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  1. It’s up there with the posts about the constellation, I don’t see a schedule for 2024. They must be selling it. Very easy to misconstrue and spin information any way you want.
  2. Very true, I only got mine is because I work in a large health care facility. Not front line but all healthcare workers in my org are getting it if they want. NH has just opened it up for 65 and older but they have to go thru the state to sign up. I was not going to get it but did because of my parents, who still have not gotten it and only as of today they can register to make an appt for it. Its a work in progress overall. Until more is produced/distributed it will be a mess for next 6-8 months getting it out there for at least the US. Other countries on how they are going to distribu
  3. All set. simple and easy points. I havent had any issue with receiving the points thru out this whole process overall.
  4. The question is now a universal card/that is not easily copied notation etc needs to be put together for travel etc. Passport is one option but not everyone has that for travel especially domestic. Person just bringing paperwork etc can easily be forged so will wait and see what comes of this. Would hope it would be something universal, good luck with the countries all agreeing on one format overall tho
  5. It’s always fun the first cpl nights seeing people come up and ask for a beer or gin n tonic then see them being told no and watch there reactions. On my last cruise in a matter of an hour had around 30 plus people told to go to the martini bar etc. A few got really upset overall. It’s pretty amusing to me to watch.
  6. Yep super high pricing but do like one that ill keep an eye on Like the overnight in Cartagena
  7. Agree, I always ask about the cxl fees when dealing with a new agency Im not familiar with. I know the one I have my B2B clearly stated it to me and also in the contract that I got. I have no issues with it since I did get about 50% cheaper plus all perks before they switched to the AI format. I also when booked asked about if the cruiselines cxl the cruise, I booked during the summer and its stated there will be no cxl fee. I tend to ask them every question I can think of when working with Ta's
  8. I have only booked with some of the fee TA's when the deal was crazy good which is very rare, tho do have one now but Nov might be an issue since its a back to back. Never had to cxl but will see concerning Nov cruises because of Covid and the environmont right now Otherwise I have 2 different ones I use that charge no fees for all other cruises/vaca's.
  9. Not complaining since the cruises have been halted have gotten 30 pts or so on my account. Participated in most except the ones for booking something, not looking to book a cruise at this point, wish I could but not in this environment, but if we do cruise this year, I have 2 in November which I dont think will happen tho, I would get to elite+ with what I have booked in November now. One year sooner than I expected I would. With US now requiring return negative Covid tests if visiting a foreign country, figure that will be in place for a min of 9-12 months. The PUP are just like some poi
  10. Social media usage is one of the most popular online activities. In 2020, over 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide, a number projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025. They are looking at reaching the widest audience overall. True many do not use it or very sparingly but with such an easy marketing limited cost for them tool to use, it will be ongoing moving forward it seems.
  11. Always had issues with privacy on these. But that is kind of why I have set up dummy/never use except for these type of things. For Celebrity and one other place I have set up a dummy twitter,. No friends dont follow anyone/anything just post for what they need. And once points come I delete the posts overall. Not for everyone, more management but I dont find it that hard to do. I try to keep my online footprint as small as possible overall and yes privacy is definitely an issue with this. I understand why many do not do these at all.
  12. Simple one, just used my dummy twitter account that only have used for these type of things. Otherwise dont use twitter or any of the Social media platforms. Okay i use FB just to get local restaurants menus, mostly the farm to table places. Otherwise yeah this is kind of a pointless one but easy enough.
  13. OMG there selling all of them if there are no itinerary s. Guess they chalked up the edge class was a mistake and now need money if they are selling all of these. FYI this is a jest, to many people panic and worry about rumors or mis evaluate info out there Right now only concern should be this pandemic over with and be able to get back to proper vacations the constellation infinity rumors have been around for years. Eventually someone will be right with the rumor. I’m supposably on the constellation in Nov don’t have any hopes up for that currently but won’t cxl because of the great rate I
  14. Value is all perceived differently by different people. I find value in service/ship and the different ports I get to visit but if the costs start exceeding that will make a new determination. Still would prefer cruises overall and have not looked at any pricing since i lift and shifted mine from last year to Nov this year. The question tho is how long can they survive is a tough one to answer. Will they get a bail out of some type if they start hitting that area? All questions that all we can do is give our opinions on. The travel industry has a large supply train and many different off
  15. It still shows as one of the benefits for Elite and above. Until they start sailing no one knows what is happening just can make assumptions. I am not sold on the vaccine yet and feeling less hopeful with sailings anytime soon. The perks are nice to have but that is one of the least important things I look at when i sail. I look at first the itinerary, the ship/reputation/cleanliness and service. The little extra perks are a nice bonus but in no way will they drive my decision.
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