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  1. It was mentioned the chairs in Navigator lounge will be changed. Also, the tables for 2 in Prime Seven will be more centered on the windows instead of so offset. Besides that I don’t know. It’s not a real long dry deck though.
  2. I’m on the Navigator right now. It has been an excellent cruise. Cabin well taken care of, butler best we have ever had, great service everywhere except one night in Compass Rose when we all hit at same time. The ship was overly cold for a few days but they seemed to have fixed that. It is definitely a friendly ship which we enjoy very much. It is going into dry dock in June for freshening.
  3. I’m about to get on a ship today and also find this idea horrible. I hope Regent takes notice.
  4. We are on that cruise and no notification?
  5. When you say along California Coast...where do they go? I would like more options with US embarkation and debarkation and wish Regent offered more.
  6. We will boarding Navigator for the 6th time in a few days. It is definitely smaller than the other ships but it is so friendly. We stay near the front elevators and have had no issues.
  7. I would love to stay in Navigator suite but most are under pool which I won’t do.
  8. Thank you for your report. Sounds like you are a good sailor. Luckily, so are we. In the Tasman Sea we had 30 foot waves (scale of 9...I looked it up). We did fine but would not have wanted to go up to a 10 in the scale...that’s for sure. I do hope it settles down so all can enjoy the last few days.
  9. Oh...this is disappointing! We have seen some great calving at Hubbard BUT I’ve never seen a bald eagle a foot from me except in captivity/rehab. We take what we can get 😀.
  10. I would pick deck 8 or 9 in a heartbeat...just not 7 where we were.
  11. I do hope things are calming down and y’all can have a great visit to Bermuda. I’m glad the distressed ship ended up fine.
  12. Good luck with the seas and the assist! We have been on a ship that helped a small vessel. So important out there.
  13. Thanks for update. I would assume it may take longer to get our cabins in NYC since half of the ship have been in their suites for almost 5 months. Seems like there would be extra tidying up needed.
  14. I remember overtime people have said they would not book under the bridge again due to hearing foot traffic at night. Not sure which ship but I would be wary.
  15. Those on Navigator now...how is the weather and how is the ship handling the Atlantic? Thanks...we are starting to organize so we can pack 😀.,
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