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  1. What I spend a year on cruising will easily cover the cost of joining and maintaining membership in a boat club with reciprocity at multiple locations; so maybe look into smaller mini-vacations in those various shoreside areas.
  2. I can't figure out any fundamental that has the stock priced where it does today (48-ish; 1st week of August for reference later on). It makes no sense to me. Those that gambled in the 20's and were disciplined enough to get out at this point should take their tidy profit and run. I'm just astonished.
  3. Disagree; it isn't a tourist trap like most of the standard Caribbean visits have become and has a lot more European influence in architecture and history that many would imagine. There are really magnificent parts of Cuba; it's called a cultural experience, not something you are going to get at St Martin or Cozumel. Is it a third world country with inconveniences? Surely. But there's a ton to experience. If you're the type that needs a Dairy Queen or Starbucks within 500 feet of the ship, I agree, not the right destination.
  4. Thanks for the updates; I haven't been on the board much. Have they extended the sail by date of 12/21?
  5. I think suites get drink packs with their booking and the lounge exists as a place to sit and a place to get services from a concierge. They will space restrict the venues. Are people ready for the reality of the new cruise experience on ships that are a lot less crowded? Some may enjoy the slower pace and less crowded atmosphere, but for the mass market packing them in and having jam packed events is part of the cruise playbook. I think a lot of people are going to be in for a rude shock when cruising returns and they are bored to tears after 2 days onboard.
  6. I'm in exactly same situation as OP is with 2 cruises. When Royal offered the Cruise with Confidence Cancellation and then paused operations that same week they originally anticipated a 2 week shutdown. While they might not have envisioned it going through all of 2020 and beyond; they were trying to sell me cruises for April, May, June, etc... I think it is poor practice not to extend the use by date on these. And while there may be steps one can take to kick the can down the road that requires another deposit and I don't think it is a wise use of my money to give these companies more money when they have no date they can realistically expect to sail. Hopefully Royal does the right thing and extends the use by date for these certificates.
  7. I wouldn't put my money down on an October cruise; I'd be stuck chasing my money or get another worthless FCC
  8. I don't see a reason for the Diamond Lounge specifically to be closed when cruising resumes. Like any other indoor venue on the ship it may function with a reduced capacity. No lounge has ever been large enough for all onboard that qualify to use it, and this isn't likely to change in the near term. I would expect self-service for food to end; a reduced variety of hot and cold appetizers likely to be plated and served. 45 minutes is plenty sufficient for me in the DL to have 2 or 3 drinks before heading to dinner. If it is too crowded I'll use the drinks elsewhere onboard. I think they have much bigger problems to solve at the moment
  9. I'm pretty frugal but no more interior or OV's for me. Balcony or not going
  10. I would consider it depending on lunch options as Windjammer is not appropriately sized on this class of ship and standing in long lines to get into a buffet has zero appeal any longer. If I could have specialty lunches each day with UDP may be worth it. Including port days
  11. I'd like to see a shakeup of the stale "schtick" across the major lines.
  12. I would love the opportunity to purchase fixtures or furnishings off one of these soon to be retired cruise ships. A couple of lounge chairs and table would be fun to have, nice conversation piece. I don't know what happens when these items are removed from ships or sold off but I wish some of it would hit ebay; I'd bid!
  13. Depends. Is operating at 50% capacity and paying for fuel, crew, food, maintenance less of a drain than laying up without guests? And typically when cruises were at 100-105% capacity they didn't turn profits until near the end of a voyage. You may be right; we may see big increases in the costs associated with those things. But that would just keep me away from the upcharges rather than attract me. A steak dinner only has so much value to it above and beyond what you've already paid for. They'll have to find the right balance.
  14. Increase the hours for using the card; don't even have to increase the number of drinks on there. Whatever the changes are going to be, we will see when things resume.
  15. How can they generate enough revenue to sustain themselves with 50% capacity?
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