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  1. Huh...didn't I give the exact same "15 positives in secondary tests, only one actual positive" stat? 14 false positives (one actual positive) out of 4300 tests is an incredibly accurate test, both on the false side, and the positive side, assuming the vast majority of those people were negative before they got on the airplane. The rapid NAAT test is the one I am, and was referring to, in term of of it's accuracy. And, no, Hawaii CAN NOT require a pre-flight test. That would require federal requirement, and the feds refused. If you don't come in with a negative test, plan on a 14 day quarantine. The state, nor the airlines, can require a negative test before you get on the plane.
  2. Actually, the Big Island is doing a second, rapid, test upon landing. They did have a number of false positives in the first few days...about 15. A third PCR test was then done...only one actually turned out to be positive. Since, the number of false positives seems to have almost ended totally. I am monitoring closely, as we plan to go to Maui in December.
  3. CruiserBruce

    11 Day NCL

    @princeton123211, I just saw today the Wailea Resort (Marriott) is opening Nov 1, and Japanese tourists can start arriving Nov 6. Thanks for the info. Glad you were able to go, and hopefully all went well.
  4. "Likely to be part" is not anything final, and as CDC has not issued any rules yet, hard to say what the resolution will be. For the reasons or problems brought up by the OP, advance testing may not work, but I can see the reason cruise lines would push it...they put the cost on the cruiser, unlike the at gangway testing MSC is doing. Rapid results testing is becoming highly accurate (98-99% accurate for the NAAT tests Hawaii requires), so testing at the gangway can definitely work.
  5. Agree...no policies have been announced, so who can know? The cruise lines that are sailing are testing at the gangway, not 2 or 3 days in advance. Its Hawaii that currently requires a test inside of 72 hours for FLYING in. For a B2B on the same ship, it wouldn't seem outlandish to test again at the gangway before the second cruise. On different ships, I would expect you would be REQUIRED to test before boarding the second ship. Seems reasonable and common sense.
  6. Alaska is known for incredibly high car rental fees.
  7. If you do a little searching, this has been discussed several times. It depends on it's exact status...as many as a hundred, or far less, depending on how deep "asleep" the ship is statused.
  8. But Qantas is not resuming travel to Hawaii yet...although I sense that could change. Hawaii is getting pretty serious about opening up.
  9. On the other hand, Japan will resume travel to Hawaii Nov 6.
  10. I agree. People seem to want to constantly throw legal terms around, perhaps without going to law school!!🤣
  11. Probably better to ask this question on the RCI board, as it is a RC I specific policy question. Usually its a cash refund (to your credit card), but we are in different times.
  12. Well, the CDC hold expires Oct 31, so an announcement will need to be made before the election. Your theories are based on who wins the election, not on the existing schedule. You will note I didn't personally attack you.
  13. Note...this is opinion and speculation. There is no facts to back this up.
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