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  1. Be careful with that assumption. It's not true in most countries. Once you are in that country's waters, you need a visa. On the other hand, some countries don't require a visa for single day cruise ship visits. But your assumption is a mistake.
  2. Have sailed both...just did 14 days on Zaandam. Nothing wrong with either. I would however, take Koningsdam, as it has more entertainment and dining venues. I take understaffing comments with a truckload of salt. People blame everything on understaffing. Conversely, after 14 days on Zaandam that was totally jammed to the gills (Eclipse cruise), I never felt there was any shortage of staff, in any way, at any time.
  3. The cabin next to the Pinnacle Suite is 7061. We had that one for 2 weeks in 2022.
  4. What they offer on any given day is dependent on availability. It can easily be different one from another.
  5. Agree. I think it is too easy to over think this. To quote @BillB48, the best sides are outside and topside...
  6. Actually, that is not true. The original agreements creating Amtrak called for Amtrak to get priority over freight...but it took years of court cases to get the agreements enforced. Amtrak gets priority...that has been a major reason for the improvements in on time performance. However, I still would never, ever, count on Amtrak to get me there the day of sailing.
  7. You can make the flight...unless they change the departure time to earlier, which is not uncommon. You need to get off as early as possible, and have private transport arranged.
  8. That only applies on the Pacific side, not once you get to the Caribbean.
  9. If you are on a day visit, rather than a turn around day, you might be able to use 30-32,if 35 isn't available..
  10. I absolutely wouldn't be arriving the day of sailing. While Amtrak's on time performance has improved, I would never trust them so much as to arrive the day of sailing.
  11. The high forward SCs...based on several comments on CC.
  12. The reasons are discussed in post #10. It seems to be a new procedure this year for when there is more than one cruise ship in port.
  13. Depending on the ship, there can be SA and SB, or SA, SB and SC, or SA, SB, SC and SQ.
  14. I have been in aft and midship Neptunes on the Signature and Pinnacle class ships, but not EVERY one on the Signature class. ( Been in every aft in the Pinnacle class, except deck 8.) The aft have always been smaller in the interior, as compared to the midship Neptunes.
  15. No. The aft wraps interior is smaller than the standard Neptune. Mentioned that back in post #4.
  16. As has been mentioned, KDam is going to the Caribbean for a drydock, and the winter Caribbean season. There is no evidence it is being permanently removed, or that some other Pinnacle class ship wouldn't be assigned here. I don't have any sales figures on how full the ship sails. Does anyone?
  17. You have asked this several times. We have told you Konningdam will be returning to the West Coast...the sailing date is April 10th 2026...its in the HAL schedule on the website.
  18. As mentioned here frequently, you need to be all over the ship during your transit. Be on the bow (if available) for a locking. Be on the Promenade deck for a locking. Your aft cabin is also a good place to be, but I am not sure I would pay 25% more.
  19. Our experience as well, in 4 cruises now with HIA. HIA money carried over to the next excursions we booked.
  20. We did in our Neptune on our most recent Zaandam cruise, earlier this month.
  21. That is good info to have provided up front. You can follow the menu rotation on the Navigator app before you get on board.
  22. All of this would depend on the nights that are dressy nights. So, if the dressy nights are not the second night and the next to last night, that would move the nights you are asking about.
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