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  1. We were hoping for October but i don't think that is happening. We are looking into an All Inclusive in Turks and Caicos in October now.
  2. Well since i started this thread a while back it has gotten off topic a little bit. We were glad to hear that there will be a Windjammer when they do start back. I don't care if they serve us. They aren't getting rid of it. We like the Jammer!
  3. I understand the loans and their debt, but what happens if there is an outbreak on board and the US wont let them in port. I am not afraid to cruise when they open but not being allowed back in the home port is something else. They do have the advantage to use their own private islands for port of calls and then just bob around for a few days at sea. That to me doesn't sound bad at all. We love sea days.
  4. So who else thinks RCCL won't start until after 2021? I am starting to think that.
  5. Yeah we are looking at the October 11th sail date. We are going to wait for August to come and see what happens. If they start sailing, like someone said earlier what ships will they deploy and to what capacity? Hopefully we can book her for that October date.
  6. Well, for those that are worried about our grandkids won't have much fun on Majesty. We are still considering it for the Port of Calls. We love Key West. We are also still considering Harmony as everyone has said, it's an Oasis Class Ship. We sailed her last summer July 2019. We all loved her. Our family really wants to see the new Coco Cay. The grandkids want to try it out.
  7. I wasn't saying we were taking the kid in the Diamond Lounge. My wife and I have been Diamond for a while now. We know the rules and attitudes. We were hoping of going on Liberty or Freedom as Freedom just got amplified before the lockdown. Just excited to now have the family reaching Diamond level. There is another cruise that caught our attention. Majesty out of New Orleans going to Coco Cay Bahamas and Key West. We love Key West and kids would like Coco Cay.
  8. I just found out my whole (immediate) family is now at the Diamond Level. Now we are trying to figure which cruise to book. Looking in the Caribbean cruises for October. That is when the grandkids will have their fall break. There will be at least the 10 of us going assuming Royal starts cruising this fall. There is a good possibility there will be more coming along with us. Wish us luck and everyone stay safe and healthy.
  9. Do you think Royal Caribbean and possibly other Cruise Lines will ever have their Buffet's again?
  10. That is why we always book directly through Royal!
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