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  1. Funny yahoo mainstream of reading who claps back or what some social influencer is wearing today. Unfortunately people who write these articles don’t do any research anymore, or barely. The internet as much as it’s wonderful in getting information, you have to filter so much out because of personal views or slants. Personally the may date probably will be extended out further I feel but will wait for rccl press release before anything else
  2. And another fun article linked with yahoo. Umm I dont think they will get anywhere near 87.44 this year, 50ish maybe but this year is gonna be bad for anything in the travel leisure industry. Personally looking at vices that people might pick up...ie booze, guns, smoking etc. Already picked up MO and Pep and few others.
  3. Leaving ft lauderdale and daily view from from my aft room on reflection nov 2019
  4. Tbh any cocktail on a cruise is the best I ever had.
  5. yes a perfect "cough cough" sorry couldnt get it out
  6. All the politicians in general are unbelievable.
  7. See I find the food similar but will book it because of the thermal suites, Persian gardens mainly especially if the price works for the upgrade. Blu is nice, and small restaurant feel is a bonus, but I tend to eat in specialty and also the ocean view cafe for dinner also a few times, the food there has really improved for dinner choices. I like the different little amenities, the ice tea is a nice bonus, I drink herbal teas all the time so its refreshing. Hoping they still have the yoga mats in the rooms, my roomate does a lot of yoga and have one of the oversized decks in the AQ on the Reflection
  8. I bought a latex mattress about 9 years ago and love it. It was expensive think I got it for around 3k but that was also because it was on a end of model sale etc. it’s still great
  9. Still it’s a what if. Not one industry or anyone moved that quickly overall. It’s not until really today I am seeing the orders for all restaurants any gathering spot closed down. The retirement community my parents lived in only today went into serving meals to people’s rooms and not the dining room. There is a lot of what could should have been done that will be evaluated From what I have seen hardly any industry proved nimble and reacted quick enough. It’s going to be an interesting 6-8 weeks. I don’t expect any cruises to May the earliest Probably closer to June and then it’s figuring out new itinerary s etc. Getting crew back This will take a while to recover and get the economy’s of the world moving again. things have changed no one was prepared for anything like this or new this would happen to this extent. But things will return to a new normal eventually.
  10. I understand this discussion but right now dealing with the "what ifs" are for a later date. At this point there are to many other decisions and things to take care of. The past and decisions happened, was it right or wrong I am not sure. I prefer to stay on the glass is half full mentality for dealing with this and the next hour will be better than the last. Im in Health care and its such fluid situation, Im waiting for the all non essential to work at home call to come thru very soon. Im surprised it hasn't and Im at a lvl 1 trauma hospital. Looking back there was no perfect date to stop the cruises for any of the lines. The main thing is everyone gets home and be safe currently. Ill let the crisis mgmt teams figure this out for cruise lines, this is an unprecedented event that is happening and right now going back and re evaluating what could have/should have is not in the works for many.
  11. It’s totally panic and media driven right now. Tbh. I went out this morning and just watched people at bjs and Walmart. There next to each other.
  12. It’s a floating number. Until something comes out with a vaccine etc. this will be the standard.
  13. Completely agree. This is such a fluid event and the people who sit and complain should have done this attitude are so self centered right now. People look at what is happening. I work in a level 1 trauma hospital it’s getting to be chaos. Sorry the cruise has been cxcled but in bigger picture it was the right thing to do. Yes you might be inconvenienced but now is the time to step up and help your neighbor and anyone else affected by this. Hope you understand the down stream affect this has on everyone. I deal with IT at my hospital and have many friends who work in supply chain. Think of the impact of just cxl all cruises has to so many others.
  14. Probably the individual lines will be posting info once they get it together. I think this is the right approach. Just need to be patient for information now.
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