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  1. We’ve had to ask where the Gobal Entry Lane was then show our Nexus cards & then they told us which lane to take. usually right down the middle very short line. We have had to ask every time, but works great used it last 3 cruises out of Fort Lauderdale.
  2. I would be taking this higher at Celebrity. We have done a crossing from both Southampton & Rome and no body ever asked if we had an ESTA. We have valid passport & Nexus card.
  3. Thank you, beautiful day here & the trees look wonderful. Looking forward to spending time with the family.
  4. Yes, under your booking just add the dining room you want then choose the available dates & times show up, if it’s not what you want just delete.
  5. That’s the problem with Celebrity, they have too many computers that don’t talk to one another. If you go to “ on-board experiences then staterooms & choose Concierge Class it gives a more up to date info, you get what Verandah gets plus below.
  6. No, only on the revolutionized ships I believe.
  7. On the cruise we booked that is NRD, if we cancelled the dates were earlier than if it was Refundable. That is the only difference.
  8. Only on NRD bookings, as usually it is a much cheaper price than refundable.
  9. Then your cruise is not non refundable. It should say NRD on your invoice if it is.
  10. If you outright cancel with NRD Celebrity will charge you 25% of you cruise the day after it was booked. I guess they are trying to lock everyone into booking cruises ahead for time but I’m sure they are not getting too many people booking that way.
  11. That is correct unfortunately. The NRD cruise should be a fair bit cheaper than the Refundable cruise. I guess you really have to decide for sure if you are going & hope nothing goes wrong before the cruise. You are able to change the NRD cruise to another one with a $100. Every time you change it as long as you don’t cancel it. If you cancel you have to pay as per the NRD schedule.
  12. Great always better to get it straightened out before you go, enjoy your cruise.
  13. I would double check with your TA or Celebrity as we have booked with all 4 perks & it says PALL on our Express Pass.
  14. I have the same problem but what we do now is always have a balcony cabin & before we retire each night we open the balcony door & cabin door to replace the stale air in the cabin. This seems to work for us. One time we tried an inside cabin & both came down with some throat thing, so never again, miss the fresh air in the cabin.
  15. Yes, I won $1,500. about 8 yrs ago on the Constellation on the 3rd spin & 3 quarters a spin.
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