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  1. These are all helpful comments and I'll check the other thread referenced here for more information. The cruise is offered through a work redemption program; I really should see if an Alaska itinerary is available. That would be a new way to experience a unique place.
  2. Still wrong, also delusional and paranoid conspiracy sounding frankly on your part. Believe it or not, no one appreciates being jerked around by a business. I haven’t “slammed” any company. I only shared facts as they became known. And every one of my posts came before an official announcement that proved me correct. You know the old saw about only speaking when you have knowledge of facts. You and Beardface can refine your theories together.
  3. It wasn't a prediction. It was based on information I had received. Accept it or do not, but I can assure you it is not guessing nor magic. And my name isn't Max
  4. Yuu didn't, but many on here keep painting me as such. Makes me want to not share information here. I was on the webinar. NO firm date was provided. Your friend is giving you their pitch. Just saying.
  5. I am trying to tell you the content of the webinar. One of us was not on it! Your friend is giving you partial element of the webinar. Frustrating; I haven't picked a fight with anyone on here and daily I am put down as a liar. By grown adults! I've said nothing controversial other than there will be more delays and based on a good source. Haven't been wrong yet though. Ask your US friend and confirm for yourself. No one here takes my word anyways. Take it from elsewhere
  6. What your travel agent friend did not mention to you is MSC refused to provide an actual date and used words like "should" and "hopeful". There is misinformation going around but it is not originating with me.
  7. Why are you raining on everyones parade?
  8. Patiently waiting for the person that attacked me to prove one syllable of what they said. They can't. More cancellations. Not surprised.
  9. Carnival will stop carrying Coke products in next few weeks and make a changeover to Pepsi. FYI. And worth what you spent to read it.
  10. You absolutely did not show any consideration or respect to the other poster.
  11. What have I been wrong about? (nothing) I challenge you on your baseless assertion. I have had information I did not believe to be accurate, so did not share it. ALL information I have shared on this forum over the years has borne out to be true. You can not point to an instance otherwise and you think just throwing it out there is enough to smear me. Wrong. What are my "clear" end means? (get the vacation I paid for) I'd love to hear your illogical conspiracy theory though. There have been more cancellations this week. I'll thank you in advance for answering my questions and from further refraining from any personal attacks. This is a public forum, we are allowed to have civil discussions. Since you disagree with facts (why?) that is your choice. What it is NOT, however, is an invitation for you to broadly attack me without any basis whatsoever. Sorry, the island isn't opening on time. Some of us are throwing money away. If you don't have skin in the game let us know as well. We all await your answer.
  12. Wondering about some family centric entertainment or activities on Nieuw Amsterdam. Do they show movies at night on the pool deck? If so, does anyone have a recent selection just to get an idea? Does Holland America have fly-in headliner/variety show acts in the theater ever? Do they have family arts and crafts, shows, etc? For those that have used the kids club, how did you like it? This pertains to a standard 7 day Caribbean cruise. Have the opportunity to book a trip aboard through a prize redemption program.
  13. Many travel insurance plans, especially for international trips (as would be the case for many on MSC), have stipulations to pay out claims on an itinerary change, but typically not if itinerary change is made pre-sailing. MSC won't announce changes until people are onboard as we have seen played out multiple times in the past week. The phone agents know nothing. I don't care if it is a VP at the Fort Lauderdale office. They find out stuff often AFTER guests do. How many of them do you think have ever seen an MSC ship in person?
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