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  1. About a week after we came back from our cruise, our TA contacted us with the agreement to sign. I told them the cruise we booked onboard was a placeholder( a 2021 date) because the schedule has not been released yet for the cruise we want to take.
  2. Probably the OBC from the cruise line. This is what I actually received. 1) Premium Beverage Package for two 2) Prepaid Gratuities for two 3) Unlimited Internet 4) $300.00 Onboard Credit 5) $200.00 Onboard Credit 6) $350.00 Onboard Credit All Onboard Credit is Per Cabin, Unless Otherwise Noted. Shipboard credit may be used as a substitute for any perk listed and will be at least equal to the original perk's value. Sailings starting in Australia may have shipboard credit delivered in AUD, instead of USD; subject to terms and conditions of the cruise line. *Please see General Terms and Conditions, section(s) “Amenities/Perks/Gifts" for additional information.
  3. Was this for the Dec 2020 cruise?
  4. I booked while on the equinox too. Then I had it transferred to my TA. X gave me 200 OBC and my TA gave me an extra 200 OBC, plus I got 300 OBC as part of the perk.
  5. We’ve never received a military discount. They always say it wasn’t applicable to our rate we sailed on.
  6. My wife and I were on your cruise. I live blogged during it. Interesting that some of your soups look exactly like the soups we had in Blu. I ordered grits for breakfast at least 5 times. A couple times, they were undercooked. I do prefer stone ground grits. Our aqua class room was so cold at night. I usually sleep with a fan at home, but it’s for background noise. I used the fan app on my phone. We tried to reserve a golf cart months before the cruise, they were sold out. We went snorkeling on the seacow instead.
  7. In June 2018, we were in an Aft Balcony room on the Getaway. We were with my friend and her husband who were in the Haven suite right next door. This was my wife's and my first cruise on NCL( we had 3 cruises on X before this one). My friends received a free cruise thru casinos at sea and upgraded that oceanview room to a Haven suite. We were able to tag along with them for certain things( leaving the ship for excursions, going to shows, 1 dinner with them in their restaurant and 1 breakfast, we could also put our luggage with theirs the night before debarkation). It was somewhat strange( they thought so too) that their room was right next to ours and wasn't in the Haven portion of the ship. Anyway, when we werent with them, we had vastly different experiences. I thought the food was better in the Haven( at least for breakfast, I can't remember the dinner). They had fresh berries all the time, and nicely diced up melon. We had spears of melon( with the rind) in the buffet and no berries what so ever. They also had room service, their snacks, etc. Their room was gorgeous, separate bedroom, 2 bathrooms( their son was also with them). Their butler provided great service. We were able to hang out with them in the Haven lounge before the shows. I wasn't impressed with a lot of aspects of NCL and I wouldn't chose to cruise with them again, my wife said she would, but only in a Haven suite. While I liked all the amenities they received, I wouldn't pay the price for the suite. We attempted to upgrade with bidding, but were unsuccessful. We've never had a suite in X, we cruise Aqua Class, but we'll have a Sky suite in Dec 2020 on a Touch Canal cruise. It was expensive, so I have high expectations. I probably should lower them a bit so I'm not too disappointed.
  8. I was in an accessible room on Equinox last month. I asked for a footstool and was brought the shower chair. I guess its better than nothing if you don't want to bring the beach ball. If the asst head of housekeeping was correct, the stools will return towards the end of November. Only time will tell.
  9. I wonder why i was told they are coming back in 2 months.
  10. At home, i make a pitcher of ice coffee( cooled coffee, half and half and my sugar free syrup). I drink it over 4 days. On the cruise, sometimes I'd get a couple of cups from the buffet, leave it on the counter overnight and use it the next day. I don't like hot coffee over ice. The ice melts so quickly. At home, I have an old fashioned( metal, with the hand crank) that makes big thick cubes that take a long time to melt. I use them with a Tervis tumbler.
  11. That was me. I was told two months. You can always send an email to celebrityonetouch@celebrity.com
  12. The company that X uses is called Resort Sports Ltd. Cayman. Don't book with them. Horrible.
  13. I did not ask them to elaborate. The English specialize in Fish/Chips, so I can imagine it wasn't up to their standards.
  14. Thanks for your detailed review. When I was deciding on a cruise, it was either the cruise we took( Sept 13th) or your cruise. I loved the Itinerary of your cruise, however I was talked out of it by members of CC because of the possibility of hurricanes. They said the ABC's are not in the hurricane zone. Funnily enough, we missed our last port of Key West because of high winds. Marianne in Blu was a sweetheart and while Wayne was not our usual waiter( Vinod was), he did serve us breakfast a few times. The Slush bar was only open 1 time ( that I noticed) on Sea days.
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