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  1. We're on Adventure now. Mercedes is lovely - fun, great personality without being over the top, and very visible around the ship.
  2. No worries Cruzin-k 😄. And thanks Cruising Joe, that's great! Seems like Marvin is excellent from what I've read.
  3. Do you know if they both changeover at the same time, or if Magic Marvin is staying on?
  4. That's really nice to hear. We had him on a cruise about 6 years ago and found him very quiet, and I have read many recent reports that he doesnt interact much. Good to know he is personable (or maybe he took a shine to you 😁). I have nothing against him at all just prefer more lively, fun CDs.
  5. Thanks so much for asking for us Cruzin--K! Appreciate it. 😁
  6. Would be great if someone could casually ask him when he's on till, although judging by what I've read he doesn't chat to passengers much.
  7. Different strokes I guess. I'm sure there are elements of his job that he is very good at but I personally prefer an engaging, fun cruise director with a great sense of humor. There are also those that are over the top which can be too much, but after having some excellent CDs on a few cruises I now notice and know what style we enjoy. But it's nice to read some positive feedback as it looks like Bill may possibly still be on Adventure when we sail.
  8. Still no word on when Bill will be leaving Adventure? It was meant to be end of October but he is still there. From what I've read he doesnt speak to the guests and is barely seen so not sure how anyone would ask him and be able to report back. Is there another source of info for changeovers? We are cruising in a few weeks and really hoping for a different CD, we have had him before and well, safe to say we would like someone different.
  9. Thank you all, I suspected UberXL would be the best option, train sounds economical but a bit of a schlep. John in DC- I did get mixed up between Ports, couldn't remember which was which . I realised I could be wrong so just changed It to FLL. Better make sure we start our cruise from the right place!
  10. We finish our cruise on a Sunday morning in FLL and will be staying in Miami for a couple of days. What is the best/most economical option for 4 adults with 4 large suitcases (and a few carry ons) to get from Port Canaveral to Miami South Beach. I was thinking Uber XL, but are they readily available and would they fit us and our luggage? Also what would the cost be at around 9am on a Sunday morning? Many thanks 🙂
  11. Clearly he hasnt improved in the past few years then! When we had him on a cruise in 2012 I thought he was just an emergency replacement as he was so dull, but yet here he is 😏. I'm hoping the info is correct that there will be a changeover soon, does anyone have an update?
  12. I doubt they would put anyone off the ship for giving a 20 year old a drink, I bet it happens all the time. If it was continuous or they were rowdy they might. That said, as my son isn't much of a drinker, if he wants a social drink, he can have one on the islands. Thank you all very much for clarifying.
  13. Is this in the Caribbean? I assume not in the US? I'm not too worried about him being able to have a drink, more about not getting kicked out of the casino if he's not 21, but it seems as he's over 18 he'll be allowed. We'll see how we go with the odd drink. I am all for them sticking to the rules, just in australia he has been able to drink etc for over 2 years, so will feel silly to him 😆
  14. Good to know nightclub and casino is not a problem - that's what he was concerned about. He's not that much of a drinker so not too fussed about that. Thanks heaps for your replies!
  15. We will be cruising in the Caribbean in December with our 22 and 20 year old children. We're from Australia, where the legal age is 18, so my 20 year old son has been allowed to drink alcohol and gamble in casinos legally for the past 2 years. Not that he does really, but on a cruise he may want to join us in the casino or have the odd drink. I believe the legal age in the US is 21, so would he be kicked out of the casino or nightclub, or denied an alcoholic drink, even if he is almost 21 and with us as well. Just seems ridiculous when he has been 'legal' for over 2 years at home. Not that I don't respect the rules in the US, but just asking how much they would enforce these on a ship.
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