to be an issue. Its not like a Disney cruise with children running around or late night drunks stumbling around. Probably more noise from motorized scooter in the halls.
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