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  1. Oh how I'd love to watch this. And yes, when the boosters come back down and ... just ... land where they belong!! And they stay upright!? Is there any video of the little fast boat (love the name, "Ms Tree" ) "catching" that piece? I hadn't even heard they were attempting anything like this, until I read that a piece had actually been recovered. GC
  2. Thanks. I didn't realize this page was on TIS's website. However, reading those terms (or brief summary) reminds me of why this coverage couldn't work for us. Steve and I had discussed this a few years ago, and he had emphasized a few specifics that wouldn't match our needs. I don't know if they (TIS) offered RoamRight then or not, but it's good to know about this in terms of mentioning it for others in the future! Thanks again. GC
  3. Thanks. We'll look for that. Turns out the size/shape we are looking for doesn't tend to have a sleeve, or any way to *securely* attach it to a larger piece, without balance problems or having it flop around. Maybe Victorinox will have something that works for us. We decided on the most recent trip that sharing just one extra large bag (other than carry-ons) ended up with something just too bulky/heavy, especially getting on/off trains... plus storing it on overseas trains was a worry... (And before anyone asks/suggests/lectures, we each have too much medical type supplies, and that would take up too much room in a "carry-on only" plan, although it certainly would be very nice if we could have arranged just one carry-on!) Thanks! GC
  4. I'll remind you of my question one more time, and then you can remain (and enjoy?) being annoyed for as long as you wish: "Does anyone know of something like this (wheeled!) that has a sleeve so it can slip over a larger bag when the large one isn't checked? That is, both larger and smaller make ONE rolling combo?" We are tired of each lugging a large wheeled item that will get checked plus a wheeled carry-on prior to checking luggage, and after, too. that requires both hands for both of us. And having a carry-on with the sleeve but without wheels... that's no good once the big bag is checked, especially given the distances one often needs to walk in airports these days. Or sometimes even just down the jetway, for those of us "of a certain age".... Do you need to have pictures drawn? As an aside, what I "don't believe" is that you can't figure this out (or maybe are just trolling, looking for arguments). GC
  5. WTH!?? How is our interest in finding a piece of SMALLER-than-usual (repeat: SMALLER!) carry-on item that can slide over the checked luggage when we are going to or from the airport/etc., ANNOY YOU!? If we are allowed a, say, 21 or 22 inch carry-on piece, why in the world would a, say, 15 inch carry-on be so objectionable to you!?? ETA: Okay, fine. To avoid "annoying you", is there a [larger] 20-21 inch rolling item with a sleeve to fit over the checked bag? Is that better!? GC
  6. First, the terminology. To have a claim paid due to a medical reason, one needs to have a physician state that one should NOT travel. (I suppose it's possible, but I can't imagine a situation where one would submit a claim that included a physician letter stating that the ill/injured person COULD travel.) And one cannot "self certify" that one is too sick/injured to travel. Indeed, the physician cannot be related to the injured/ill person. At least with our insurance, to get the regular coverage (not CFAR) for medical reasons one needs a form completed by a physician stating that one can't/couldn't go on the trip, either for one's self, a traveling companion, or a family member not traveling. I'm sure there is quite a variety of a) the seriousness of the broken wrist (and perhaps degree of fragility), b) the degree of pain, c) the advice from a particular physician. But in some cases - and this seems to be one of them - with a recent/ongoing (not healed) injury, some affected individuals and their physicians would decide "no go", whereas others who seem in similar circumstances would decide "go!". The patient and physician would have discussed this. The insurer has the right to get additional medical records/scans/etc., in addition to the physician's report. The "patient" could be hospitalized in traction, or could have a very small hairline fracture, and also be someone with a high pain tolerance. As long as the medical records substantiate the injury/illness/etc., I seriously doubt that the insurer would frequently get involved to the degree of "Well, it's not *that* bad of a break... and we think you should go (or should have gone)" or such. However, I suppose there are indeed times when the insurer investigates and decides that there wasn't sufficient merit to a claim. (And keep in mind that all of the forms, from the insured to the physician, are include statements about fraud...) GC
  7. Does anyone know of something like this (wheeled!) that has a sleeve so it can slip over a larger bag when the large one isn't checked? That is, both larger and smaller make ONE rolling combo? Many thanks. GC
  8. As far as I understand it, MedJetAssist is an entirely different company from the regular travel insurers, although I assume that two companies could offer a combo product. MJA has a "per trip" or annual plan. It sounds like you'd want the annual plan, given your initial inquiry. Call the folks a TIS again; they are very helpful, and ask her to help you with some general choices/decisions that you might want to consider. The more they know about your concerns and also travel style/needs, the more they can help you customize the right policy. Glad you are with them after all! They can also help with a claim. They helped us with our first claim. After that, we pretty much knew what to do, etc. As I mentioned, annual plans have total coverage that is way too low for us, so it turned out to be a non-starter. GC
  9. What broker did you use? I was not aware that TripInsuranceSTORE.com (as mentioned above) works with Roamright. TIS works with insurers that they vet, in terms of paying promptly (or at all, in some cases). GC
  10. Sorry - PEC = Pre-Existing Conditions. (I should have labeled that more clearly.) We could not find an annual policy that would work for us. The limits were too low, and we'd have had the problem I mentioned (of using up the Annual coverage limits, and needing to get per-trip, and already being too late for PEC coverage for trips already planned). I'm also not at all sure if there is an annual policy that would work for us, given that we don't always know precisely what the trip costs would be for the entire year. And we do want coverage for cancelled/interrupted trip costs; not everyone does. Almost all of our claims have been for cancelled trips, with one for an interrupted trip, although medical events were the reason for all of the claims. "Unfortunately", with the claim we are about to submit, we'll be back to "ahead" in terms of costs of insurance and claims paid. This is a situation where we would MUCH prefer to pay for insurance and NOT make claims, as with our homeowner's and auto insurance! We work with TripInsuranceStore (and have learned a LOT from them!), and our policies (all but one) have been with Travel Insured. They pay claims promptly. The other company, we didn't have a claim, so we can't comment on them. We needed that because we had missed the 20 day window for the PEC with a TI policy. GC
  11. You are researching "annual basis travel insurance"? That's not as common, but there have been discussions about this, and I think some folks here had indeed gotten that type of coverage. Hopefully they'll see your post. I don't remember hearing about a 7-day window for that (or for almost any travel insurance) for pre-existing condition coverage. I'd suggest that you call a travel insurance broker, such as TripInsuranceStore.com or InsureMyTrip, given that the annual policies aren't that common. And yes, do follow up on any of the suggestions already mentioned in this thread. There can be some down sides to the annual policies that we found out about, so double check that they'll cover everything you'd need for a year. The main problem we saw is that if we used up the coverage, then IF we already had other trips booked, it would be too late to start other insurance within the 20 days that our policies require for the PEC coverage. I hope you have more than just today as a deadline, as there is likely to be lots of fine print to double check if you haven't had this coverage before. GC
  12. UPDATE: We are back from our trip, and we were able to change our flights in both directions. Because this was awards travel at almost the last minute, we had dreadful flight schedules/connections. Outbound, we were going to need not only to change planes, but to change airports and also spend the night at an airport hotel. Several days before our planned departure, two F seats on LH opened up for a slightly different date (and we were very flexible), and we were able to fly with an overnight flight to FRA, and then one easy connection within the same airport. On the return, all we could get (so we *knew* that we *could* get back!) was a schedule that involved 3 flights and an overnight at/near an airport (not involving Virgin). And several days before that return, 2 LH F seats opened up for the same date of initial departure (from Milan), but with a single connection, this time in Munich. There were relatively small fees to cancel/change/re-bank the points/etc., which were well worth it to us, given how much easier the new flight itineraries were. We are quite sure that we'll be using Virgin Atlantic in the future (but with better connections!) so all of this information was truly helpful! Several years ago, we flew cross country on Virgin America (is that the right name?), and we have very fond memories of that flights, even though we were flying coach back then. (We were, ahem, younger, and so were our bodies...) Don't know if Virgin Atlantic would be at all similar, but we are happy to give them a try, when/if schedules are reasonable. Thanks again! GC
  13. We felt the same way about Hubbard Glacier. It was *the* highlight of that cruise from Vancouver to Seward, and yes, that cruise also included Glacier Bay. Glacier Bay was a beautiful, beautiful place. Very peaceful. Totally unspoiled, a real treat. But Hubbard Glacier... the day we were there, there was SO much calving, and the ship was so close (or so it seemed)! The glacial calving in Glacier Bay was not much at all by comparison. And our ship just stayed a very long time right in front of Hubbard Glacier, slowly turning so everyone had a chance to see it... round and round (not fast, obviously). And then, an extra little treat [Possible SPOILER ALERT]... when we sailed away from Hubbard Glacier, we sailed into that very narrow channel to the port/left side of the little island there. We all wanted to inhale, to make ourselves thinner. It didn't seem there was any possible way for a relatively large ship (not a mega ship, however) to fit through that... but fit through it we did. We had a wonderful private excursion, from Juneau, with little hovercraft heading out to totally isolated areas to walk on the front edge of a glacier (forgetting the name). That and the sailing at Hubbard Glacier were by far the two highlights of our cruise, although it was all truly memorable. GC
  14. I'm not sure shy you are being so coy about the insurers' names. This is not like the prohibition against naming TRAVEL AGENTS. It can be helpful to others to provide names, for better or worse, etc. As for MedJetAssist, they are very clear about the need for the insured to already be admitted as an inpatient before their coverage kicks in. But at that point, the PATIENT gets to decide to be medevac'd (or perhaps regular airline with nurse or such) to the hospital of one's choice in home country (for USA based insureds, anyway). No need for beancounters to get involved and "approve". No need for the local medical staff to be put in the possibly awkward position of needing to declare themselves not quite up to the necessary level of medical care, etc. And with the annual plan, it also covers any travel more than 150 miles from home, to friends/relatives, business trips, or weekend getaways, etc. Indeed, we came VERY close to calling MedJetAssist to "take me home" to "my" hospital and specialists when I was in hospital overseas. Just as we were considering "is it time?", I turned the corner. Meanwhile, Travel Insured covered an extra week at a very nice hotel (for DH while I was in hospital; later for a few extra days of recovery, plus special transportation to recover the final week of our original trip. GC
  15. We wish we could use the travel insurance included with any of our several charge cards. However, it would be too risky for us to rely upon that. For one thing, most of our trips exceed the maximum $$$ coverage, sometimes considerably. (Yes, we want coverage for trip costs; almost all of our claims have been for significant trip costs, rather than medical costs, although medical events were the reason for the claim.) Second, those charge card coverages do not, as far as we have thus seen, include pre-existing conditions. At our age, there is too much chance that an insurer might claim/try to claim that the loss was due to some excluded pre-existing condition. (There are two times when they might indeed have had a valid reason to check into this, but given the waiver in the policies we get, this was a non-issue.) Also, I thought that InsureMyTrip was an independent travel insurance broker, offering policies from insurers in addition to the Blues (?). GC
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