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  1. The reasoning is explained in the thread linked in Post#3.
  2. Nobody can answer your questions. Any answer is simply a guess.
  3. Will all due respect, I don't think this has anything to do with the Diamond Princess situation, which is what the quote you cited is in reference to. What you described is essentially the Grand Princess resolution, and I suspect something like that will occur with Zaandam.
  4. As others have mentioned, Zaandam has been denied passage, true. But the Canal itself is not closed. Terminology is important.
  5. Not according to this website: https://safety4sea.com/global-port-restrictions-due-to-coronavirus/ There are various restrictions, but the Canal is not closed. As of 30 minutes ago.
  6. Not all ships were allowed to just dock and offload. The ship in question was refused by at least 4 countries after the announced shutdown. Now has been refused by Panama canal to return to its home port. Looking for another port. There are about half a dozen or so ships that have not officially shutdown yet. Mostly because no ports in their area will accept them, cases or not.
  7. Ah, no. Princess officials don't manage HAL. And what other solutions do you offer, as opposed to the Diamond Princess situation? A cruise line can't just dock and offload patients wherever they feel like. Curious to know what you would have done differently?
  8. I would suggest some reading here, to further inform you on what is happening. For example, after the Japan/Princess issue (I will not call it any negative word, as I don't have any brilliant ideas on how a cruise line could force a country to allow docking and disembarking, nor I have heard any serious, informed, ideas on how they could have handled it better), most, if not all, cruise lines ceased sailing in Asia (the affected area) as quickly as possible, again, considering no cruise line can force a country to allow docking and offloading of pax. There is no need to rush any cancelation of your cruises. Final payment for your September cruise should be sometime in June. You could wait until the crush going on right now (hopefully) slows down.
  9. Too much focus on spread by cruising!!! Latest figures show about 550k cases in the world. I doubt cruising is responsible for 1% of those, probably not even .1%. How about air travel? I have seen some recent info on the possibility of vaccine as being pretty high, as the disease thus far has not mutated much...certainly nowhere near as much as flu, which is why we need to get a different flu shot each year.
  10. Just saw a statement by Port of Seattle that the cruise season brings 900 million to the Washington state economy. Keep in mind Seattle is a small cruise port...max 3 ships at a time, and not every day. Now translate that to Florida...4 cruise ports, about 14 or 14 ships possible at a time, some year around...many billions, probably into the tens of billions, I am sure. I think Alaska would disagree with your comments on how much money cruises bring to town.
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