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  1. I carry a laptop for anything longer than a weekend trip. Everyday - at most 2 - I'll upload photos and my software will automatically make a copy to an external hardrive. Once the camera card is about 2/3 full - I'll swap it for another one. I rotate about 4 cards - but don't delete any photos from them unless I absolutely have to. I therefore have 3 backups- the card (in my camera or my spare card container), laptop's hard drive and my external hard disk. When we are travelling independently those 3 places are never in the same bag. I don't care about losing hardwa
  2. lissie


    Life long motion sickness sufferer here. Avoiding cruising partly because of it for years - until a year ago. Went to PNG on Cunard - the sea was like glass - most movement was inside Sydney harbour. A few weeks ago we cruised on a small expedition style ice-strengthened ship -notorious for rolling - in the southern ocean - notorious for swell -no land to stop it. I used this patch https://www.healthnavigator.org.nz/medicines/h/hyoscine-patch/ - available over the counter - and the sea-sick prone expedition doctor handed them out to those who hadn't done their home
  3. Thank you @CruiserBruce and @princeton123211 - that was the kind of insight I was hoping for - we've never been to Hawaii even though its (in normal times) I fairly short flight from NZ! Thank you that timing could sort of work for us. The cruise can be cancelled up until mid Jan 22 with little penalty so I'm looking at making an actual commitment to the trip at around the end of the year ie buying some airfares and starting do to the connections. By then it should be much clearer about what conditions cruises are actually happening in. I take your point about
  4. This is all on paper at the moment - booking nothing until next year. I normally budget by looking at typical hotel rates for the place/time and work from there. However I think I'm seeing low rates at the moment - because Pandemic. Can more knowledgeable people tell me if US$200/night at Queen Kapiolani Hotel is reasonable (inc tax resorts fees etc) or a bit low. I know Waikiki is expensive - but we'd like to spend a night or 2 in the area while transitting from NZ to SF for a cruise. Can I expect to get somewhere central for that sort of budget in "normal" times? I guess Ju
  5. I agree that 's deeply inaccurate - not least because the ships mentioned for Oz is NOT the ship that failed to get he appropriate approvals for NZ
  6. Oh that is sad I was hoping to visit next year
  7. Well I ve only been on QE and only in Australian waters - and definitely no one was putting signs up on cabin doors!
  8. I hear - you we've always been backpackers - but with my partner's health issues we took up cruising. We saw this boat in Doubtful - this is the itnerary https://www.doubtfulsound.com/itinerary - I've down the single day version of it. If you partner can get on and off a tour bus unaided I should think he could manage it. Queenstown is well connected by air to the rest of the country (even Australia in the old days 😞 ) The large ships can also be banned from entering if there has been heavy rain and there is a lot of debris in the water. There is some talk of banned them
  9. Akaroa was only a cruise port because of the damage to Lyttleton after the earthquakes. That has been repaired now so I expect major ships will now revert to Lyttleton (which is a major port not a pretty tender port like Akaroa) https://www.cruisemapper.com/ports/lyttelton-christchurch-port-570
  10. Just came back from Bay of Islands, Northland area in NZ - 2 perfect days - 2 average overcast days - boat trips would have been fine - 2 terrible days gales, heavy rain - boats cancelled.! And that's supposed to be the winterless north! If you want to go into the Fiords and the more remote areas of southern Nz - have a look at asmaller ships e.g. Heritage Expeditions https://www.heritage-expeditions.com/ - just came back from their unseen NZ trip - was amazing. Seeing the fiords and being able to land via a zodiac is an amazing experience. Personally being on a huge cruise ship w
  11. I don't - that's why I said "I suspect" . However both airlines (Qantas) and countries (Seyshelles) are starting to say they will only deal with vaccinated visitors/customers. If a cruise line allows unvaccinated people on board and that causes an outbreak on board - that impacts the holidays of those who are vaccinated - imagine the lawsuits.. Plus I'd imagine most countries won't allow a ship with unvaccinated people on board to dock (why would you?) Here's the growing list of countries that will let you with a vaccination https://thepointsguy.com/g
  12. Really hope so - sure beats social distancing and mask wearing
  13. So now another cruise line has announced compulsory vaccination before boarding - I think this is a very promising development. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5858/ I suspect I'm with the vast majority of people who won't cruise if unvaccinated people are allowed on board.
  14. It will be interesting to see how much things will have changed too - post vaccine roll out. It seems in NZ there is a huge pent up demand - someone asked me the other day where would I go first once we could travel again. And I said, and meant, anywhere that will have me without quarantine on return to NZ. I really do mean it too- countries like Cook Isl that have never really had any interest in are currently high on my list just because they are likely one of the first places we'll be able to travel to freely.
  15. I've just discovered this patch - on a local NZ cruise. I had them with me - its a OTC medicine here. Itsaved my cruise - small, ice strengthened (ie rolls a lot) ship in the southern Ocean. I was still sick but I didn't get any nausea (which is the thing that knocks me out for days). I threw up - went to sleep (it was night when we hit the big water) , functioned normally the next day - I am a complete convert. The ship's dr also got sick and he said he handed outa LOT of patches that first night. I'll never cruise without them now, they have literally expanded my cruising o
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