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  1. I just love the middle of the ocean pictures Roy! Thanks for the reminder! ~Nancy
  2. Hello garlictown..... Hmmmm.....I'll guess you are from Gilroy! ~Nancy
  3. Good to know! I thought $300/day for a crew bunk bed actually sounded really steep!! ~Nancy
  4. Thanks KirkNC! Please excuse the hijacking of the OPs thread.
  5. Hi KirkNC. Which cruise line/ship will you be on for that trip? I'm snooping around for a longer cruise that either starts or ends in Lisbon. I want to explore some of Portugal! Thanks, ~Nancy
  6. Oh Wow! What a flash from the past. The last time I went to to Tommy's Joynt in San Francisco was about 1985! It's a Hofbrau style casual restaurant on the corner of Geary and Van Ness. I had beer when I went there. ~Nancy
  7. Me too Terry! 😟 Thanks for listening! ~Nancy
  8. UPDATE: More bad news. I just today received notification from Citibank Mastercard stating the dispute I filed on December 9, 2020 was filed too late! They now say I had to dispute within 60 days of the June 2020 cruise date. Citibank reversed the credit so now I owe the charges that were made against the credit amount. I'm so angry, disappointed and sad. ~Nancy
  9. Also, Viking Ocean Cruise Line does not allow passengers below 18 years old. ~Nancy
  10. I have been concerned about port overcrowding since my last HAL cruise to Alaska in 2018. Five ships with total of about 12,000 guests in port in Juneau was too much! Has there been any discussion about just limiting the number of ships/passengers in any given port per day? Key West has voted for 1500 passengers per day (I think) so couldn't Juneau or any other port just mandate a total capacity of passengers or ships per day? For example: only one 3000 pax ship or two 1500 pax or three 1000 pax ships per day (or any combination there of)? I don't see why any port would really want to ba
  11. Thank you Roy for all your sunrise pictures this year. I have seen more of them than actual sunrises combined for the last 20 years!!! Wishing you and all the Crystal Cruisers a healthy 2021! ~Nancy
  12. I agree with you Cruise Suzy and Roy!. California has decided to prioritize the age 75+ and other first responders and essential workers before the 65+ group which I agree with. I am in the 65+ group and have stayed home this long so can do it a while longer to let the people who are out there getting things done for the community get vaccinated first. That said, if my state had told me it was my turn to get the vaccine, I wouldn't refuse it! Every person vaccinated is a good step forward! Please let us know how it goes! The logistics of the vaccine dispersal are daunting! ~N
  13. Check this HAL forum and you will find all kinds of Eurodam information and reviews. YouTube also has lots of nice reviews including Alaska specific Eurodam reviews. Post COVID sailings will undoubtedly be different for awhile but hopefully back to great cruising by 2023!! If three of you will be in the same cabin I highly recommend a Signature Suite! (Or a Neptune suite which is even larger, but of course more expensive) The bathroom has two sinks and both a whirlpool bathtub with shower and a separate shower. The veranda is a nice size and has a dining height table. Basicall
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