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  1. could you elaborate on the nightly entertainment and tv movies??
  2. As a veteran of AQ (bankrupt), what is the entertainment at night --we enjoyed the shows etc but not necessarily a TALK st night instead---also the tv movies etc-- THANKS
  3. Anyone familiar with them? type of music etc?
  4. We are veterans of 159 cruises but never on Seaborne, but possibly now. we really enjoy Regent and enjoy the shows every night but have heard that the entertainment is a bit more refined on Seaborne:). Comments on on board entertainment please.
  5. Will the duo Rhyme and Rhythms be on the ship in JULY?? THANKS
  6. Does anyone know their name and when their contract ends ?
  7. Well thank you for your crude and frivolous comment but I donโ€™t need your input. We spend our $$$ to enjoy ourselves and after 159 cruises we have a set routine. Please give me your daily itinerary on the cruise so I might critique your daily enjoyment!
  8. just off the Splendor and wasnt impressed with the DUO playing in the Splendor Lounge----Does anyone know when they leave? Wanting to book in July butttttt ๐Ÿ™‚ THANKS
  9. WIFI CALLING does work very well on the Splendor but if you connect to an another network, you will need to log out and back in!
  10. SHE ๐Ÿ™‚ was not seen much and was the most non productive CD we have ever had---her show in the morning was a love fest with asst but NO INFO except games----very non producing ---IMHO
  11. GREAT THANKS The DUO on the Splendor was not good at all IMHO!
  12. Just off the SPLENDOR and its GREAT, but keep hearing MARINER has really slipped! I want to do a cruise in JUNE on HER but want to know what to expect---- CONDITION? FOOD? ENTERTAINMENT? PLEASE DONT ANSWER IF YOU HAVENT BEEN ON IN THE LAST YEAR!! THANKS FRANK
  13. Does anyone know what is planned for next month??
  14. Thanks where did you find this? curious
  15. There isnt any address to mail the refund application back to that I can see!! Anyone else see it? THANKS FRANK
  16. our flight is at 1pm and would like to a similar trip for the 2 of us----How much was your fare? FRANK
  17. What time is your flight??? Ours is at 1 pm and thinking of taking a tour for a couple hours then drop at airport.
  18. it appears the TV is on the sitting room wall------Can you lie in bed and watch tv?
  19. This appears to have a little larger balcony???
  20. It was mentioned in our roll call but see nothing here ?!?!
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