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  1. Another week, zero customer communication. Cheerleaders; top off your coffee for another lightning weekend round of defend corporate
  2. You're right, but this entire posting is just a discussion excercise. Cruising and social distancing don't mix, no pun intended. Nothing is organized or arranged to keep people apart. Much of the energy of a cruise is dependent on "the crowd". Even those that say "We make our own fun" can't deny the excitement and fun that comes from a packed showroom for Love and Marriage or the pool games during the afternoon. Most ships aren't really designed or have infrastructure to support distancing once in public spaces (outside of the cabin).
  3. Correct. I did not realize who I had posted my prior question to. The science does not conform to his own exceptionalism and therefore he does not need to be courteous to those around him. Dang. I wasted my time.
  4. I agree that when used incorrectly, protective gear doesn't really meet its objectives; but in what manner are you observing that the gear is being improperly used and the conclude with absolute certainty that it is of no value and that almost all people are not using the gear properly? Wouldn't logic say more emphasis should be placed on people using the gear properly?
  5. Not insurmountable if you have 50% capacity onboard; but the big Oasis class ships have always struggled with WJ capacity and long lines to get in at peak times. I can see a Food Gallery concept like Virgin working...but NOT with existing space and infrastructure on ships.
  6. Cruise ships are going to look exactly like that store. Yikes
  7. Another one who is completely missing the point. They aren't communicating well at all. No one has asked for personalized messages or to jump the queue. They are asking to be told updates in an honest manner. The fact that so many people will tolerate corporate misgivings in this way is exactly the reason why they do it; people won't stand up for themselves anymore.
  8. Not the smallest, or even close, given the size of all their operations; but point totally missed. I feel bad for folks that aren't getting any communication. You deserve better. Even if you don't think you do.
  9. My solution is for them to communicate in a fair manner with paying customers and that's "unrealistic"? I appreciate your opinion but completely disagree with it. Fairness implies both sides would or could treat each other in a similar manner with similar results and that's just not the case here. I don't know how things got so sideways where people don't think they are owed being "dealt with straight".
  10. It is unrealistic to expect cruise lines to be able to predict when they will resume operations. However, they have received money to sustain operations and continue selling deposits. You're completely missing the point. This isn't about being in or how to get out of a difficult situation, it's about NOT treating your customers out of the "Mushroom Management" chapter of the Book of Business.
  11. They should come up with a timeline of staggered refunds. March cancellations, refunds by week 20. April cancellations, refunds by week 24, May cancellations, refunds by week 28, etc...let people know "We are processing approximately xxxxx refunds per day, week, month" etc. A little communication and transparency goes a long way to calming customers and engendering good will. To simply say nothing isn't cutting it.
  12. I am in agreement with you. File a chargeback today.
  13. It's been almost 2 months since cruise lines really went into "Crisis mode". No one has asked for quick answers. They are asking to be dealt with honestly and directly. That's significantly different. The answer is simple: these companies do not have the cash to refund customers without A: Loans and B: New Deposits. This is abundantly clear to anyone that has read their public SEC filings and has some basic business acument, which may be some fanatics here but isn't the general mass public. To them the messaging is "See you in 90 days. Maybe. lol". Not exactly honest, open, and direct.
  14. I haven't said the cruise line actions are or are not reasonable. I am saying that people asking for updates, clear communication they can rely on from executives is completely warranted and not unreasonable whatsoever. To be dealt with honestly and directly should be a standard, not an exception.
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