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  1. 😳at 30 ok..now on Medicare with RA..not so much.
  2. Thanks. Do they have lockers for your clothes and purse?
  3. It is a Regent excursion so have no idea what level of booking. I’ve read wearing a plastic cap can help protect hair. I’m not comfortable with communal nude showering required before entering but have read they have some showers with doors for us prudes.
  4. We will be in Reykjavik in June. Last time we were there we explored town. We did several stops in Iceland so saw lots of countryside. So, we were thinking of experiencing the Blue Lagoon this time. Wondering if anyone has done this and their opinion. Thank you.
  5. I find the provided hairdryers weak. I now bring my own.
  6. I had it done once and was not impressed. They had no hot tools for straightening and getting frizz out. It has been several years though.
  7. Well, I’d never do it...but second thought, the worry hyperness would help to melt off the cruise pounds.
  8. Actually we had an absolutely wonderful crossing in May on the Navigator, but have to admit it was not my first choice but we really wanted the itinerary. Turned out great!
  9. Thanks for the clarification. I didn’t know there was a difference between ownership and flagged. I can’t imagine a mostly US crew. In that case, I’m glad regent is not US flagged.
  10. I for one care about ownership. If they were US owned they would be able to do a total US cruise without going to a foreign port. Every once in awhile that type of cruise would be great but impossible with foreign ownership.
  11. Many years ago on another line, we had 2 adjoining suites for our boys. We had a door between suites. Perfect, we all had space but we could keep tuned in to what they were doing.
  12. Last November we missed Bar harbor due to bad weather. Fall is an iffy time. You have had more sunny weather than we had by far. There are some nice little shops in Portland right off the Main Street. We just wandered and had a perfectly fine day v
  13. Really depends on your desire to go to Lima and new ports. I’d be canceling because I have no desire to fly to Lima. You may think it would interesting and no problem.
  14. So glad to hear that the Captain is doing well. We have been on board with him several times. He is a true inspiration. The crew love him.
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