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  1. If the worst case scenario happens, which EXTREMELY unlikely, HAL will refund your money.
  2. No. As commonly discussed here, you can't reserve without paying. If you reserve and pay, you can present your comp certificate and get the amount credited back to your on board account, once on board.
  3. You wait, they will move on. If you can afford it, take it. You won't regret it.
  4. No. First of all, you will have significant security on a direct to US flight. You must allow at least 2 hours at the airport. Plus my map research shows Manchester is over 3 hours away- which you could have researched yourself. Cruise lines have rules about "earliest flights" to minimize risks of not making your flights, because loading their buses is not the most efficient way to get you to the airport quickly. Lastly, docking at 7am doesn't mean getting off the ship at 7:05.
  5. Are you an American? If so, staying in Bayeux is a good idea...it is in middle of all the American oriented sites- American beaches, parachute drop areas, famous battle sites, etc. If not American, you could stay in Caen. About halfway between Bayeux and Le Harve, site of the best WWII museum in the area (which can easily be a half day event), and close to the British/Canadian beaches. When in need of distances and locations, Google Maps is an excellent way to do planning.
  6. I agree taxi is the best choice. As to van/SUV taxis, there are some, but just how many will be available at that hour is another topic. You may need to split up a little. A van or SUV might be able to carry 8, but probably not with the baggage you will bring.
  7. Early checkin is always a facet of room availability. Few, if any, hotels will keep a revenue generating room off the market last night just so you can check in early today. Maids start by 9am in most cases, but can only clean rooms after customers have checked out. However, virtually every hotel will take and hold bags for a checking in or departing guest. Have used this feature is dozens of hotels.
  8. Due to the logistics of supplying Hawaii with gas, the prices don't vary much in a given area. Noted exception...if you are a Costco member, the gas price is a lot cheaper at Costco, as opposed to the local stations. There is a Costco, with gas station, pretty close to HNL.
  9. Agree...the taxis will take you direct to the terminal. The bus is only for people that arrive in the area by other than taxi or private transfer.
  10. I suspect the OP wanted ship personnel to "order" the OP to go to the medical facility, or otherwise encourage going by offering free care provided by HAL.
  11. It would matter a lot if you have Global Entry, as that can cut your time by about 80%...I think 2 hours is fine even if you don't have GE.
  12. I would expect so, but would be asking on the NCL board, here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/64-norwegian-cruise-line/ as it is a NCL policy and procedure issue that applies wherever the ship goes.
  13. Agree, just leave in airplane mode and turn wifi on. There will be a fee for the internet access. By the way, its a ship.
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