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  1. maybe if they are lowering the fares for singles they can fill up the suites ?
  2. thank you for the information - I never had an easy transfer Hamburg Kiel or return by coach when it was complimentary by another cruise company - always something on that highway - so i decided to take a train during the last years ( however last one was 20 months ago ; covid 🤢) the dinner seems good and i am very glad to notice there are still dishes "always available" I hope you can manage your excursions !
  3. Thank you for posting all the drinks lists and the menu in the ice cream bar Wishing you a great cruise as well - I will join the ship next week on saturday - I hope they are a bit flexible as my train is arriving from Hamburg in Kiel at 10 am and my boarding time is 11 am . Bon voyage !
  4. The Mosaique is indeed more dry as the Brut ... A sommelier told me once in general US customers do not like extremely dry bubbles ... I was able to see a beverage list of Ritz C and the plan seems to use Moet as the complimentary Champagne - not my favourite neither however for sure of a higher price level. I agree Germain is terrible . because i cannot go to the US and another company is banning me for not living in Germany, Austria or Switserland and i do not stand the heat , i booked a Yacht Club suite on MSC for a Baltic - in my complimentary package there is Feuillatte - u
  5. Champagne is very personal ... Jacquart is IMHO still better as some other brands in the all inclusive level -like Montaudon I noticed in the most recent blog by Keith it is Jacquart Mosaique - Crystal dit use also Jacquart Brut what is "sweeter" as the Mosaique
  6. you must consider to go for a second test ! there are mistakes on those tests ... my neighbour ( twice vaccinated) had a positive test a few weeks ago en 3 days later she was negative as were all her contacts including myself ( also double Pfizer ) however feeling very very sorry for you as you were so looking forward to discover Crystal
  7. I hope for your friends and yourself these people are able to enter the US , as for the moment European Union people still cannot go and visit the US ... vaccinated or not ...
  8. Feeling very sorry for you especially because it was on the brand new Endeavor ... Since the pandemic I had 9 cancellations on Crystal ( I did ask if they are going to give a present when having 10 ??😄) ... and 5 on Hapag . hapag does refuse me despite full vaccination because i am not living in Germany , Swiss or Austria . I cannot reach the Serenity due to extremely high air fares - everything does have a limit and I still cannot travel to the US. SS did cancel my Baltic cruise and the heat in summer in the Med is not for me despite attractive fares on the Silver Moon. To
  9. My last transat to Miami was pre covid and I got the opportunity to go from business to first for a high quantity of "miles" or paying somewhat half the difference between my business fare and the lowest first on a European company . I did it one way to the US , as return is a night flight . I noticed a mid eastern company did upgrade 2 gold member to first when boarding... I repeat that Crystal was not my target😀 , I saw other items on other lines the style of 4 categories up on a first booking
  10. I am not attacking Crystal in particular but why are cruise companies unable to do what airlines are practising : giving priority for upgrades to regulars instead of a random ? if a flight is full in a category the highest level is getting the upgrade - when I had Gold at BA I was upgraded from business to first together with 2 other gold members And some people cannot remain silence to other pax and boasting about the upgrades they eventually received. I think in 20 cruises I had 2 small upgrades ( one category higher ) and one paid opportunity for a Ph .
  11. Norway is not a member of the European Union so the country is not following the EU rules and can put on other rules I am also looking forward to the day - vaccinated - US people can go and visit Europe and Europeans can enter the Us with a vaccine ... It seems when I go for a 14 day holiday to the Dominican republic I can go end enter the US as an EU citizen ???
  12. I wish you and your DH a great cruise and I hope we will read some comments made by you as well. Comparing HL with Crystal is like comparing expensive Cognac with expensive Whisky... I have the same problem with "heat" - I cannot do Med cruises as from late June until early September. The C Endeavor was a financial bridge too far for me , being single - eventually it would cost me the same as 3 other cruises ...however Iceland seems to be great. May I point the approach by the team on board C is "friendlier" as on HL , the all inclusive by C is maybe the best in the lux
  13. mrs catlover - we both are in the same situation with Hapag Lloyd - I can understand in full the five cancellations I endured due to the covid pandemic but I am shocked by the - also five - refuses to book because I am not living in Germany Austria or Switserland. The company does refer to non specified "German authorities " And I did more than 35 cruises on HL . So far I only did 20 on Crystal . In my case the communication with Crystal was not difficult and I must admit the compensations by Crystal were more substantial as those by HL. My latest cancellation more a refuse by HL
  14. I read Keith's blog very carefully but with the masks I only was able to recognize the 3 headwaiters . I hope all the bartenders came back and I was afraid for Afzal as he is from India . And so far i did not see Jiri the head sommelier - i hope he did not resign Now , the beef Wellington - despite living in a country with great gastronomy my very first was on a not so great P&O ship in the mid 80s - and i tried it again on ms Vistafjord after a cooking demonstration by the higly estimated chef Winkler. some people are crazy of it - I find it a very anachronistic
  15. I contested the regulations by HLC as from the restart as the only criterion around the pandemic is the medical science ( negative tests and later on the -double - vaccination + test ) - not that you are living in a particular area or country . That is like a platitude style "nationality x are proverbial drunks " HLC always did refer to "German authorities" but unfortunately is not willing to mention which German authority ...no reply on that by the former and the actual CEO. . The fact that since 1st July the "corona passport" is valid and also agreed on and accepted by the gove
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