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  1. For starters, have you asked his pulmonologist? His office should have some information or referrals for others in this situation. GC
  2. Welcome to CC! Why don't you browse through the main Travel Insurance section (not just this subsection, which is not nearly as active, as planned), so you can get a feel for all of the many differing opinions. GC
  3. OMG! You are absolutely right! Apologies! That's on me, definitely! 😲 GC
  4. Very confusing. You asked about ADDING a person after final payment is due: "Since talking about my cruise, my mom has been showing interest in going. Has anyone had experience adding a passenger after paying in full? " What is your actual question? GC
  5. What do you mean "discounting the capacity question"? THAT is what this is all about! The best way to do this is to book 3 at the start (and thus protect that lifeboat space), and at such a time *before* there is any penalty, remove the 3rd person. BTW, a third passenger in the room does not pay "full price", and during specials might be "free" (except for taxes and port fees). GC
  6. We learned the difference between "adjacent/adjoining" and "connecting" the hard way, quite a few years ago. I was furious, and the hotel seemed truly sorry (!??) but they were sold out for a huge conference (that part was true). So from that point on, I *always* put is *writing* "internally connecting" and usually add something like "so one does NOT need to go into any public area such as a hallway to go between the rooms". I've started to omit that last part, as "internally connecting" seems to have been correctly understood (by us and the hotel). We also call in advance shortly before arrival (a few days) to remind a hotel, given that we can't see a "deck plan" with "our" rooms designated. However, with our first cruise (3 generations, back in the mid-'70's), I studied and studied the deck plans (those were in glossy flyers back then) and carefully selected the three cabins that we needed. Unfortunately, one still often learns from experience... like, "check what is on the deck above... such as the theatre... and late night drums... 😡 But *we* had selected the cabins, and they had given us what we requested. (My father was livid, and he was not fun to be with the entire time. Fortunately, the first two cruises were of the short "Bahamas" type!) Live and learn. But wow... do I STUDY those deck plans ever since, above/below, all sides, across the hall...! GC
  7. Oh, so they cancelled the cruise entirely? I guess I assumed they just changed the itinerary (although yes, this would be an unusually major "change" of itinerary!). Good for Hurtigruten if they gave full refunds. Reminds me of all the complaints on different cruise line when USA-Cuba was rather suddenly stopped. My understanding was that the itineraries were changed, rather than cancel and refund (?). GC
  8. This part can't be right: "Compensation will be offered to passengers who bought tickets, starting at €5,600 per person, for the voyage." GC
  9. Let your curser hover over the name of the poster (on the left side of posts. At the bottom of the popup... just click on "ignore user" GC
  10. Is this the reason given by Hurtigruten? Might there be any concerns about that radiation accident? I can't tell quite how close those are (and I certainly don't know how close on can get, etc.) GC
  11. We have had excellent claims experiences with them. Our very first time insuring with them (thanks to the recommendation of Steve, at TripInsuranceStore.com) was handled without any nonsense, and it was a large claim. The only "glitch" was not TI's fault: The physician forgot to put in the "diagnosis" [NOTE TO TRAVEL INSURED: THAT LITTLE BOX *IS* EASY TO MISS!]. And I didn't catch the omission. So we just had to have him give us a new one, with that filled out. Once that was in, we were notified that our claim was approved, and a check would be sent out within a week; about 10 days later, the check arrived. Now, about the "primary"... there are several reasons to have this (especially IF your regular health insurance has a limit for out-of-country care). But one is that with "primary", there is no need to "first submit to your own insurer" (and with plain Medicare, it's almost 100% going to be rejected) before the travel insurer will even consider your claim. You can just send the claim in right away. That can speed things up considerably. That's not the reason we get that particular policy, but it is nice. GC
  12. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/08/16/computer-issue-snarls-immigration-processing-at-airports-around-the-us.html There are reports of major delays at USA airport immigrateions, due to a computer problem? Have others heard reports of this (yet?). If it's really nationwide, what a mess... and even if only in a few airports... what a mess! One person (in linked article) has reported that they aren't even being allowed to deplane. If that is true elsewhere, then it's going to become a much bigger mess, soon... GC
  13. ABSOLUTELY!! Back in "those days", I watched my charge card and checking account balances like a hawk! GC
  14. Feet are wonderful for laundry! After rolling wet items in a towel (this works for things that can bend; be more careful with things like bras with underwires), then roll it up, and then put on the floor and just stand on it... then turn it one-quarter turn and repeat. You might need to do this a second time if the towel is really wet, meaning there is probably still water in the wet clothing that can come out with another dry towel. (Just ask your steward for extra towels if needed.) And for the wash.... someone already mentioned shampoo... just put some of your non-delicates in the show floor, and as you wash your hair, make like I Love Lucy in the grape stomping scene . This is especially good for heavier, bulky items, or anything that got really dirty. (Just swishing them around with your feet is sometimes enough, without needing to dance around too much!) Then let clear water flow and get most of the soap/shampoo out, by just swishing them around a bit more. You can then just rinse regularly (in the shower/tub or back at the sink) til the water is as clear as you wish, if you didn't do the job in the shower. GC
  15. Here is a link to all of the Epic Roll Calls: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/446-norwegian-epic-roll-calls/ Search through the headers for the STARTING date of your cruise, and then post your suggestion. Enjoy! GC
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