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  1. I have used both https://tripinsurancestore.com/ and https://www.insuremytrip.com/ and recommend both companies. They both have knowledgeable agents who can help you find a policy that makes the most sense given the concerns and issues you have. I trust both of them over (1) cruise or tour company insurance; and (2) travel agent recommended insurance. Cruise companies, tour companies and travel agents all sell this insurance as a commission opportunity, and as a side line to their main businesses. Plus cruise and tour companies typically don't offer any options and only sell one company's
  2. I am actually glad you mentioned this, @graphicguy. Last I checked (several years ago), our Amex Platinum card did not provide much if any travel insurance (I was surprised to learn that at the time). But I see that, effective 1-1-2020, they added some travel insurance benefits. Tom & Judy
  3. This sounds like questionable advice from your doctor, who is not really in a position to know in what context the inspection of the original document may be required. You can feel the sticker on the original; under lamination that is probably not possible. I think getting a waterproof vaccine card holder is a better and safer solution. I ordered some last night from Amazon in anticipation of future travels. I understand that they are also available at Office Depot for around $1.50. Tom & Judy
  4. I don't remember seeing this soup on the Luminae menu, but if it is as good as you say, do you mind sharing it here? Tom & Judy
  5. We almost booked this cruise for October of this year, but then the dates didn't work out. We may take it in the future. Interestingly, in the 2017 review by @papa B me, he felt that one downside to the cruise was that it was not on a Super Ship. But now the River Countess (the ship from the 2017 sailing) has been renovated and become the S.S. La Venezia. So it presumably is now a more desirable ship. Tom & Judy
  6. Thanks for the recommendation. We will take our first transatlantic cruise in April, so I just bought the book on Amazon, for $5.99 in "very good" condition. Tom & Judy
  7. I have sailed in suites a few times, but never on Edge (we will sail on Apex in April). I have tended to avoid Deck 12 because of the public areas above on Deck 14. It is true that Deck 12 would be more convenient to The Retreat, but I am a light sleeper and worry about the possible noise from above. Tom & Judy
  8. Just for ease of reference for others, the review mentioned by @loves2read is this one, and thanks for pointing me to it:
  9. If you play any table game you get promo chips for your OBC - they can be played but cannot be cashed. On any winning play, you will get "real" chips. So you set the real chips aside and continue to play with promo chips until you lose them all. Whatever you have left are real chips and can be cashed in. Tom & Judy
  10. I don't play the slots, so somebody else can probably give a better answer, but in principle, the way it should work is that once you have played all the promo slot plays, whatever is left you should be able to cash in. Tom & Judy
  11. It does. Really nice idea. Maybe somebody on this board will know the answer, or have contact with a butler and could ask. Tom & Judy
  12. Just please check, either with the TA or when you board, to be sure that it really is refundable. "The best surprise is no surprise," as somebody's ad slogan used to say. Tom & Judy
  13. Bear in mind, if this OBC is from the TA (not from Celebrity), it typically will be refundable. If that is the case, I wonder if they would give you regular chips rather than the promo chips? Maybe not, I am not sure, and it sounds like you want to use the OBC to gamble (as opposed to just getting it refunded after your cruise). In the past, I have used Celebrity (non-refundable) OBC by running the money through the blackjack tables. You get promo chips that can be played, but can't be cashed in. I play with the promo chips, and every time I win, I set aside the "real" chips and contin
  14. I am guessing that the answer is yes, but I have never noticed. Why on earth do you ask? Tom & Judy
  15. As much as I can understand how Uniworld (or any other travel company) would like to cancel cruises in the smallest chunks possible, and waiting until the last day possible, I really think this is abusive. I now have a Future Cruise Credit that I will have to be using on Uniworld, but this is leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth. Just by way of contrast, on the ocean cruise side, Celebrity on April 8 cancelled all cruises (other than newly announced St Maarten and Athens cruises) through June 30. And on the land tour side, Collette Travel commits on its website to notifying guests of can
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