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  1. I think restart will depend on two factors: 1- How big a spike we get this fall; and 2- Who wins the US election. If low spike and Rep win, then I could see Jan/Feb restart out of Florida. If large spike and Dem win, then I think your right with the summer.
  2. Not currently meant to (I guess there could potentially be contamination issues if going through clothing), device is placed against skin and substance (liquid or powder) is delivered under skin at targeted depth.
  3. Actually researchers at MIT have developed a needless injector that is now coming on market.
  4. Haven't they abolished physical muster stations when cruising resumes? I thought there was a new virtual check-in?
  5. Wow, that is amazing and impressive. You guys have it together. Many countries can learn from you.
  6. Stay strong, my DW recently completed chemo and radiation too. We’re looking forward to cruising, but won’t chance her health. We’re in Toronto and I can attest to the fact there are people who only think of themselves everywhere. At this point, given all the information, you’d think wearing masks would be a given. Let’s hope for a good vaccine soon and for responsible leadership to guide us through this. In Canada, all levels of government have worked together well so far. Hoping you in the states get that soon.
  7. I remember we were on the Explorer for Xmas and New Years and I was watching his morning show and he little matchbox sized scooters with little old people and had races (and crashes) on his desk. It was in such bad taste, but I just laughed and laughed.
  8. Would you go now? I don't think we'd chance it until a vaccine is available.
  9. Like it seems everywhere, we're having a bit of a spike. Though I think we're still below most areas but you never want to go up. They've cut back bars and restaurants until 11 PM for the time being.
  10. How are things where I am? Well, it's September 25th and I'm at home in Toronto. With all of the depressing talk of a fall spike in Covid and everything else going on in this crazy world, we've managed to enjoy some beautiful warm weather (25 C / 77 F). My DW and I have been treated to a show by about a dozen blue jays visiting our feeder in the yard. Nature is beautiful. Still each day, we think about when we'll be able to return to sail and enjoy the movement of indigo coloured waves.
  11. Tremendous moving story, and what a blessing that they were there at that moment to save you. I hope that you're enjoying good health and that one day you'll be able to return on the Liberty of the Seas for another cruise. Stay safe!
  12. If you go downtown in Toronto at just about any time, the majority of people are not wearing masks now. I think this is part of the reason. Another is a lot of large bbq's and parties with people who aren't in normal contact close together and not wearing masks. And, schools have just opened and we have a large Catholic grade school on our street. During recess times, almost none of the students are wearing masks. I think these are the silent spreaders. Very frustrating.
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