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  1. Yes..the people who serve you DO get those tips. No worries.
  2. You can do that...but if you charge more than $500, you will be asked to put down CASH...if you pay that off with your credit card, you will then be on a credit card account. Why not just DO a CC account from the get-go? Nothing is actually CHARGED to the card until the cruise is over.
  3. NO vaccinations are required to cruise the Caribbean....If you have impaired health, you should talk to your physician and see if they recommend any precautions. You are quite unlikely to come into any contact with anyone/anything that you don't in your daily life at home on a cruise. If you were going to spend weeks hiking in the "wilds" of some countries, then a vaccination for everything might be in order. Not so much on a cruise.
  4. Lots of beach areas along 7 mile beach have what you want. Seagrape/Calico Jacks areas is one that has all you're looking for. Just remember that Caribbean beaches are narrow, so there isn't a lot of beach area to "spread out", like there is on our East Coast! But, it's a lovely beach and you'll have a great day!
  5. The beach area around Calico Jacks has watersport rentals....restrooms, food/drink, lounger/umbrella rental, and a bus stop only steps away!
  6. Your tips will be distributed correctly..no worries about that. If you don't show to dinner, you are likely to be eating somewhere, so those waiters will get the tip for that evening. It all works out right in the end.
  7. I have NO desire to "swim with pigs"...whether they're friendly or not, they are not "potty trained".
  8. Just know, your window washing fluid will NOT remove their splatter from your windshield....it only makes it worse! Bring some scrubby things and windex, and your elbow grease!
  9. And, if there is a shady spot with NO chairs there, move a chair into the shade....as long as it doesn't block paths!
  10. End of your stay....and tip whatever you feel the services you got were worth to you. I would think anything between $20-50, depending on how much they did for your party would be quite ample. Don't know if you'll actually GET 6 passes, if there are only 4 of you. If you do, feel free to give them away!
  11. I don't believe smoking is allowed on balconies or in cabins on ANY ships nowadays. Smoke shouldn't be an issue.
  12. If you're going south of where you live...that's GREAT! If you're headed north...not so much! But, it depends what you're expecting from your trip! If you want HOT weather, leave from a warm port, like Florida or Puerto Rico....don't leave from NY or it's gonna waste at least 2-3 days of your trip in cold weather!
  13. On one cruise, they showed the Poseidon adventure....on another, the Perfect Storm.....odd choices for a cruise!
  14. Bring enough stuff for a week.....it's not bulky! Or, hand wash...which is quite a pain. Or...wear stuff twice....it can only stink so much!
  15. AT 73, you are unlikely to come into contact with those you don't usually see....so your immune system isn't as healthy as a 50 year old might be. Here you are, with tons of people you don't usually interact with.....not really surprising. Wash hands a LOT...never, ever touch your face...and bring something with you to stop a "cold" in it's tracks next time!
  16. Always record things you don't want to miss . They have SUCKY tv!
  17. So far, I've never found a "must buy" item anywhere.....if there is something you are dying to have that is ONLY available in that specific place. Most things can be bought online, nowadays. I don't want to spend a great deal of time to search for some elusive "great deal" in port!
  18. You can SUBMIT any bills to Medicare, but you will need to PAY the bill before you submit claims....usually BEFORE treatment in most countries! Keep receipts, and submit them to Medicare and your supplemental policy when you return home. They will pay some of it. That's why having MEDICAL coverage in a travel plan is important, if you can't pay the "out of pocket" expenses without pain to your pocket!
  19. Celebrity doesn't "stagger" boarding, so if you get there earlier, it's not a big issue I wouldn't pay for Concierge service simply to get onboard 30 mins earlier...... Will you USE the concierge? If so, it might be worth it..but most folks make their own arrangements well in advance... If you want a balcony (and I would!), get one...don't pay for the extras, unless it's something that is REALLY important for your well-being for a week.
  20. When you are "in reach" of cellular service, the doctor will get the results. No biggie....they are not monoriting you 24/7 even this the device is!
  21. There is no difference in service. The crew does NOT get that tip until the cruise is OVER...so they still work for it. No worries. Few cruise lines require "pre-paid" grats anymore. They generally add it to your account on a daily basis, if you don't pay it in advance.
  22. Suite doors are wider than inside cabins. You will be fine.
  23. Aside from decor..all are the same. Same menu..same dress suggestion...you will be assigned one and it's ALL THE SAME.
  24. Stirrup Cay? There really are no "vegan" options, unless they're a recent addition....but, there are salads (potato, and green) cole slaw, beans, sometimes corn...fruit, desserts....I don't think you'll need to go back to the ship to find food. There should be enough to tide you over until you head back to the ship.
  25. Port days....you can make it a "sea day" if you choose to stay on the ship...but you can't make a sea day a "port day".....
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