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  1. I do not think Antwerpen is in the Med … and I inquired about it …
  2. I agree Montaudon is not a great Champagne - Oceania changed to Germain at 16 $ a glass
  3. Hospsafe , I never sailed on Regent - I find it far too expensive especially ...for a single However I did visit twice with lunch what I found not that special at all ( it was not a regular lunch but a meal usually served as dinner for visitors ) based on those 2 upgraded lunches , the service on Crystal is far superior. I do not know if F and B operations are important for you - as you do mention SB - I recently noticed in my hometown and confirmed on board the main dining room is still closed on SB when the ship is in port.
  4. I am trying to help myself in 5 languages , no problems to admit that I make quite some language mistakes. Italian is only for making reservations and orders in restaurants , what can be tricky as well ,with one letter difference you do order pork legs instead of raspberries There were in my long cruise history quite some incidents I never can forget … the worsest maybe on the Seabourn Legend by a man ordering a sparkling water with ice , after one sip he took some ice out of the glass with his hands and he threw the cubes back in the ice bucket behind the bar . The bartender was in his pantry - I informed him and he had to rinse all the ice away... And in the period of assigned tables a rather overweighted lady , handling during every meal about all kind of illnesses : so request for another table made and granted . Lucky those items are the exceptions .
  5. I was 26 when doing my very first cruise on a cheaper line and 45 when doing my first Crystal between was my Cunard - Vistafjord period where i really was feeling "young" even on my first Crystal I found that in general the clients passengers were not as old as on Cunard , on Crystal there were more younger passengers .
  6. Many thanks to both of you. Most of the time , I stay overnight in a hotel in the port of departure - and in case of Southampton or Dover in London. So eventually i can get a car from London to one of these ports. 1000 guests is not much more as on the Crystal - and the cabins on the new ships seem to be bigger as those on Crystal. For various reasons I will not return to SB .
  7. Are guests - not having the British nationality welcome ? Aside of my many cruises on HL, SS, SB and Crystal , I did P&O , Cunard on QE2 and Q V - so i am aware of the "formal style" and other British items ( as long as i am not forced to eat haggis ) I did visit the S Rose and Ruby when they were in my hometown ( i did 20 on Vistafjord ) years ago. Is there a wine list with non complimentary wines ( and champagne ) available ?
  8. I hope the beef tartar is still available on request I am in my "very early" sixties - when I was young fresh salmon was extremely expensive - so poached salmon with a cocktail sauce ( the official name is sauce Marie Rose ) was very special and I still like it - the same for grilled salmon. And a grilled Dover Sole ...
  9. the number of cruises : so on a third cruise and on a 16th and i had - still have - Platinum - very close to Diamond in a time of IT loyalty easily can be verified - those randoms are causing nuisance .
  10. those policies are one of the reasons I left SB . on level 16 i did receive the worsest cabin , people on level 3 a V5 ??? On a first or second cruise you have the chance to receive a so said " commercial upgrade - making you happy so you book again immediately. ( confirmed by a former employee on SB )
  11. no problems to admit I am a wine ( and food ) snob … I did 6 SS cruises so far most of them in Caribbean and during the last one food was very soso. The complimentary wines were always superior on Crystal, however I rarely drink them. Usually I order a special wine from the wine list and despite Silversea never had all those precious wines there was always a good wine list available, with some Italian wines and Champagnes not found on other companies( Pol Roger. Perrier Joët , Paillard ) at attractive prices . ( and a discount of 10 % when buying 3 wines ) I never had a problem on SS to have a bottle of complimentary champagne sent to my cabin - I once had neighbours with five bottles of liquor in their cabin … It is true on SS only top suites are getting welcome Champagne - in other levels you have to ask for it. Unless you wish a special brand , I noticed on nearly all luxury AI companies a basic liquor is used for some cocktails - even using Triple Sec instead of the real Cointreau. Asking for G Goose or Ketel One is a Bloody Mary is not necessary IMHO Probably Crystal is having the best selection of liquors in the bars and for sure the best bartenders . I think on the US market the only one with a vast selection of special gins as well.
  12. enjoy your cruise ! i do the same concerning the bathroom amenities, but take Etro with me , the children of a former assistant are crazy of those due to the fancy colours...
  13. IMHO a lot of people likes caviar because it is expensive … The prices went up from around 1995 , boomed around the millenium and further heavy increases - similar as with some top rated wines ( new markets for the product ) . The pic shown by Keith as "double" used to be a regular one when cruising on Royal Viking and Vistafjord in the nineties. On my very first cruise on Ms Europa in 2007 there was still Iranian caviar , a year later it was also gone . There is still Iranian caviar in first on Emirates - if you see the prices at the airport : enormous . I think the only company where caviar is still free must be SB ?
  14. I noticed quite often - not only on Crystal - on shorter cruises the consumption of drinks and complimentary wines during meals seems to be a lot higher as on longer cruises. With quite some drunk people in the evening.
  15. Reading all the above on OBC , it seems TA in the US- and also in UK - are far more generous as in contintental Europe ... Sending something as OBC to a client is not so customary - doing several cruises a year i do receive items like "real" champagne, upgrades on/or drink packages or private transfers .
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