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  1. Not sure if you know the answer but we are doing carry on only so no need to check our bags. Will we be able to use mobile boarding passes to proceed thru PC/security? I’m also hearing someone representing the airline needs to make sure we have our passports but hoping to use the person at the gate counter (who’s to say even after the regular ticket counter my passport doesn’t become lost in a restroom?). Thank you!
  2. When you reference the Lazio tracks, do you mean this looonnng walk she takes to the platform? I have IC tickets so I will NOT have to make this trek, correct? Thank you! I’ve read that the specific track is announced pretty close to boarding time; how much time are we talking approximately?
  3. 2 will be joining you Saturday afternoon! Vic and Sharon. We’re Virgin Virgins but have cruised before 😊
  4. I appreciate the review! Did you find the ship spaces to be cold that you were always wearing a sweater etc? How easy was the iPad in the room to adjust everything? Thank you!
  5. The Miss Behave show is showing twice on embarkation night, 8pm and 10. It’s a Ship Show 5:30pm and 8:30 on our sea days. PJ party first night, Scarlet night 2nd sea day with activities 9pm, 10:45 and 11:45. VHS workout party 10am on sea days. Try vvinsider.com for some other info.
  6. Oh! I read so quickly I thought YOUR cruise was 1/13/24. I’ll try to post some of what I see in a bit
  7. Have you downloaded the app? My cruise is February and I can see some showtimes under “browse the events lineup”. Happy sailing! Come back and let us know about San Juan if you can. 😊 I’d be interested in knowing about that first night since departure is 8pm. Thank you!
  8. A little further down, there are lots of vendors for souvenirs. You’ll also find knockoff purses if that’s of interest to you.
  9. If you order a bottle of wine, but don’t finish it, will they hold it till next night? Other cruise lines you are back in the same dining room the next night so maybe not so on VV?
  10. It’ll be our first time on VV but not new to cruising. I logged into my account (not the app) and all the loot and bar tab is mine. I guess the easiest way to share it is to make my credit card the main and allow him charging privileges? The loot can be used by both of us to book shore excursions etc, till it runs out? Thank you!
  11. I was successfully moved after 6 days. A separate email states I have a $600 bar tab and $600 obc since I rebooked before 10/11/23. The app shows only $600 bar tab 🤷‍♀️
  12. Do they add more near the sail date? For that many people, some ports don’t have many listed.
  13. Congratulations! Curious about something. You didn’t say when your original sailing was. Did you have flights already booked? Obviously now a different itinerary. Do you feel confident VV will honor the up to $500? My affected flight was returning home from Miami. I canceled that and will use the credit to book TO San Juan. Thank you for your thoughts!
  14. I haven’t heard anything on my rebooking request. If I try to make a dummy reservation, I can get a cabin in my same category but I wouldn’t want deck 14 under the gym, so I hope I get a lower floor. My flight I’ll need compensation for but it’s in reverse, not FROM Miami but TO San Juan (I had 2 one ways booked on different carriers for time and cost reasons). Hopefully they still pay the difference.
  15. So I ended up submitting a San Juan departure request that leaves a day before. Flights aren’t too bad and I know, hopefully, I can get reimbursed for any difference. I am curious if VV is worth all this headache though. Don’t even know if a similar cabin will be available (we are just in a sea terrace). Any previous cruisers? Should we go for it? Thanks
  16. I contacted mine and was told NO, it’s not a covered reason. Seven Corners Travel Insurance
  17. I’m hesitant to use the form for an alternative sailing as I don’t want to be locked in at the moment. Guess I’ll just wait till Monday and hope they have all agents working. 🤞
  18. My VL was cancelled. Considering the VL switch out of San Juan on Feb 3. Does anyone know the specific itinerary? It no longer shows and won’t be available to book till 9/11. Thank you!
  19. I will! I don’t cruise till April. There are 2 other ships that day, one arrives at 10am, the other 4pm. Mine is at 1pm
  20. Hello. Looking for best/fastest way off the ship. This one is for 3 hours but does anyone know if you can forego returning with the group and make your own way back? Thank you!
  21. Hello. The day we sail, 7 other ships are in Port of Miami. If I pick a time but then get there later than expected, will I just be processed at that time? Thank you!
  22. So, did you make your flight? The schedule for my flight would be 10:30 as well if it stays the same next year. United to Dulles in Virginia
  23. Do you think anyone really cares if you repeated an outfit over a cruise? I’m seriously considering giving carryon only a try next time. I have packing cubes to help. Shoes are always the issue.
  24. Thanks to everyone posting your experiences! As the year goes by, I’ll watch for articles and future posts here to see how things are going. As I’m planning to spend time in Rome prior to embarking, I’m hoping to go home after arriving back in port. I have no problem doing self assist ASAP and paying for car service for just the 2 of us. Safe travels to everyone!
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