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  1. There are people complaining about several things, not just the wine packages. I say roll with the issues of the first cruise back in 16 months. Sounds like there is a new serving system for meals. Its not going to be perfect. I say, on the 4/5 star reception, check with the front desk and see what is happening. If you hadn't done something...particularly a team event... in 16 months would you be perfect?
  2. The difference between internet and intranet. You can do a number of things via HAL's intranet, for no cost or minutes or data...look at menus, book excursions, see activities onboard, look at your room bill. You are not "online". You don't need the app from a laptop. In fact, for those things, you don't need the app at all. We have done them all from our tablet...we don't have the app.
  3. Did you look down the board for tour vendor recommendations? You don't tell us what ports you are stopping in, so a bit challenging to give recommendations. However, Rome in Limo is a large family operation with services in many ports, and has a huge thread with recommendations here. They are fantastic, and you will likely find that booking multiple tours with them gets you a discount. The chances of you missing the ship is very, very rare, as word of such a miss would severely hurt a private operator. Many operators promise to cover all costs of catching you up with the ship, but,
  4. It had fallen back 5 pages now:
  5. Plus all these staff haven't worked in 16 or so months. They are going to be rusty. There are some changes. Some here have acted like they should be perfect...
  6. By then, who knows? With Florida leading the country in new cases currently? Personally, by then, I would think it will be similar to pre Covid. There is another thread just down the board discussing B2B procedures in a "normal" world.
  7. I think it deprives both passengers and crew of the practice of dealing with emergencies. Reactions to emergency situations has to be as automatic as possible. Experienced passengers (and crew) get tired of the repetition, but that repetition builds muscle memory and familiarity.
  8. Welcome to Cruise Critic! HAL just sailed their first ship...lots of chatter about things on the HAL board, here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/103-holland-america-line/ Here are the RCI and Celebrity boards, as they are sailing some now: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/51-royal-caribbean-international/ https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/16-celebrity-cruises/
  9. As cruising is just firing up, I would do a lot of reading here...everyone is on pins and needles about what it is going to be like now. Look for info on Koningsdam, as she is a twin sister of N. Statendam. Look at the Live from the N. Amsterdam thread for the current breaking news on what is happening, and there is a newly posted info on spa plans and costs. The variety of nightly entertainment is much better, particularly if you like lots of music options.
  10. I doubt the wireless router would assure you of reliable internet, because the weak link is the pipe between the ship and the satellite.
  11. There is an old saying..."you fight like you practice". That can be good or bad. After 35 years in emergency services, have seen too much panic in the civilian population at the least emergent times. A couple of cruises ago, had a fire alarm in the middle of the night. The direction from the bridge was stay in our cabins until further direction. Opened up our door to see numerous people running down the hall with their life vests on.
  12. @GeriatricNurse, I am aware that N. Statendam is similar, but wasn't aware it is identical. But many people ask questions like yours, and don't indicate they are aware of a twin sister situation. The value of writing a concise question.
  13. You can read the QR codes (menus) with a phone or tablet without having the app, or using internet.
  14. @LAFFNVEGAS, HAL had stated the first few cruises would be 50% of capacity. Don't know how the VIPs count in that. Reportedly the ship was "sold out" to that 50%.
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