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  1. 300 count your blessings. Cruise lines can change itinerary at any time. Stuff happens. Neither dr or Bahamas are interesting. It has been a wonderful ship day for me a cpl times
  2. mostly on the days when new sales start I have noticed, and they been changing sales almost every week/2 weeks now
  3. Usually strange things happen the first morning when they update the website with new prices/specials which today is. In truth Celebrity should close the website down for an hour of maintenance when doing this so it comes back working properly instead of uploading the new special and removing the old one on the live system. Might make less headaches
  4. Question on overall lift and shift, say you do the bid up for a room and are approved/win etc, ie oceanview to a balcony. If you do lift and shift will you be placed in a balcony. Just wondering, I have 2 cruises B2B in November that Im scheduled to be doing. Hoping first off they go, secondly they extend the lift and shift program past Aug 1 date. Just thinking about that cause I do plan on bidding for a higher level room, one of the cruises is in an OV and would like to move it to a balcony but of course all the bidding doesn't really happen to your about 6-7 weeks out from the cruise so the lift and shift will have to be extended hopefully.
  5. My guess they will run them to they start sailing or announce start up. It’s a marketing strategy. Get good info so they know how to target the audience. I’m fine gets me closer to elite plus. Hopefully 2022 be there. All depends
  6. And it wont be until July as has been stated, they are not converted right away, done in one big batch sometime around July 14 they should be appearing as it says on the website. So if you read the points will be tallied up for June and then applied at towards the end of next month.
  7. I get them but they go into the junk folder where I have most marketing emails go. I just go and pick it up. Got 5 pts so far with 5 minutes of work so Im good. Still hoping my cruises go in nov, not as sure anymore so looking at alt plans currently to an all inclusive in DR probably. I can lift and shift to next year which is an option overall.
  8. and this was a surprise? This was known, that they would be following CLIA who announced it last week
  9. Figured since NCL already had done this was gonna happen. Will be a lot re evaluation going on If this happens, will there even be any companies out there and in what shape.
  10. My guess the flight portion would be cxled and refunded if that is how it was booked thru celebrity.
  11. Never happen, this is free marketing for them overall. If people dont want to participate for whatever reason thats there choice. Keeps people thinking about cruising and also might expand there clientele. Social media itself is huge marketing tool for many businesses. I have 2 Facebook accounts, one for friends and such and another for things just like this. I set up 2 email accounts for same reason, so many places require your email to access etc I never use my main one for that, dont need the spam connected to it. There are many ways around the social media and not being fearful of invasion of privacy etc.
  12. Interesting that carnival didn’t announce a move on there start up date today with earnings. Yes selling 6+ ships but no further cxls.
  13. bikerunner


    The ships are still in great shape. Boy with updated brand new but if you go looking for it you will find it. If not comfortable cxl. I’m on the reflection in nov and was on it last year. Had no issues with decor or cleanliness at all. Yes the bathrooms with the ugly brown motif are not my liking but they never were.
  14. Exactly, all it is costing us is a few minutes, and dreaming of that next cruise. These little things keep cruising in the back of peoples minds, which is the point. I am close to my next level, tho it will be a few cruises away, sigh, and every little point gets me closer and if all I have to do is fill out a survey, post a fb post all good.
  15. Try the other way around if anything. Facebook is not paying for this at all. Its just basic social media. Create post send to Celebrity tho I only have FB to look at Restaurant specials bands playing for the weekends, so wont be participating.
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