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  1. I am a wine snob as well - and especially Champagne but I was simply too avaricious to buy a better Champagne on O except for once : i had half a bottle of Rosé Pommery what was around 70 $ I took 2 bottles of wine from home for a corkage fee on O and bought another 2 when in St Barths and I drank those in my suite on O i only did 3 cruises on O all Caribbean - all in PH , all special offers , reduced fare or reduced single sup. I did 20 on Crystal however only 2 in PH and one on the Esprit - the butlers on C were great. I want to add disembarkation on O was a disaster and for a coach transfer to Miami airport O did charge nearly 3 times the fare of a taxi with a decent tip. Concerning tours : those are not cheap on both companies but I heard many complaints of the tours on O
  2. the service is a lot better and for sure friendlier on Crystal , also the quality of the food O does not serve fresh orange juice_ you do not have to buy very expensive drinks on Crystal - it is all inclusive with a great choice of brands I am a wine addict : the complimentary wines on Crystal are far better as those on O in the beverage packages. ok the special wines on Crystal are not cheap , however not so onerous as on Oceania and you do not have to pay 18 % service "for your convenience" and some local taxes on it entertainment is also a lot better on Crystal , despite some of the lecturers are overthere for ages ... unfortunately - there is not a French speciality restaurant on Crystal and maybe the croissants are not so crispy as on O 😄 there are also no "recommended gratuities " put on your bill on Crystal O does have Bulgari bathroom amenities but I am not going on a ship for those. Passengers in PH do receiev advantages on Crystal but is less obvious as on O with - one example - various embarkation times.
  3. My TA - he is not selling MSC - heard some guests were sent away because they left the "organised tours " and were walking to terraces ashore for drinks i do not know if it is true - but are those the future cruises on mega ships ? tours or staying on board ?
  4. i want to say "endure" 😁
  5. Indeed there are a lot of short cruises . As Crystal is depending heavily on the US market , I am curious if people do find the courage to do a 6 - 9 hours flight to Europe for a 7 days cruise ? I find the New York to Quebec to short to enure those flights despite in business I was booked twice booked on the Esprit and twice a cancellation - obviously because there were nog enough passengers last year on the Esprit there were 60 pax ( 2 singles ) I believe 9 were non US ...
  6. So far I am aware of the bankrupcy of CMV only providing very basic cruises to the UK market however there were plans to start operate a ship for the French market. In the German market Transocean is finished also the old Berlin I heard. The German concern TUI owner of Mein Schiff and Hapag Lloyd already twice received a giant loan fom the German Republic ( once 1.8 bil € second time 1.2 ) For the moment Ponant is sailing from 4 French ports and from Dubrovnik , I am booked on one and I had to fill in quite a rather personal medical questionnaire and some parts must be attached by my GP , and a covid test 72 hours prior to embarkation. I find it less trouble as the policy by German companies only accepting guests from German speaking countries. I do not know the situation in Austria however some parts of Germany and Switserland are not performing good neither. For the moment I do not intend to go on mega ships ,not even for a cheaper cruise between two luxury cruises. I noticed the Crystal Esprit is scheduled to do Eilat to Larnaca in 2023 , I find the part from Port Said to Larnaca risky on such a small ship, it can be rough. Years ago the 2 Crystal ocean ships were - with some proverbial exceptions - never full ( before all in ) On those mega ships how can they survive without doing "buffets" ?? Also on luxury ships few people are going to the MDR for breakfast -
  7. Eilat is a lot easier for Europeans for embarkation as Aqaba concerning the flights and an eventual night before or after.
  8. sounds not fun ... only organised tours and not allowed to go ashore on your own not for me - I never do organised tours I hope Ponant is not intending to do the same -
  9. I am at home since 23rd December last year ... I desperately tried to go from one Crystal cruise to another , 1 on each ocean going , Mahler , 2 on Esprit 😒 also 3 cruises cancelled on Hapag lloyd , for the moment HL does refuse me based on my nationality - being not German , Swiss or Austrian - ( the European Treaty ??? obviously not known by all the German cruise companies - not only HL ) i hope to be able to do a booked cruise on Ponant - covid test is necessary 72 hours prior to embarkation I am not going to say MSC is "bad" providing you take the Yacht Club ( i not even do a non Yacht Club on MSC for free )- however no cruises for me on a mega ship at all for the moment .
  10. instead of the discrimination based on the eventual belonging to a market ( D A CH ) nationality , area or language , HL ( or Clia Germany ??? ) better requested a valid conona test prior to embarkation - so all the regular pax could consider to book a cruise 😆
  11. I agree with you in full ... some of the food was identical to my first cruise on the former QE2 in 1990 and sommeliers constantly trying to sell you a more expensive bottle and the party even for QG guests was a very poor performance with basic drinks - sparkling wine and the cheapest brands never again !!
  12. Originally I had 3 bookings on Crystal for 2020 and 3 on Hapag Lloyd - all of them cancelled The virus made me dance or "balance" from one cruise to another ... Crystal Esprit cancelled for Croatia - late booking for August 2020 , so Dubai Dubai booked also cancelled - Crystal Mahler and Serenity also cancelled ... For 2021 I hopefully will be 4 times on Crystal - the first is Singapore Malé but I am very afraid that will result in another cancellation Also 2 cruises for 2022 booked ... I hope the vaccination is found as soon as possible Major problem is the cancellation of the flights as well - still waiting for refunds for flights booked departure March 2020
  13. Yes but that is going on for many years - Crystal never had many passengers from Europe exception made for the UK; and on the Europa 2 of Hapag Lloyd 30 passengers ( on some 500 maximum) from non German speaking countries is a lot already The approach is simply different , same as the very British items and formality on Cunard.
  14. As from the moment the cancellations were madeknwon to clients , the cruises - on Esprit -just before , the holiday cruise and the one after the Christmas period for 2021 - 2022 are "call for avail. " I did not receive anything to transfer eventually at a higher fare.
  15. I know several people with ample financial possibilities constantly booking penthouses on RCL and Celebrity because they find it very luxurious and great fun despite they are in their 70s there are possibilities for everybody I was 3 times in a PH on Oceania and I did not find it luxurious - we can discuss about it for ages .
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