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  1. Same here..started in college in early 70s. Gave it up twice for having our sons...otherwise loyal customer.
  2. Yes, I prefer Diet Coke to Coke Lite but I welcome having either because there is no way they are going to stock my preferred drink...TAB😀
  3. When you are on your Regent cruise keep your ears open. Other passengers then can give you TA guidance.
  4. I don’t know if they serve Pepsi since I hate Pepsi. Definitely have Coke and Diet Coke. If you are a Pepsi fan maybe you could request it before cruise if it is not on board.
  5. We have but now only deviate. You must add frequent flier number to booking to get miles.
  6. Good explanation. I was trying to figure out how to explain.
  7. We went to French Polynesia on the PG but paid for excursions, upgraded to business class for cost, and had an ok cabin with tiny closet. The next year we went on Regent for first time on Navigator but to different location. We much prefer Navigator. I would not want to go to some of these small islands on anything bigger than Navigator. Actually, PG is better size for the location but I might pick Navigator and definitely nothing bigger.
  8. I am confused about tonnes and tons..
  9. I know it won’t stop tourist but big ships do not belong in the Grand Canal. We bus or tender into a lot of places and Venice should be one of them in my opinion.
  10. Will it depend on size of cruise ship or all of them? I think it is the right thing for them to do for the protection of Venice.
  11. We have always seen it too...we just aren’t caviar fans.
  12. I believe Regent has decided to always have it before sailing instead of next day.
  13. We did not have a Sunday sea day when on Explorer but we will on Splendor. Is the big Sunday brunch a buffet with many choices?
  14. On Navigator with only one speciality restaurant, it is not open. They use the space for Veranda overflow during lunch.
  15. I think our opinions on each ship are just that “our” opinions and others may have different opinions just as valid. For instance, I’d rather be on Navigator any day over Mariner. Others feel differently. No right or wrong. So, I think we should be more open to all the ships until you find what is right for you because there is no universal right or wrong.
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