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  1. CruiserBruce


    salbri, am on a cruise right now...not monitoring Cruise Critic. We have been to Hawaii very close to 30 times, always on land trips. It is very easy to do your own thing in Hawaii. I doubt we would even consider a shore excursion in Hawaii. MANY people here do Hawaii on their own
  2. The sign says $45 to "downtown"...don't know the definition of "downtown". We are in the Hilton, slightly south and east of Pike Place. I think the sign said $65 to Pier 91...so I guess that would be the high end.
  3. If you are getting off Saturday morning, as an example, the latest we would submit laundry would be Thursday night before the room gets cleaned. We have done this scenario many times.
  4. Ok, a cruise line issue, not a port issue. And understandable, now knowing what cruise line is involved.
  5. Getting to your hotel, use STILA, the towncar service located at the airport and discussed here frequently. Just used it a couple of days ago. $45 flat rate. Could not have been easier or more convenient. Highly recommend it. Uber or taxi for your other transport. Yes, Pikes, Chihuly and Space Needle are quite doable in one day. That is what we did yesterday.
  6. Ok. Very helpful. Again, no reason for a previous poster to be vague or secretive. That doesn't help the OP or others who read this thread. In our experience, we have had no issues on 4 different continents.
  7. No where that I have ever seen, in many parts of the world. Specifics would help the OP, generalities don't.
  8. My thoughts are you don't have "forever" to figure this out...the cabin options will be gone in a heartbeat. Glacier Bay is mentioned here daily as a key site. Make a decision...not only will the cabin options disappear rapidly, so will the flight options.
  9. CruiserBruce


    Did you even think about this? The OP, posted a week ago, is from England. It is not like they have unlimited time in the area, although thinking flying from England to Vegas for a birthday is pretty extreme. I know you won't reply...never have...
  10. "When is the absolute latest time" planning is not the logical, adult, smart way to plan things. Just sets you up for Murphy's Law, which is not your friend.
  11. Agree, this is a cruise line policy issue, and they will clearly advise you in every port when all aboard is, and when appropriate, when the last tender is. Many people suggest 60 minutes as a solid personal decision, but not sure any cruise line requires it. The ship will be monitoring the conditions getting to the tender dock, and how many are back on board, so they know if they need to wait a little longer. Have no experience with NCL, but the cruise lines we have cruised with have all used 30 minutes prior to sailing time.
  12. As Ft Lauderdale is only about 40 or so minutes away, many use FLL to access Miami as well. It might be worth it to see who flies where from your local airport(s). For example, Southwest doesn't fly to Miami.
  13. You can easily Google Map all these drives... I do it all the time for our trips. But in some cases you need to be more specific. For example, in #2, where on the Central Coast do you plan on ending? San Luis Obispo, particularly on a Thursday night, for their street market, would be a great place to spend the night. Are you staying in Yosemite? Otherwise just getting into the park on a standard summer day, can take awhile. "San Francisco day of leisure " could mean no driving at all. It could mean walking everywhere. We are walking everywhere today in Seattle.
  14. With a 7am docking, ship will be cleared by 7:30....at the latest. Everyone will be off, the ship will be EMPTY, around 9:30.
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