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  1. Some don’t tip any, we do however. A shorter tour...$5 for driver and $5 for guide per person. Up from there if outstanding or long. We have not tipped a couple times when the tour guide was awful...this has not happened often.
  2. I’ve always wanted to go on a Regent cruise over New Years Eve but after reading this thread, I will avoid holiday cruises like the plague. How long was this cruise? I’m wondering if it was a 7 day cruise.
  3. Usually. Occasionally they will have a predinner show, but not often. We miss a lot of shows when we have an early wake up the next day.
  4. But there are no plugs in the locations I want a night light..like hallway to bathroom by step up to bathroom.
  5. I don’t agree..I don’t use AirPods and don’t want to. Parents using them and not understanding the chaos being created is a problem.
  6. We always pack a few in my carryon...no problem. Batteries are size of dime also in carry on.
  7. I do not remember any night light on Navigator but it went into drydock right after we were last on. We take a couple battery powered tea lights when we travel. Just enough light and very small to pack in bag.
  8. This really is NOT acceptable. Maybe a compromise of no children under 10. An earlier poster said how do you tell a 5 year old to stop running. Easy.,,you do it, explain why, explain consequences. I did this with my 2 sons and they went on many trips with parents asking how to do that. My grandsons know there are appropriate places to yell and run and places this is not appropriate. Communication...they are smarter than you think. Bringing any very young children on Regent is not appropriate for most young kids or for other passengers. We do not travel Regent in summer as a rule due to kids. We are this June and hope not a mistake.
  9. Sorry for double quote...don’t know how I managed that. Anyway, this is where feedback to corporate is so important, More important than an extra gratuity or not. At least, in my opinion.
  10. I figure if a passenger is having a special party in their suite, it is probably a “named” suite. I bet butlers that are assigned to such suites already get extra compensation because of such special events and requests and high expectations. Do I know this...no...just makes sense in the butler progression and promotion.
  11. Are the ships still going there with the earthquakes and power outages?
  12. We have had to wait several hours for our room on several occasions ...Sydney, Reykjavik both precruise and Amsterdam and Copenhagen post cruise.
  13. We had one above lounge below so I guess 7. Never again for us but if you plan on being in lounge until midnight ...no problem. We enjoyed back view and large balcony very much.
  14. Just be careful and think of traffic, etc. You would not want to cut it too close and miss ship. We also did a 3 or 4 hour railway trip that did go into Canada...obvious border marking..but no passport needed. We didn’t get off train.
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