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  1. Our March cruise got canceled, so we rebooked for October and scored $1,600 OBC between the two cabins! I hope that we cruise!
  2. If it doesn't happen, then we can kiss cruising goodbye, because it will be a thing of the past... We have a cruise booked for October. If the ship is sailing, I will be on it!
  3. We are cruising in October (fingers crossed that it is still a go) and Carnival is giving us $500OBC per cabin. We have three in the cabin, but the OBC is split between passenger 1 and 2. When we board or if I call, does anyone know if they will divide it between the three of us? Just curious. Thanks!
  4. Do not prepay gratuities. That can be a chunk of it.
  5. And ruin it for the rest of the casino players... that is the way to do it!
  6. 50,000 people trying to get through on 100 lines. It is just going to take a while.
  7. OBC is typically exactly that, ON BOARD credit. With that being said, gratuties, drink packages, excursions, specialty dining, casino, bingo, spa, etc. Anything on board.I have never had any luck using it before boarding.
  8. I will be cruising again, especially with these amazing deals.
  9. When booking under casino offers, the only luck I had to getting price drops BEFORE the final payment date. After the payment date, you are done.
  10. I think OBC and shareholder dividends will be a thing of the past for a while...
  11. We just canceled out May 21 sailing out of Charleston. 😭 The first out of 8 cruises that this has ever happened. If things get better, we will defiantly try to rebook the same cruise as we have friends going. But some of the people sharing cabins wanted to cancel, and I felt that canceling them online before our final PMT date was defiantly easier than trying to call right now. Bon Voyage to all and Happy Cruising... when it resumes!
  12. With everything going on, I don't blame them. After the Princess cruise and the diabetic guy not able to get proper food and medication, etc... They are doing it protect their self and their passengers...
  13. I bought 50 shares at $18.04 earlier per share. I'm glad I decided to hold off on the other 50 shares. Hopefully the free falling stops in general
  14. We are booked May 21 out of Charleston. I wish Carnival would give us until the end of April to make a decision. I would hate to jump the gun March 31, and this be long gone by then... We have 16 of us going, and it is a first cruise for 8 people...
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