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  1. I was supposed to arrive in Lisbon on Wednesday to meet the Symphony....Portuguese Tarts will have to wait until another time...sigh......
  2. I put the link in my favorites bar so I can just look and day dream. Same for a webcam on board the Crystal Serenity which is resting in Malaysia. It helps me keep from going too stir crazy! ~Nancy
  3. Welcome to Cruise Critic baronpl! There are many, many, threads already regarding cancellations and refunds. Please look around on the forum and view discussions about your questions. Usually if you want a 100% refund it's better to wait for the cruise line to cancel. Good Luck! ~Nancy
  4. I have never gotten a discount based on my Mariner Number! There isn't a consistent policy apparently. I'm a four star. Go figure? ~Nancy
  5. Oh man, this stay at home thing has warped my brain (more).....the first thing I thought of reading this was "but, do they have enough toilet paper?". 😳
  6. For the past several years Holland America Line ships have the staff in the Lido prepare your salad at the salad bar and it works very efficiently! They have a huge selection and usually two identical sets of options with two different lines and staff preparing. It moves quickly. I really love the concept! ~Nancy
  7. Great video Bob! Thanks for sharing it. What a different way to travel than what we have been used to! ~Nancy
  8. Thanks, but there is already a thread on this topic.......see below: Oops! We were all posting at the same time!!!
  9. I have sailed on both and enjoy both. Noordam has the Lincoln Center Stage, Billboard and BB Kings, as does Nieuw Amsterdam. Only difference for me is the Tamarind on NA which is a plus. ~Nancy
  10. Thanks for the link. I'll look for him next time I'm onboard! ~Nancy
  11. Thanks to Mr. Roger Jett in his link below - These will give you a general idea, but even before the shutdown, in my experience, the wines varied from ship to ship. After start up the wines sourced could be different. Also, in my opinion the wines by the glass were just "so so".....but that didn't stop me from drinking some of them! http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/specialty-2/hal-regular-and-specialty-restaurants/hal-beverage-menus ~Nancy
  12. My brother was booked for a June coastal Norway trip. He said the person he spoke to at the USA Hurtigruten office was very kind and was able to give him all the information he needed to cancel and get a voucher for a future trip in late 2021. I was happy to hear that he was able to get through and speak to a "real" person! Unfortunately I also had my non Hurtigruten cruise on another line cancelled......but.....I'll get there again sometime!! ~Nancy
  13. Great video! I started to bubble up a bit though, thinking about everything........I can't wait to be back out to sea with all the wonderful crew!!! ~Nancy
  14. Thanks for the info TER777. I've been watching the website for the inevitable......so sad. I booked until Copenhagen then was to go back to Norway for a family reunion near Bergen. The Reunion was officially called off last week. My family had been so excited to gather in the land of our grandparents. When Crystal sails again, so will I!!! ~Nancy
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