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  1. Hello there, We are doing well. Settling into married life and getting used to saying 'my husband' when talking with people. We did a legal, at sea, ceremony on Princess cruises. It was a lot of planning ahead of time with lots if back and fourth emails to the representative from Royal Ocean Events, but it was totally worth it. We had an on board wedding coordinator who took excellent care of us from the moment we stepped on board until our departure. Everyone else involved from the hairdresser/makeup artist, photographer, and wait staff at the specialty restaurant were amazing. We had such an amazing time. If you're thinking of a wedding at sea I'd say definately do it. It's so much fun and the pics from around the ship will be amazing.
  2. Finally. We're on Voyager Oct 23rd going to Canada, so happy we won't need to test before hand...πŸ‘ Thanks for posting
  3. Hi all, I have a question regarding the tier status for our upcoming cruise in the app. So hear's the deal: I was married in May. Before the wedding my status was Emerald and my DH was only Gold. After the wedding I called and had him changed to Emerald since he is now my spouse. While we were doing the check in on the app for our trip next month we noticed my set sail pass says Emerald-choice, while DH says just Emerald. Is this because I actually have the required number of points for Emerald level but he does not? If this isn't the case, does anyone know what the reasoning is? Thank for your help
  4. Guess i'm the odd woman out. I preferred less folks. Made getting a table, or a seat so much easier. But now that things are back to normal it won't stop me from going😁
  5. Hi all, Noticed on the app in my profile, under preferences, there's an option to turn on a digital key. What is this for? First time on royal since the startup and first time using the app. thanks for you help
  6. Your bouquet is beautiful. We were married on Princess back in May and we had no issues with anything. I've seen people show up with several boxes of stuff and the biggest issue was how long it took to push it all through the scanner.. I don't think any type of medical device is even 'counted' as a carryon item so I wouldn't worry about those, and i'd say the box they may just ask you to open for them to visually scan before putting it through the x-ray. Congratulations and have a wonderful day!!!
  7. Just received our very first "invite' for an upgrade for our New England/Canada sailing in Oct. We talked it over but decided not to bother. We've got an aft balcony and are looking forward to drinking wine as the scenery goes by.
  8. Thanks for the replies. We'll be on the Discovery, but not until next year. Hopefully he'll still be there.
  9. HI all, Does anyone know if Captain Tim Stringer went back to the Regal and the Caribbean Princess has someone new at the helm?
  10. Ugh, I saw Cats on Broadway. That was several hours of my life ill never get back....😝 Worst show ever.
  11. Are you flying in for the cruise/wedding? If so I would try a Google search of hair salons within the area you will be at, then call a few who have good reviews and explain what you need. Perhaps you can do a trial run with whomever you choose beforehand, and then the day of the wedding have them do your hair and makup before you leave for the port. I would definitely arrive a few days in advance. With flights being cancelled all the time you don't want to take any chaces of being late or held up.
  12. When is the cruise and what cruise line are you on? There are 2 piers . This will help folks with recommendations based on which pier you will be sailing from. I'm watching as well.
  13. Hi all, I went to check on prices for our sailing May 28th of next year. For sailings May 7th it says currently not available.. For the sailings May 14,21,28th they all say pricing not available for date or cabin type try another date or cabin. Says the same for Royal princess as well. Wondering if it's due to scheduling of particular ships, port of Seattle , or just jacking up the pricing on everything and then making them available again? πŸ€‘ Hmm guess we wait and see.
  14. Hi all, I am Emerald and would choose the bottled water. Where do I go to let RC know what my choice is? The planner, do I call them, or somewhere else? Tia for the help
  15. Ugh, we'd much rather the back side of an elephant view than any type of water slide!🀣 Just the thought of a water slide on a cruise ship drives me bananas.
  16. Glad to read the solarium pool area is relaxing. On Princess we fell in love with the Sanctuary pool area and said we'd always pay the extra money in the future to stay there. We enjoy the 'little extras' we've received while there. Have any of you been on Holland America as well. We've been told to give them a try too. Are they similar to Celebrity? We're open to it, but concerned we may be just a bit too 'young' for them at this point.🀣
  17. So far Celebrity sounds like an experience we would like. Glad to read they are more on the 'relaxed' side and not 'in your face' with everything.
  18. Hi all, I've sailed on several lines in the past.(hubby only Royal and Princess, I've also tried Ncl.) We are tossing around the idea of a cruise on Celebrity to see how it compares to Royal or Princess. We're in our 50's and not into a huge 'party' scene. We like having a variety of choices for activities that Royal offers, but not the kid/family situation that comes with it. (nothing against kids, please no bashing us for that) We also really enjoy listening to nice music in the atriums on Princess with a glass of wine people watching. We are good at 'going with the flow' when it comes to a lot of things on board. As long as we have a view from our balcony we are content. Could those of you who really enjoy Celebrity and sail with them often tell me what keeps you coming back? Food, atmosphere, service, or something else entirely. Any insite greatly appreciated.
  19. We kept ours. We have what I call a 'book of life' with important milestones that happen to us during our lives. We were just married so the medallions went in with the wedding date as a rememberance of our day. Plus it's fun to look back on all the cruise cards and remember where you've been:) Get's me through the cold New England winters.
  20. We were on Caribbean Princess May 28th sailing. The first day our group had lunch in mdr and they made sure to tell everyone in line, not just us, shorts were not allowed in dining room after the first day. Hubby and I met a younger man in an elevator a few days later and he was on his way back to his cabin to change out of his shorts into long pants. Said he was turned away at entrance to mdr for having shorts on. So enforcement of dress code must vary by ship and/or staff working on board.
  21. Hi all, Have a question about Accessible rooms. Can someone book one of these rooms if they do not have a disability? Does proof of disability need to be provided at time of booking? I've always wondered if people would take these rooms if they didn't need them. If so, why?
  22. We did it!! We had such a wonderful time. It did seem to fly by but we made a point to stop and take in as much as we could. Now that we're home we want to go back.
  23. We're on Caribbean princess now and masks are suggested but not required. The staff is still required to wear them
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