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MS Europa 2 - Wine List


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We are seriously considering a cruise on Ms Europa 2 later this year. We have previously sailed on Crystal, Silversea & Cunard Queens Grill. I have read the reviews and seen some videos of the ship and so far we are liking the look and sound of it. My husband is second generation German and does speak a little, I don't speak German at all but this being the Europa 2 I'm sure this won't be an issue. I am interested to experience the ambience on board wth a passenger mix that will be, I'm sure, quite different to the cruises we have previously been on.


Another thing that will be quite different for us will be the non inclusive nature in regard to drinks. I was wondering if anyone has a recent wine list they can share or give me an idea of the average price range for a reasonable bottle of wine. I believe cocktails are around 8 Euro which is very reasonable and hoping they have a good range of wines in all price brackets. Also wondering what the prices are for things like single malt scotches? 


Thanks in advance and please share any other tips and information you might have.



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We were last on the Europa 2 in 2018 and it was the best cruise ship we have ever been on (we are Seabourn regulars but have tried Crystal and Viking and about to try Silversea). Beautifully designed and run ship, excellent food and service. Non German guests are very well treated by the crew and have special events. Though some German guests can’t quite understand why we are there. Simple: it’s the best cruise ship ever. Don’t expect lots of mixing, though passengers are still friendly in a formal way. Entertainment excellent (normally music or for a gin tasting the international hostess translated) and everything on the ship is immaculate. Staff were wonderful on the whole and go out of their way to help if you are not a German speaker. Few tours for English speaking guests though. Do make sure you are on a dual language ‘international’ cruise. They all used to be but some are not these days. 


We are on Europa 2 again late this year as our repeat cruise with Hapag Lloyd in 2020 was cancelled due to the pandemic. The destinations we have been to before but we just want the Europa 2 experience again. 

Wine prices were very reasonable when we were on board in 2018. In Europe there is a small on board credit for non-German guests (who are used to inclusive fares) to help out with alcohol costs. Maybe that offer is available in Australia - ask your travel agent? Some free alcoholic drinks are provided on arrival and at parties but normally even mineral water is charged for at table. We don’t have an up to date wine list - nor does Hapag Lloyd have one on line as far as I know - but if you Google “Europa 2 getränkepreise” (Europa 2 drinks prices) in a browser like Chrome with translation facilities, you will see some recent postings about rough figures. Hope that’s helpful. 

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Prices were VERY reasonable 1.5 years ago. We booked through a German travel agency and received a pretty nice onboard credit which covered all our drink costs. There are a few FB groups dedicated to E2 (e.g. MS Europa 2 (neue Gruppe) - a German group but they are happy to help out English speakers) so you might find an up-to-date wine list there.

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Thank you Ovener and cathaana for your responses! I was actually wondering about the best way to book. We have a very good TA based in the States but I don't think she has much experience or clout with HL cruises and the usual discount we get from her might not apply so a German TA might be a good option in this case.

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Thank you, cathaana. I think CC turned that function off but if you would be so kind as to email me I would vey much appreciate it. shirinsatbigponddotcom

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I did more as 40 cruises on the 2 Europa sisters  - as from 2007.  I am Belgian and nearly  fluent in 4 languages with good knowledge  of a fifth for restaurants. 

There is always a party for non German speaking guests.  All the parties are done with real Champagne - also during embarkation   real bubbles are offered. 

Last year the cocktails were 7,8 €   , on the Europa 2 there are more as 50 gins available.  several are expensive.  

There is a vast collection of Champagnes on the wine list at very attractive prices BUT : the price of Champagne went up with by nearly 30 % as well. US wines were not so cheap - so on Hapag no Far Niente for me . There is Cloudy Bay of course.  

Germans are not so crazy of fancy martini's , a lot of Champagne by the glass is consumed

there are more as 25 wines available by carafe of 25 cl - in German  "ein Viertel" - including Chablis, Cote du Rhone  and Gavi and of course German and Austrian wines.  

A  lot of cruises on the Europa 2 are sold out ! 

If you are in a Grand suite or higher you do receive 5 half liters of spirits . 

The steak tartare in the Tarragon is superb  - on the buffet for breakfast : great choice of cold cuts and  various cheeses  - so not the same 4 or 5 every day 




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Thank you Vistaman, I was hoping you would chime in as I know you sail Europa frequently and enjoy it. In regard to the carafes of wine - what would be the price range?

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On 3/17/2024 at 10:24 PM, ClefsDor said:

Thank you Vistaman, I was hoping you would chime in as I know you sail Europa frequently and enjoy it. In regard to the carafes of wine - what would be the price range?

my next cruise on  Europa 2 is only in September  24, since i do have a condition i prefer  to do one week ( max 9 days ) cruises and unfortunately those on Europa 2 are in mid summer in the Med what is also too hot for me 

 those carafes are between 10 and i believe 15  €   there is a daily suggestion a white and a red  - until 2007 i was knowing very little about german and Austrian wines I learnt that on board. 

there is also a gin tasting what is free  and a wine  or Champagne tasting what was usually 85 € but great bubbles  (Don P and similar )  were involved  - it IS worth the money ! 

the Champagine during parties is Jacquart Mosaique  imho better as that sour Heidsieck Monopole. 

if you are coming back from excursion fruit juice is offered and for breakfast there are at least 3 fresh juices  -  the jams are made on board  and there is Nutella as well 

egg dishes must be ordered at the table and a waiter is bringing your order 

if you prefer to have breakfast in the main dining room there are some delicacies , a small steak tartare , gooseliver with orange confit , parma ham and white sausages😁 with sweet bavarian mustard ( senf )

if you are very late for breakfast you can have it at Sansibar  with a selection of cheese and cold cuts smoked salmon and egg dish made to order. 

my only complaint on HL is that the very beautiful restaurant Serenissima is not "Italian" enough 

otherwise said some dishes only do have a fancy  Italian name 

they have 2 great Italian white wines   Cervaro dela Salla by Antinori  and Dreams by Jermann  - i think it was 70 and 112 € however many  cheaper possibilities are availakle 

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