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  1. We're so glad that you both enjoyed this cruise! It’s a fabulous itinerary! Feel better soon! Ricki
  2. I just checked with Crystal this morning. My clients, who are doing Barca to Lisbon and Lisbon to FLL, have no change to their PH fare, unfortunately. Ricki
  3. Thank you Roy, Nancy and Terry! Most helpful! l knew that Roy had collected these images, but didn’t know how to access them. Ricki
  4. Has anyone ever sailed in this cabin? How obstructed is the view? Thanks! Ricki
  5. Yes, this is usually possible. Just ask your travel agent to contact Crystal. Of course, cabin share will be adjusted. Ricki
  6. Many thanks, Cruiseluvva! Ricki
  7. Has anyone ever used a tailor onboard? Thank you! Ricki
  8. We have stayed several times at the AC Irla in Barcelona. It's a bit out of the way, but in a lovely residential area, which we prefer. It's also close to some excellent restaurants. Ricki
  9. Hi folks! Has anyone ever used this company in Barcelona? They will pick up your luggage from the ship, store it and then deliver it to the next ship. We have 2 nights in Barcelona after a crossing on Oceania, before we board another ship and are considering it. Thanks in advance! Ricki
  10. Sorry to learn that Rafaella's mother is ill. We will keep her in our thoughts. Ricki
  11. Oh, Kathy! I had forgotten about Tito's Tacos! It’s been 20 years since we were last there. I was still eating meat, so it would be a different experience now. Ilene, check them out the next time you are in Los Angeles. Ricki
  12. In my experience, people really seem to like the shirts, mugs and caps especially. i realize that shop space is tight, but maybe a sign at the register, that the logo items are available online. it would also be helpful if there were order forms displaying the available items in the staterooms. Ricki
  13. I agree, unless one walks in someone’s shoes, it is inappropriate to make judgements on behavior that does not impact you or others. There are way too many personal attacks on a public forum about cruising. Ricki
  14. We, too, have known Slavko for his entire career at Crystal. He has always been extremely capable, professional, proactive, charming and has a delightful sense of humor! He managed the transition to open seating like an orchestra conductor--with skill and grace. It seemed like he was everywhere at once on the ship, one of the hardest working employees. We were fortunate to sail with him on Symphony in December. Farewell good friend! We wish you the very best in the future, and you will be seriously missed! Ricki
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