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  1. FYI, that's not a secret. More like a guarantee! 🤣
  2. I never have a problem finding my cabin, either. But if I were to try and use the carpet as a clue, I'd be lost!
  3. I don't see enough of a difference that I'd be able to figure out which way to go! I think I'd be better off using other clues. Or embrace the extra steps I'd take before figuring out I was going the wrong way.
  4. One trick is if you're travelling with another couple, split yourselves up (on paper) so you have 2 different booking numbers, then you can request the SH OBC for the 2 different cabins. I was able to do that with just the one 100 share account held jointly.
  5. What an interesting thread. Both in content provided by some very experienced people, and the very civil way they have conducted themselves when they disagreed on a point. I wish all threads were conducted like this!
  6. I've seen so many nice things, it's hard to pick out any one thing to mention. People holding doors for others. People picking something up that another has dropped. People complimenting someones jewelry/blouse/backpack, etc. I've seen way more nice things than negative things!
  7. Thanks, Mac. It's refreshing to see a response like yours! So civilized. Absolutely a truce! 🙂
  8. Why do you call them idiots? 90 degrees with 10% humidity is so much more comfortable than 90 degrees with 80% humidity. So saying it's a dry heat isn't idiotic, IMHO.
  9. Yes, this! Aggravating! Then I wonder if *I* would be equally rude by shussing them?
  10. I'm not sure if it is purposefully rude, or people not realizing, but I've had numerous people reach around me for things in the buffet line. And I know I'm not alone.
  11. I actually enjoy the curry chicken over rice, and the fried shrimp is also quite good. And the bread pudding is pretty decent, too.
  12. Or do the cruise just before the TA for a B2B. And still go a few days ahead to sight see!
  13. LOL....It took the whole week?? 😁🤔😊🤣
  14. When my TA called the first time, the rep didn't know anything about the sale, and had to put him on hold over 1/2 an hour while they figured it out. Hopefully all the reps have been made aware of this promo by now!
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