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  1. That makes sense. Last time I paid attention the qtrly dividend was $35. I guess I'm richer than I thought! 😊
  2. The $100 is the shareholder benefit, I presume, but what's the $50?
  3. Well, I thank you for your service, Fairfield Nana! I think it's disrespectful how our society in general turns a blind eye to the special circumstances so many of our vets find themselves in.
  4. You actually get this number as soon as you book your first cruise.
  5. I just saw a Groupon being offered for KetchiWalk Tours, and I was wondering if anybody's taken this tour? It looks interesting, but I wouldn't mind hearing first hand reports of it.
  6. I bet Paypal adds a little security, especially for the buyer if they use their credit card to pay.
  7. You could post them on Ebay or Craig's List, or sell them to someone here on CC. Ebay will have fees, but the sale would be secure for both parties. Selling on CC, there would have to be a level of trust.
  8. Thank you for the good news! I'll call my TA in the morning.
  9. I have a CN deposit and would like to apply it to my existing booking. I'd like to know before I call my TA what to expect, and the 2 posts I've quoted have conflicting info. Can anyone say that they've successfully added one to an existing booking without having to cancel first?
  10. John, thanks for posting this. I have been thinking about Zef lately, as I just returned from my Alaskan cruise, which is the same one a year ago that I went on with Zef. He was a character, and is truly missed.
  11. OP, thanks for the heads up! I sure hope this works if buying a gift card. Right now you can get a $50 bonus card if you buy $1,000 in gift cards. I'm currently cruising, so I'll have to wait a few days to explore this offer.
  12. 12 hours until we drive to the port, then North to Alaska!
  13. 2 until the next one, 208 until the one after that, and 584 until the last one I have booked. I think that big gap needs to be filled!
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