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  1. We have already received two emails from Celebrity for our cruise after yours that we should arrive after 12;30 because of immigration for all the crew and passengers on your trip and then the US inspection of the ship. We have a suite so the shoreside concierge told us there is a special place for suite guests to wait so we will arrive at our original time. I feel sorry for the crew because the US inspection is very important for all of them. Pat
  2. We usually stay in a Royal Suite and the specialty restaurants are included in the price of the suite. We ate at the Porch for lunch almost everyday. It is quiet and the service and the food is exceptional. Pat
  3. I too can't believe it is Edge's birthday. A whole year we have been waiting to go on her. We sail Nov. 15 and will see whether we like it enough to sail Apex. Pat
  4. Linda, in a few weeks I will be able to tell you if Edge is worth the bucks to sail on her. We took a Celebrity suite and it does have a real balcony. We normally take a Royal Suite but the price was really hard to swallow. I am not sure I will like this suite but I will give it a try, Will let you know all about the ship when we get back. I think I might like it but not sure if I will sail it again. Pat
  5. This was a short repositioning cruise so I guess the time frame worked out. Summit is now sailing out of San Juan. Pat
  6. We usually give a dollar a drink for our coffee but at the Martini bar we give more in the beginning of the cruise. This makes sure that the bartenders know us and don't make us wait too long getting a drink. Pat
  7. Randy, I agree that we will survive in the CS. Celebrity Suites are not my most favorite as I prefer the Royal Suite but the prices on Edge were really high. The only suite that is available for our upcoming cruise is the Penthouse suite and it costs twice as much as we paid for the Celebrity Suite. Still the CS looks like a very nice room, I am sure we will have a good time. Thanks Jim for posting the pics. Pat
  8. We are on the Edge Nov.15-24. I will just book a few next cruise bookings so I can get the perks and will call my travel agent when I get home. Pat
  9. following along with you. Love all your posts. My DH and I get on the Edge when you get off the TA. So looking forward to sailing the Edge. We booked this cruise because it was a 9 night cruise. We always book a cruise 2 years in advance. We are in a Celebrity Suite and I think we got a good price. Pat
  10. I agree with your statement but I have lost all my great contacts to Miami and then they leave for another line. While I feel happy for them to move up and make more money, I suffer from them not being there. Well next month is another cruise and will only see a few people that I know are wonderful. Hope to meet some one new that is great also. Pat
  11. I agree the grey bag that I received for being in the concierge room was ratty compared to what we used to get. Those large tan colored bags Rod used to carry his diamond saw blades to show his customers. The bag never ripped and is still around. No one makes things like they used to. Pat
  12. I have been on 39 Celebrity cruises and got a bag on every one. I still have one of the original tan bags with a zipper on top. Those bags were giant size. Then came the heavy blue ones with the leather handles and then just the heavy blue bags no leather handle. Was on Summit in May in a concierge cabin and got the grey one which I did not like and also another blue one. Wish they would give us a choice of what we may like. I have so many bags that I usually give them to friends but now I need more friends because they are piling up in the closet. LOL Pat
  13. You are allowed to bring 2 bottles a stateroom, not per person. Pat
  14. I would say that Celebrity is right. Customs might well consider this an open loop because you are leaving one US port and coming back into another US port. Passport books are good for 10 years so the money you spend now might just be worth it. I just applied for my passport renewal on August 13 and received my new passport in 4 weeks. If you do it now you might not need to expedite the process. Pat
  15. We love the desserts here but our favorite are the oatmeal cookies. Pat
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