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  1. My wife and I train in Krav Maga and this will be the longest that we have been away from our training since we started over 6 years ago. We're pretty stoked to see that Virgin has a boxing ring on Deck 16 where we could potentially practice sparring. But we would rather not fill our luggage with our sparring gear. Does Virgin offer gear for this? If so, do they clean them? Or are you expected to bring your own gear? We have 12 sea days on our upcoming cruise so being able to train and spar some would be awesome. Thanks!
  2. I think it's going to depend a lot on the length of the cruise. On shorter cruises where shows will only be performed once, might be a bit crazy trying to get in. But on longer cruises with shows being performed multiple times, it will probably work as the crowds will be spread across the shows. This is how it always was on Carnival when we cruised with them and it always worked out well. There was a lot less stress trying to book everything and planning your whole vacation out as soon as you boarded. We really prefer to go with the flow while on vacation so we're looking forward to this change.
  3. Thank you. I was afraid you were going to say that. That's pretty steep. I took my daughter on one of these years ago on Carnival and it was the same places on the ship. Neat to see but not sure it's $200 worth of neatness!
  4. Is it $200 per person or per cabin?
  5. They are testing it out currently on the Auckland to Sydney cruise that is going on right now on the Resilient Lady. You only have to book paid events like Another Rose. All other shows are first come, first served.
  6. I use both Photopills and The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE). I use Photopills on my phone and TPE on both my computer and phone. I tend to use Photopills more for calculations and TPE more for planning out my shots in advance when traveling.
  7. I used the chat function online and got VV to book all of my restaurants for me. No sense banging my head against the wall. Got all my restaurants booked at the times I wanted in about ten minutes. Easy peasy.
  8. We have Gunbae booked on our first full evening onboard the Resilient Lady and again a little over a week later. From what I've been seeing on various YouTube reviews, it appears that they just bring everything out to you to eat amongst the table. So that has me wondering if it is worth doing it more than once if you are going to be eating the same meal again. Or does the food change up?
  9. We changed to the same itinerary and received confirmation back about 4 hours later. I thought that was pretty good compared to the week for our Brilliant Lady cancellation.
  10. I wonder if they would cancel the Singapore to Dubai leg as well and sail it straight across the Indian Ocean towards South Africa instead of sailing it north to Dubai and then backtracking south along East Africa. Would that give them enough time to make the extended run to the Med without impacting any of the Med cruises? I hear that there is a lot of talk in Israel on starting to scale down the war in Gaza. I wonder if that would be enough to make the Houthis simmer down some or if they would continue until Israel completely left Gaza which probably won't happen for quite some time.
  11. Thank you aqlollipop, that was very helpful!
  12. Tried that too. I have not been able to reach anyone at Squid Ink's email, website or Instagram. Hence why I'm asking here.
  13. Does anyone happen to know what the hours are at Squid Ink? I tried to send them a message on their site and of course, in true Virgin Voyages fashion, the app errored out. I'm wondering if they are open in the evenings on port days (essentially, is it possible to book an appointment after you return from spending the day in port). I'm planning on waiting in line early on departure day to try and grab one of the first choices of available slots and I'm just trying to get an idea of what days and times I want to try and grab if I can. Thanks!
  14. trippingpara


    I travel to India regularly for work and have stopped carrying INR as most places accept credit cards. The only ones I've found that only take cash are street vendors (sugar water - yum!) but I would not recommend eating food from street vendors (Delhi Belly). A few tourist sites will accept INR but almost all now accept cards too. You can export a small amount of INR out of the country legally (essentially left over spending money).
  15. It wasn't there for me either. As soon as I entered the credit card, that was it. The screen looked different that what neverendingcruising showed. However, once I deleted the card and went back in, I could now select my previously entered card to use (since it was now on file) and then my screen looked like neverendingcruising. Thank you!! Now if I could just get this bloody screen #2 (Travel Documents) to work for my wifey, then I'd be golden!
  16. Where is this mysterious box to check? I'm having the same problem as tbmrt.
  17. I'm getting the same thing for my wife. No problem getting mine entered, but can't complete hers. I also can't figure out how the bloody hell to attach her to my payment method. This shouldn't be this bloody hard!!
  18. When I got the hold confirmation, it was listed as bar tab but once I got the final confirmation and log into their website, it shows it as sailor loot.
  19. We got our email confirmation and the $600 is showing up as Sailor Loot.
  20. All of the new itineraries that have already been announced will be available for booking.
  21. I just booked the 14 night Dubai to Athens cruise.
  22. Not necessarily. I have sailed out of San Juan multiple times. Different cruise lines have contracts with the 2 different ports so it depends on the line. Now occasionally, they have to change their normal port due to scheduling conflicts, etc. I was informed by VV as well as read in a couple different news articles from San Juan that Virgin has contracted with Carnival to use their dock space and port facilities in Port 4.
  23. We had an XL Terrace on the TA. We choose the Dubai to Athens leg of the RL repositioning cruise which is only a few days difference in the dates and sent in the rebooking form. Hopefully this one will work out!
  24. There are no XL Terraces available on the other TA. They sold out a long time ago. I tried to move over when BL's TA disappeared and was told no joy. Only standard Terraces are available on the other TA.
  25. I was referring to the top down view, not the street level view. The top down general view is old and is a satellite. The street level views are as you said, user uploaded so the dates will range from new to old.
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