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  1. Not just speculation, but dreaming.....
  2. Who gave the order? The Master of the ship is responsible for its safety. Perhaps the cruise lines were consulted, but I would assume the ship's staff have the skills to predict the best course of action and execute it.
  3. A 1:20 departure is quite doable, and is not considered an "early" flight. Princess will help you along the way....with your bags and getting you off the ship, and on to your bus. All cruise lines do this. Your airline and the airport will be the one that helps you at the airport. There will be wheelchair assists at Vancouver.
  4. The length of the cruise has nothing to do with the legal requirement for a service stop.
  5. If you read the thread linked, they are, at least, stopping at Oslo.
  6. Obviously not...virtually all airlines are in alliances. And United fully merged with Continental, for example.
  7. Are you sure the price went up with the package? We are monitoring two cruises. One, the price didn't change at all. It is the exact same price. One, it changed far less...a little over 40%... than the cost of the package. We are considering re-faring for that cruise.
  8. Many European hotels don't start taking reservations until after the end of the normal peak summer season. So don't give up on your preferred choice yet.
  9. Hmmm...not sure the flights are the problem. I think your comments regarding the lifeguards are closer to the reality. Airplanes have some of the best air filtration out there, and travel is still down around 80%. Its not the young party crowd that is flying a lot...
  10. AA is reportedly the shakiest of the airlines during the pandemic. Thus, they are throwing caution to the wind, and flying more flights, and making more decisions to potentially take advantage of their competition playing it more cautiously.
  11. A quick Google search finds a couple of very recent articles that say the 747 will be phased out immediately. Doesn't mean the routes will go away, but the planes will. Likely replacements are A350, 777-300. Maybe some 787s.
  12. That cruise has been canceled, if you are talking about 2021. Seas can be rough, they can be calm, they will likely be somewhere in between. But they are not predictable more than a few days in advance. If you have an issue with mal de mare, you need to be prepared everyday you are on a ship.
  13. Its a new route for Carnival, but Princess has been sailing it for a number of years. Other cruise lines can do it once or twice a year as well. As mentioned, seas can be rough any where, any time. Fact of life, if you are on a ship, and have a problem with sea sickness,you need to be prepared. Generally, seas will be calmer further from land, (but nothing is etched in stone) so you don't want the ship sailing within sight of land. In the Inside Passage areas, you will be close to land. Disney Wonder and Carnival Miracle are almost the same size ship, and are pretty middle of the road in size of ship...both in the 80K ton size range. The size of ship matters little in how you feel the ocean.
  14. In a normal world, probably BA would shut down the 747 on certain routes, one at a time, as this is how other airlines have done it. For example, if BA flies LHR-SFO, LHR-LAX, LHR-SYD and a number of other city pairs, they would normally announce that on a certain date, they would switch to another plane for LHR-SYD. Then, a month or two later, drop the 747 of LHR-SFO, etc, to allow for new planes to be received and put in service, and other fleet adjustments and re-arrangements. But we don't live in "normal times".
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