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  1. "that is correct. I had my pass scanned by the woman standing at the rope area and then went directly to the sitting down area. No pictures or talking to anyone at the big long desk area.
  2. The gate agent scanned my seapass card and I was on my way. That's pretty much all the express pass did for me. So, basically not a huge time saver.
  3. So, several other people on the FB page for this sailing have also been changed to the express lane. My guess,, Royal must be trying out something new to see if it helps with the anticipated congestion thats going to happen when Icon begins her passenger sailings.
  4. Hi all. Sailing on Freedom tomorrow. Just did my health questionnaire like I'm supposed to. I'm Emerald so my set sail pass was green. After completing the questionnaire, my ssp turned to purple and says I now have Express Boarding. Follow the signs at the port for Express. Never happened before. Ill take it for sure but am curious if its just a random thing or maybe something else?. I think I read Icon is supposed to be in port with us, maybe Royal is trying something new to get as many folks on board Freedom as possible??
  5. I assume its 24 hours straight from the time you first log in as opposed it being broken up into 'blocks' of time. eg: 5 hrs, then another 7 later on, etc.
  6. Hi all, Husband and I will be diamond after this upcoming sailing. The benefits for internet say 1 free day for 1 device only. Does that mean 1 device per cabin for 2 people or 1 device per person for 2 people? TIA P.
  7. We are not going on the cruise. DH has casually tried to point his buddy in the right direction and/or ask him questions to get him thinking about things but so far it isn't working. We're taking more of a stand back approach at this point. DH hasn't been asked for his advice/opinion and isn't going to force it on anybody.
  8. I asked DH if his buddy has gone into the personalizer and checked all his info. He doesn't know if he has. He's torn between jumping in and getting involved and staying out of things because his friend hasn't asked for his input/advice. There are 2 other couples going and one would think everyone would be talking with each other to make sure things are moving along. etc, dinner or shores excursions and such. I guess time will tell. I will be sure to come back here and let you all know what happens.
  9. As far as the payment plan I can understand that, but what cruise line as ever said you only need to pay 80% before the trip and then the rest when its over?? That's what baffles me
  10. Hi all, I have an update regarding my DH's buddy and his cruise payment situation. Basically, the confusion continues. The buddy talked to DH yesterday saying he got a phone call from his TA the other day, just before Christmas, saying he needed to make the final payment asap. (Jan 2 would be 90 days out which makes sense since the cruise leaves April 2nd). It was midnight when his buddy got this call, so he just hung up saying he was on a payment plan. We think the TA may have been located in another country, perhaps Canada, so there was a time difference, but the TA was more concerned with his buddy missing final payment than what time it actually was. His buddy also told hubby he only has to have 80% of the trip paid off before the cruise starts and then he pays the rest in installments after it's over. Never have I ever heard of this, and even DH, who isn't a well-seasoned cruiser thinks this sounds wrong. He did tell his buddy to double check with the TA because something didn't sound right but the buddy is adamant that everything is fine. His buddy is also telling him he has to buy his own flights after originally saying they were included in the original cost. We're trying to stay out of it, his buddy doesn't want any input from us. We just hope things work out and he's not left at the port feeling like he was scammed.
  11. Hi all, Does anyone know if the new port in Nassau has anywhere I can get either free wifi or a shop/restaurant where it's available if I get a drink or snacks. I'll only need it to do a quick check of emails both sending and/or receiving. thanks.
  12. Thank you everyone for your replies and insight. I'll definitely check back in and let you know what happens. DH and I are actually leaving tomorrow for a Xmas cruise on Celebrity so we won't be back until the end of next week. Happy Holidays everyone and safe travels.
  13. Azbirdmom, DH has 'casually' tried to ask about the personalizer and the booking numbers etc. He suggested to his buddy to reread over everything a few times to make sure he doesn't miss anything. No idea if he has done that, maybe someone else sailing with him has and says things are ok? I just don't know. But my biggest fear is the final payment as suggested above which would be beginning of Jan will come and go and he'll receive an email the next day from Princess saying everything has been cancelled.
  14. See, that's the thing, His buddy isn't the most reliable of people when it comes to things like this. He sometimes tends to (I feel) put too much trust in the person telling him what's happening and not doing enough investigation of his own. If it were me I would have spent a lot of time going over everything before I was comfortable booking, and even then, I would be checking all the time to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks. But I know not everyone is like me and I can sometimes worry too much about my cruises. I just don't want anyone to miss out on such a wonderful trip because of an oversight.
  15. Its the April 2nd, 23 day repositioning cruise starting in Rome/Civitavecchia and ending in fort Lauderdale. On the Island Princess.
  16. Hi all, I'm posting to see what you all think about a situation my DH's friend is in. We both think something doesn't sound right. It's just too 'wierd' from everything we've ever known about paying for a cruise before you go. Here's a quick recap of what's happening: DH's friend and his long time girlfriend, plus 2 other couples are booked on a 23 night cruise starting in Italy, and ending in Ft. Lauderdale beginning of April 2024. They bought a drink package and the flights through Princess as well. (Here's what's so concerning to us). 1, His buddy booked a gauranteed cabin. He told the TA he wants to be on deck 9 and the TA said " no problem you're all set" 2. His buddy is having payments taken out every week? or every month? I'm assuming by the Travel Agency as opposed to Princess directly since he didn' t book with Princess. With the amount he quoted my DH that is being taken out, if it's every month there's no way it will be enough to pay for everything. before final payment date. 3, DH was talking to his buddy yesterday and he tells him the TA said he doesn't need to have the trip paid in full until 2 DAYS before the cruise leaves. I have never heard of that. It's always been 90 to 120 days out depending on length of trip. I told my husband things sounds sort of 'wrong' about a lot of this. Supposedly this is a reputable travel agency but I'm concerned the travel agent is very inexperienced and/or confused. I say this because, as we all know, you do not get to pick what deck, or where you are with a guaranteed cabin. I have also never heard of an instance where final payment was 2 days out. For this trip I believe its 120 days out if not more. I thought maybe his buddy was confusing the gratuities with the actual cruise payment since he could have paid those onboard each day. But he bought the all in drink pkg, wifi, tips etc. so that option won't come into play at all. His buddy also told him the TA said he won't get his room assignment until the day he gets onboard. Now this may or may not be true. I know a lot of folks on here who've said they don't get their room until a day or two before, but never have they waited until the day of the cruise to get it. After all, how would the porters know what to put the luggage? So I guess I just want to hear what you think about all of this. DH and I are definitely concerned for his buddy, and he's been trying to get more info out of him but his friend seems to be fine with everything he's being told. The scary part of all this for me is, DH and I were married on a cruise 17 months ago and his buddy came, so he knows what he did for our trip regarding payments etc. but it's as though he's completely blowing off what the 'rules' for final payment and cabin choice were. Should we stick our noses in and get involved or should we just step back and see what unfolds?. There are 2 other couples going and we keep telling ourselves they are all adults who have cruised before. It's not our place to say anything. Thanks for your thoughts
  17. Ditto, Same goes for movie theaters. DH thought I was exaggerating when we first met until he witnessed it firsthand several times🤣.
  18. Honestly, It's something I've been working towards since I first started cruising. I set a goal for myself and want to achieve it. The 'status' of diamond doesn't really matter to me. It's the effort I put into getting there that matters to me. Plus, the 4 drinks each day I'll receive will make a difference, won't need a drink package again since we don't drink much.
  19. Yes, I have more points and he is getting my status.
  20. What do you mean, remove him? we haven't booked yet so when I do book it would be just me.? thnx
  21. Hi all, I need some assistance regarding reaching diamond level on my next cruise. Here's the situation. My hubby and I are 6 points away from reaching diamond level. Originally, we were going to do a short 3-day trip in a suite to get the points needed. He now has a chance to go skiing out west, which has been on his bucket list forever, and wants to skip the cruise. I still plan on going alone. Since I'll be solo I know I'll get the double points I need to reach diamond. My question is this: because we're married, will my DH ALSO get those 6 points and become diamond when the cruise is over? Or will he stay at his current point level but get the diamond status because i'll have it? Greatly appreciate any input.
  22. My DH was having the same issue. He just deleted his # and put it back in and his points are showing now. Thanks for the info.
  23. Fair enough, I don't disagree with a lot of what you say as well. But, (there's always a but isn't there:) my feelings are just that I've enjoyed the 'older' style type cruising and have no need for roller coasters, amusements or all the bells and whistles when I cruise. (not to say there's anything wrong with all those, it's just not my thing) I realize 'the world' is changing and the cruising industry will adapt, (they are a business after all) but as you see the building of more and more mega ships taking place, one of the things that also happens is the 'older' ships are sometimes sold off to pay for debts incurred to do this. So on some level, I feel the cruise lines are sending out a subliminal message to us "slightly" older folks that our money isn't needed or maybe appreciated anymore because they are not interested in providing what we want in a cruise vacation and have moved on to a different generation who are willing to spend more money than we are. Again, just my feelings.
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