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  1. Aft cabin desirability varies according to the ship. Some aft cabins have wonderful views...others have major obstructions, in that you can't look down to the water...there may be decks below your balcony railing meaning you only have an outward view. With kids, I wouldn't worry about noise from other cabins...pretty sure your family will be noisier than most! As far as ship motion goes...think of a see-saw. The ends move more than the middle. If you're worried about motion, something in the middle of the ship (front to back) and on a low to middle deck is best.
  2. All of our tablemates have been fun...a bit varied as far as "interesting" goes...but always have enjoyed their company! We've been seated with folks of all ages....some older than we, and others who were our age or a bit younger. We enjoy tablemates, but then, we get along with most folks pretty well, especially for short times! It's not as if you MUST become fast friends...but having others to chat with, or listen to is a nice change. We travel as a couple and haven't ever been seated with a "family" with kids. The cruise lines are good about that. Hubby and I eat EVERY meal together at home....tablemates give us something to talk about later! It's a win-win thing!
  3. On cruises, tips are extended on the last evening. It's not a tip as you go thing on a cruise.... Most cruise lines now charge the tips to your account...and the staff gets it when the cruise is over. If you would like to tip additionally to someone, do it on the last evening.
  4. Research your ports. That's a good "tip" for ANY cruise line or destination!
  5. You CAN use cash...at the end of the cruise, to pay off your bill. They don't want the employees handling cash, and it's sort of a pain to have to carry it about the ship with you. Anything and everything you purchase on the ship or private islands/beaches is charged to your cabin....just like at a hotel.
  6. I guarantee if you have some sort of emergency that requires duct tape, the maintenance dept. will have some.
  7. JS's are not considered true "suites" except for boarding day. You may use the "suite" check in line...but that's where it ends!
  8. Good heavens...if they are making money off of it, it will be a permanent fixture...
  9. The OP specifically stated NOT TO REMOVE TIPS. There are some good hints on the post, if you're a budget cruiser.
  10. Carnival is the "can only" cruise line.
  11. The problem with a single in one cabin is that even if there is only 1 in the room, you pay for a double.....(note that all prices are per person BASED ON DOUBLE OCCUPANCY)... I would prefer 2 cabins. Price it out both ways, and take the less expensive option!
  12. Most young adults don't want to do "organized" activities....that's why they don't do it.
  13. Can you pull your hair up into a bun or knot on top of your head, and NOT get your hair/head wet while in the pool or ocean? That may help matters, if you don't get it wet UNLESS you're washing it!
  14. You will log in and see a cabin assignment...no one calls or e-mails! You are right...you can get your assignment anytime...there's no rhyme or reason to it. The most likely assignment is the category of the GTY you booked. It's quite rare to book a basic cabin GTY and end up with some huge suite. If you book a "balcony GTY"...a balcony is most likely what you'll get! If you book a "Suite GTY", a JS is what you should expect.
  15. Labadee isn't an "island"...it's a private area on the northern peninsula on Haiti. There will be loungers everywhere..and if you don't see one where you want it, a "chair boy" will find one for you. A couple bucks cash is nice to tip.
  16. They WILL replace sheets if they are soiled....simply ask. I've never heard of "puppy pads"....maybe I call them "chucks"...blue plastic on one side, absorbent stuff on the other. You can get them at any medical supply store.
  17. RCI's Voyager and Freedom class have balconies that connect to an INSIDE cabin. They are the last two cabins on the aft sides of the ship.. (not facing the wake, but all the way at the rear of the ship, port or starboard). Kids don't give a flying fig about balconies, and that's a great option!
  18. It will work thru the door.. it won't work if you're cabins away, tho.
  19. I think you'll be off the ship earlier...they want you GONE! A day room is a great way to spend the day. A place to keep your things...bathroom/shower, pool, restaurant, tv, etc... If the cost of changing to an earlier flight is less than a day room..change the flight. Otherwise, get the room.
  20. I wouldn't want a "friend" to have to pick up my mail daily, but I wouldn't mind asking one to pick it up on a day I'd designate, and ask them to put another "Hold Mail" card into the mailbox.
  21. Think of a see-saw. The ends move up and down more than the middle. If the bow moves a lot, so will the aft!
  22. You can eat in the buffet, then go to dinner in the dining room, then get snacks later...all without ANY "dining plan" at all!
  23. Plug and unplug as needed. We've ever needed to keep stuff plugged in ALL the time!
  24. It is a "Credit" on your account. I don't think they allow you to "buy chips" with it, but their policy may have changed lately. Doesn't hurt to try!
  25. Cruise ship excursions are "fool" proof...can't mess it up. They tell you where to meet, and they take it from there. You may pay more for the experience, but you need do NOTHING but book it. If you want to do a private excursion, research your options online beforehand....that way, you're not wasting time in port looking for a tour! Some ports, like the Caribbean islands are pretty easy, but in Alaska, what you want to do might not be available when you arrive in port. Research is key to having a good port day!
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