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  1. Thankyou Avril. My parents are about a 10 minute drive away. However I don’t drive and anyway John has the car for work! Luckily he gets home about 2.30pm but I do feel a bit sorry for him as Everyday since last Wednesday he’s taken us to their house for one reason or another and then the hospital. My dad has phoned and said it could be this evening until he gets out 🙄 But my mum insists she wants her flu jab so off they’ve gone again! It’s at her local pharmacy and they phoned yesterday and said she can pop in anytime - but she wants to do it now! (I’m at my desk this afternoon!) A long journey to go I think because we need to find them a flat or something, they have a lot of stairs at their house. My sister is 2 hours away and just gives ‘advice’ - I’m biting my lip!!
  2. Dad had his angiogram ok. They didn’t put a stent in! They’re going to treat him with medication and the plan is to let him go home tomorrow! This is good news but I worry how the two of them will cope at home, my mum needs a lot of support. I’ve said they can both stay with us for a bit but they want to be at home. We will see.
  3. Oh my goodness how awful. Hope they’re ok but the sad thing is you probably won’t find out.
  4. Hope your back is better now Sarah. Good you’ll have better hours with your grandson.
  5. So sorry Josy, hope everyone is ok. My son’s partners sister now works in a school, you’ve guessed it she has covid symptoms! So she’s waiting the results. So I’ve made the right decision to not have Joshua I think as she sees him quite a lot.
  6. That looks delicious! Did you have it delivered or made it yourself?
  7. Hello all, My Dad is having an angiogram today and if that reveals he needs a stent they will do it at the same time. Hopefully that will mean he will come home soon. I’ve had one myself so I know what it entails. The doctor said to him yesterday he sounded very calm about it! Not very happy about that, not very re-assuring! At the end of the day he is 84 so I don’t know if that makes it more dangerous. He phoned me this morning to say he’d been given an early breakfast so we’re hoping that means he’s one of the first, they couldn’t give us a time. I’m not having my grandson today, thought it was just too much with my mum. My son is dropping off a picture Joshua has drawn for Grandpa later 😊. Thanks again for everyone’s kind words.
  8. Sorry I’m jumping on your post as I’ve a lot to catch up on! Happy birthday to you all today 🎂🍾🍷
  9. Thanks so much, challenging indeed. So glad I’m working from home.
  10. @grapau27 sorry to hear about your delay re your skin Basel ‘thing’ - sorry can’t remember full name. That’s what my mum had last year. It was like yours for ages so hopefully the delay will be ok. They only went to A&E (during first lockdown when they were desperate) when it turned black and it was removed within 2 weeks. So seek help quickly if that happens. Best wishes.
  11. Thanks everyone for your good wishes, I felt quite emotional reading them. Dad is still in hospital, I walk my mum to the ward and then have to wait outside. He walks her back to the door though so I have a quick few words at the door with him. Not sure he should be doing that but it was great to see him. I had to phone a friend of his yesterday who I’ve never met as my Dad wanted me to let him know - he was lovely! Quite a character - ‘now tell me Sue what do you feel about it’ !! Would you believe we’re still waiting for him to go to a cardiac ward, he’s in an ‘acute/admissions’ ward currently.
  12. Glad to hear from you, you’ve been quiet lately. A meal was booked for lunchtime at a local place for Joshua so we still took my mum there (they’d been to the soft play area before at Dobbies) then we went back to their place for presents. Then we rushed off to the hospital! At least we saw them. Her family were all coming over after they’d been at work so a busy day for them. I took lots of photos for my Dad, he was very sad to miss it.
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