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  1. Ok, you need to understand that Viator doesn't provide a single tour. They are a broker. They take your money and contract with low bid local providers. Those local providers (who are also providing tours through RCI) probably have great contacts with the local port people, and knew the ship had canceled due to weather. Calling Viator gets you their central office, which has no idea of the local conditions at Mykonos.
  2. If you read down the board, you will see this is referred to as a "partial transit". Full transits...sailing from Atlantic side to Pacific, or vice versa, is always preferred. But, you do what you can. Seeing the Canal is something you really need to see. So, this will work just fine. You will only sail the Gatun Locks, into Gatun Lake, and back out again.
  3. Have you checked to see what NCL offers?
  4. Yes, sort of. We returned a car to the Hertz near port site. We didn't take the shuttle, but others did. Saw the shuttle loading. That option is mentioned here frequently.
  5. How about turning your car into Hertz at the near port office, then free shuttle to your ship?
  6. And he probably called all the other private tour vendors to announce the ship's canceling, as well. NOT!
  7. You hear music on headphones and dance. Not music broadcast through speakers to the entire room.
  8. There are some issues in Venice. In or case, our hotel on the mainland has a shuttle to P. Roma midafternoon.
  9. On June 2, the N. Amsterdam doesn't arrive in Venice until noon, or something like that. It is not a standard early morning arrival. We arrive in Venice on the 14th, at 10am. We will disembark after lunch.
  10. It could be rough. It could be calm. Likely it will be somewhere in between. The seas are not predictable more than a few days in advance.
  11. You could do some research on your own. Snorkeling (discussed here frequently) is not recommended, as the water is not all that clear. Water temp will be cooler tha the Caribbean, perhaps by as much as 15 degrees. The air temps will be very nice...you could Google seaweather in your ports. Try "Cabo San Lucas April weather", for example.
  12. There is no one "best" cruise line for everyone. There are many recommendations, but everyone's "best" is defined by different criteria.
  13. You may disembark any time after the ship has been cleared on the first day. We will be on our cruise on N Amsterdam next June. We are going to take a 9:40 flight the day after we dock.
  14. Absolutely agree. There are many crusaders who don't have a real grasp of what can realistically be done, and what is absurdly out of touch with reality. And they decide to post on the first timers board, to sort of say, "we have done this, but you don't get to".
  15. Or, as commonly stated here, air fare has absolutely no correlation with cruise fare. And last year's airfare has little to do with this year's, or next years. Things change...costs, fuel, supply and demand on a route, airport taxes and fees, lots more.
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