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  1. A friend has lost over $7000 because he cancelled his Alaska cruise before Norwegian did after he made the final payment. He also bought cruise line air. Norwegian eventually cancelled the cruise. He was told that since he cancelled the cruise, there would be no refund. This does not seem right. I know Princess issued refunds for a similar situation any help would be appreciated. I told him to message them on facebook. i
  2. Like Mars near SaFrancisco. Photo at 10 am. High smoke with fog underneath. Air not bad.
  3. The lounge has been movqed on the ruby to near the funnel
  4. Due to the virus I have heard they will keep it open all the time, until there is a vaccine. From a friend who knows a crew member.
  5. I doubt they leave the pool covered.
  6. They need to remove these people from the ship. The fear factor will then come into play and less people will challenge the rules.
  7. Im glad that works for you. I would rather stay home then sleep in an RV.
  8. Interesting. Maybe they will reappear. I just checked again, no availability.
  9. Princess and Queens Grills all sold out on both my cruises. Northern Lights Oct 20 and Canary Islands Nov 1. 2021. Glad I booked months ago.
  10. Booked 4/24/2021 7 day up to Vancouver and back
  11. My oct Norway is up $1000 in Princess grill and $500 in Balcony on Canary Islands. I thought this would happen.
  12. Well I checked an I am at about 29, so I guessI can still go.Still could stand to lose 10 pounds. Tough when you cant get out much.
  13. Dispute the charge on your credit card. You will get the money in a few days.
  14. True. I bought an additional 200 shares when it was 18 and have not seen that since. Will hold until Jan orFeb with hopes of doubling.
  15. Rcl and Ncl up only 1-3%. Good news!
  16. Ncl and rcl only 1-3%. Maybe this will be a good week.
  17. Would seem to make sense to open it given the virus spreads faster indoors.
  18. They may only be using balcony rooms for a while when cruising starts. You could. get a nice upgrade or be bumped. I would not book a room that does not have a balcony at least through 2021. I believe Mein Schiff did not book inside or ocean view rooms for their current sailings. this could all change, of course. If they allow you to book anon balcony room and then later offer an upgrade for cash, You should take it. I would not want to be stuck in a room with no outside access and I have booked a-lot of obstructed view rooms in the past
  19. Dispute the charge with your credit card. You will get it in a week m
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