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  1. This. Are you near enough to drive to the port if necessary? Could you embark at the next port without running foul of the PSV act (sorry, am not American so can't remember exact name of the act)? If there is no possible plan B, or nothing that would suit you, then I would say don't take the chance.
  2. I suggest that you contact the 'Special needs' department at Princess and they should be able to help.
  3. @Solent Richard, thanks for your detailed review. We were on this cruise too (I think we shared a dinner table with you on at least one occasion) and it brought back happy memories. Unfortunately, we were not able to make it to the top of Signal Hill under our own steam as it was too steep for my wheelchair (in fact, I left one of my 'anti-tip' wheels there somewhere) and settled on visiting the Geocentre instead, so it was nice to see the view from, and at, the top 🙂
  4. I also take oramorph with me on every cruise. Like the above poster, I only travel from Southampton, so no flights to deal with, and keep the bottle locked away in my cabin. I don't take it ashore with me. My insurance company ask whether I take morphine when they ask the questions specific to my condition during medical screening.
  5. Someone upthread said that the parades will continue on cruises of more than 10 days.
  6. The 10mg/5ml presentation, which is what I use, is not classed as a CD.
  7. I pack my Oramorph without a second thought, it is not classed as a 'Controlled Drug'. I do tend to leave it on board though (I don't do full-day excursions).
  8. I can't sit for long, so travelling is difficult. I'm lucky that we are only 45 minutes away from Southampton, so I tolerate that and then the world comes to me. We are happy to try other cruise lines but P+O offer more Southampton departures than others. It's a pity that the ship that goes from our home town, Poole, really isn't suitable for people with mobility problems. However, I probably wouldn't want to cruise much with that line anyway, from what I have heard. I'm glad that the parade of chefs is staying, it is the one chance we get to show our appreciation and the waiting staff seem to enjoy it too.
  9. We had one on Arcadia in September. It was a 24 day cruise and it was very useful to help decide when to plan shows or a quiet evening. We also got the list of dress codes and evening buffet themes. I was also going to make P+O Sue's point about the possibility of the formal evenings being changed to take account of bad weather. We once had one very rough day crossing the Bay and the formal night was re-arranged as a result.
  10. Sorry, I'm a bit late to this thread and I appreciate that discussions move on - but I want to say what a great idea this is. I love a sing-song but think this would be a lovely way of showing respect to our hosts.
  11. Not where we live, we have 7 miles of beautiful sand 🙂
  12. Add to that the people celebrating other things - such as a wedding anniversary etc - and the number expecting 'freebies' would be even higher.
  13. Sorry, my fault for using abbreviations and not explaining them! OH is 'other half'.
  14. Some lines have a few wheelchairs that can be borrowed on a 'first come, first served' basis, but these are only of the manual variety. Powerchairs and scooters need to be rented in advance (the cruiselines have just a few companies that they work with). I know it is paradoxical but I find that I can do more, and am more independent, since I got my own chair. Before any chair, I was limited by poor mobility and fatigue. With a manual chair I was limited to what my OH could/would do. Now it's a case of 'have chair, will travel'. I can go wherever I want on the ship, change my mind about activities, see a show when OH doesn't want to etc. Of course, that is also a bonus for OH as he now has the same freedom.
  15. OP, one of the joys of cruising is that people with different interests can easily do their own thing. Be aware that, although cruising is great for people who are less able, distances can be large on the bigger ships and getting from one venue to another tiring. I now use a powerchair so that I can be independent, then OH and I meet up for meals if nothing else. Your wife might want to consider hiring a scooter or powerchair if getting around would be difficult. These can be pre-arranged and waiting for you in your cabin when you board.
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