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  1. I cruised on the Caribbean Princess last Christmas/New Year. It was a fourteen night cruise around the Caribbean and our first time on Princess. I personally will not sail on her again. It was a lovely ship, beautifully decorated. The wait for anytime dining were excessive. In the first week we managed to eat in the allocated dining room only twice after long waits between forty minutes and an hour. On one occasion we queued to get into the dining room for half an hour, when we got to the front we were giving the hand alarm and asked to take a seat whilst we continued to wait but there was nowhere to sit. After a further half an hour the hand alarm flashed and we thought we were going to be shown to a table, but instead we were gathered on the side with others and then taken as a group up the stairs, along the ship and then down the stairs to another dining room. If all that wasn't bad enough, the other dining room was not really ready for us and we had a long wait at the table to be served. This went on for a week and I would give up and go to the buffet. This also happened again on Christmas Eve, although on that occasion I refused to go to the other dining room after waiting for an hour and when I went to complain that in one week we had only managed to dine twice in the Main Dining Rooms the Maitre D very rudely told me to take it or leave it. The second week improved gradually and by the end they either started to manage the numbers dining or people had given up dining in the main dining rooms. A lot of people were complaining and it didn't seem to matter what time we went, there were always the same problems. I am trying another Princess Cruise on the Sky Princess over this coming Christmas/New Year and hope we don't have the same problems as I had travelled with my teenage daughter and meal times (and off the ship) were the only times we spent together. I wanted quality time together not a quick slice of pizza. I would use the pools when we were in port, if we got back early, when the lido deck was pretty quiet, and did not attend any of the shows in the theatre to comment on it.
  2. Thank you. There are very few cabins that I can select from (no more than half a dozen) and the others are allocated by Princess but within the area, or similar. I think I will go for mid-ship as well. Can you choose which dining room you eat in or eat in different ones on different days or is one dining room allocated to you for the whole of the cruise?
  3. Looking to book a 16 night Sky Princess cruise over Christmas/New Year. What dining room do any time diners eat in? Are all inside cabins the same size. If not which floor or area or the bigger ones.
  4. Thank you for your replies. One less thing to pack. On Holland America they have the standard pool towels by the pool areas but they also have larger beach towels in the rooms. Not a problem, if need be take an extra towel with us.
  5. First time with Princess. What toiletries are provided in the bathrooms and what brand are they? Are slippers provided? We are in an outside view cabin.
  6. I normally sail with Holland and America and this is first time with Princess. Do they provide beach towels (larger than the pool towels) in the cabins? Is it something you have to ask for? With Holland America they have beach towels in the cabin and after you use them you leave them out to be exchanged as with the bath towels.
  7. Does the Caribbean Princess have USB ports in the cabins to charge phones/tablet etc. How many electrical points to do they and are these all American or do they have European ones aswell
  8. Do we know other than the film Judy what will be showing on all the ships.
  9. We're on the Caribbean Princess next week. How do you find out what movies are being shown? I haven't received the e-mail.
  10. Can these gift cards be purchased and used towards the casino? Are they on the website where you also purchase excursions etc.?
  11. We're sailing on Caribbean Princess next month and thinking about buying the four gadget wifi. Is it good enough to download programmes from a British Entertainment channel or sky and then watch them?
  12. Hi First time cruising at Christmas and first time on Princess. It will be me and my 15 year old daughter. I'm interested in what Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is going to be like and what Christmas traditions are followed. We are in the Caribbean and both days are port days when we will be getting off the ship. Christmas day we don't have to get off the ship until around 11.00 a.m. Do they have Christmas crackers (or else I'll bring a couple with me). Do they service Christmas dinner on Christmas day or on Christmas Eve? What time does Santa make an appearance (I know she's old for this but it makes it more festive)? Do they do anything special on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, such as a party or a pantomime? Christmas Day I have a surprise for her in port (dolphin swim) but I'm just wondering what else there is to make it feel special. If anyone has the Patters for a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day that would be great to see. It would be good to see the timeline of events and what type of films they show in the evenings on those days.
  13. How close to the beach does the catamaran stop? I'm not a strong swimmer!
  14. Will be on the Caribbean Princess this Christmas/New Year. Do they serve complimentary crisps (potato chips) and nuts in the bars?
  15. Thank you for your replies. I am considering taking the soda package, however, we don't drink that much soda and soft drinks so not sure if it is worth it for us. If we can drink the soda anywhere on the ship does that apply to soda bought onto the ship? In this respect, are we permitted to drink the one bottle of wine that we are allowed to bring on board the ship anywhere on the ship or just in our cabin?
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