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  1. We've stayed here several times. Great hotel and my favorite thing is the fact that we've never had "elevator issues" the morning of the cruise (we were able to get on an elevator without a problem). The Happy Hour was just 1 or 2 free drinks at the hotel bar. No free food, but there are plenty of great places to eat in Brickell.
  2. My parents sailed in 14034 and they loved the location. And the balcony was HUGE -- potential for several lounge chairs huge. Advantages besides the balcony size are the close location to the elevator/stairs. It is forward, and that is where you want to be for the buffet, theater, etc. The buffet is only one quick flight up for food. They did hear some noise in the evenings from the buffet, but it didn't bother them. You'll notice that this is near the kids club, but they never heard any noise from that. Like all of the megaships, the hallways can be loooong. It was nice to quickly be to their cabin soon after entering the elevator lobby.
  3. We had to cancel our last cruise (for a reason unrelated to the current situation). Our flights were booked on Southwest and when we explained the situation to them, they refunded our money rather than give us a credit. We DID NOT receive the refund immediately. It took about 4-6 weeks for it to appear on our credit card statement.
  4. We are Platinum and started receiving the booklets around the beginning of the year. It is pretty constant since then. We also receive booklets from Viking in my MIL's name. She has been dead for 7+ years and never went on a Viking cruise. I actually like looking at the booklets, but I don't need new ones every week.
  5. With the parties involved, it is likely about finances and stock prices. That seems to be the big concern right now.
  6. There is a metal detector to get on the ship, not an x-ray. I wear my Dexcom through the metal detector with no issues.
  7. Of the mega-ships, avoid the Getaway/Breakaway unless the itinerary/embarkation port really work for you. We sailed on the Getaway (after the Epic and Escape) and were not happy with the Haven set up. The restaurant was especially small (only about four window tables). I also didn't like the fact there was no outdoor eating area besides the courtyard. I would said either of these ships, but only if a better option was not available for the itinerary I wanted (and that might include a smaller ship). We sailed two times in a suite on the Dawn (no Haven on the Dawn) and would sail a smaller ship with or without a Haven again if the itinerary was what we wanted. There is a restaurant open for breakfast and lunch and while we missed not having the Haven area, the itinerary more than made up for it.
  8. My husband had a kidney transplant a few weeks ago. We are in the process of submitting a claim to cover the cruise we were supposed to go on next week (which we bought through your site). When we cancelled our upcoming cruise, we booked a new one for next year. We had spoken to the transplant team and they said this shouldn't be in issue. Any suggestions for what kind of insurance we should book? In the past, we've purchased pre-existing condition insurance that was good as long as we could travel when the trip/coverage was bought (about a year out). That type of insurance will not work under these circumstances because he can't travel now, but if all goes as planned traveling a year from now will not be an issue. We want to purchase a policy that will cover us "just in case" he can't travel because of the transplant or any other reason. Thanks!
  9. You can bring water/other liquids if you have a liquid exemption. We've had the exemption, but not brought cases of water on with it.
  10. We were in the a DOS last year and never received a letter with liquor choices with our luggage tags (we did get the luggage tags). Call the pre-cruise concierge and request what you want. Last year we asked for Tito's vodka and Captain Morgan. The pre-cruise concierge made all sorts of mixer recommendations for mixers. If you don't get a helpful pre-cruise concierge, I would tell them you would make your choices later and then call back and hope for a nicer/more accommodating person. We've had both helpful and non-helpful interactions with the pre-cruise concierge.
  11. We've been on seven cruises, but have booked nine. Our first cruise we had to cancel the day before when my MIL died (we had booked the cruise 30 days before sailing). Since it was our first cruise and we booked so close to departure, we only had NCL's insurance. Thankfully it covered most of the cost of the cruise. For the past couple of years we've used insuremytrip and bought a pre-existing condition policy. And wouldn't you know it...we cancelled our upcoming cruise (I still haven't updated my signature) this week after my husband received a kidney transplant. We've spoken to the insurance company and just need to provide them with some paperwork. When we cancelled our cruise, we booked one for next year since his doctor's said he would be clear to go, but we plan on calling insuremytrip to make sure we get a policy that will work best for our circumstances just in case. We've also used them to cover land-based trips. Like others have mentioned, I suggest looking at their site and seeing what works best for you.
  12. No...if it was a live donor we would have planned it for after the cruise! 😁
  13. He was on PD. He did manual exchanges last year and planned on bringing his cycler this year. He uses Baxter supplies and we had to let them know before-hand -- 60 days domestically and 90 days for Puerto Rico. They only delivery the solution -- you have to bring everything else (at least to Puerto Rico). The solution was already in our cabin last year when we arrived. If you have any other questions, let me know. Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes!
  14. We are going to have to cancel our upcoming cruise (scheduled for 2/23/20). What happens to our CruiseNext certificates that we used to book? Are they just gone? That's fine if they are, I'm just curious. We purchased special insurance knowing that this might happen, so we're okay there. And to give everyone a smile...we got a call yesterday morning at 4:58 a.m. telling my husband that a kidney became available for him for transplant (he's been on the list almost three years). As we were getting ready to go to the hospital, he looks at me and says, "28 days and we would have been on the cruise! Too bad this couldn't have happened six weeks later!" Regardless, we're grateful for the kidney and thank everyone who is generous enough to donate organs so many others get a second chance. We know we'll be on other cruises in the future!
  15. Thanks to both of you for the advice/information. The advantage of bringing the cycler with us is that it will be done while he sleeps, so the machine will be contained to the master bedroom. I think we will bring an extension cord with us for the night before and peace of mind in general. Thanks again!
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