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  1. Apologies. Where is my memory?! Of course, we talked about your holiday plans some weeks ago when you asked for some ideas between Berlin and the cruise. A long train ride but hopefully very enjoyable, with some great scenery along the way. notamermaid
  2. Now that is a good question! The answer is: we had flooding in the first half 2018, even as late as June. It was mild only, but any layman would not have guessed from the situation in June that we would see such a bad autumn. There were long-term predictions by weather experts in July who hinted at a specific weather pattern high over Europe bringing us a steady heat with little rain. It turned out they were right. As for this year, who knows. There are rumours circulating and the water table is lower than last year at this time. Courtesy of BAfG (the authorities) - and I hope I do not get into trouble for copying - here is the graph they issued in August 2018: Pegel Deutschland BAfG.docx The graph shows Maxau in orange at the top. On the left are the level figures. It spikes in June - mild flooding, slightly under the official mark I think. You can see that from 1 April the figure at around 500 is good, we had worse flooding in January 2018 (not represented in the graph). From 9 July the level at Maxau dropped fast and never recovered before the beginning of December. notamermaid
  3. Oh, yes, philw1776, forgot to add the Celsius. Thank you for the conversion. notamermaid
  4. Annual maintenance Through-traffic on the Moselle has been suspended for a week as lock repairs are underway. This happens for a week every year and dates are known years ahead, so river cruise companies can plan well ahead. No problem. A few locks have one chamber still operating, that means small ships and yachts can use them. Hopefully all checks and repairs can be carried out within take week and traffic will resume. The Moselle region - especially the Upper Moselle - has not has as much rain as the Rhine and its Eastern tributaries, therefore the Moselle is at a good level but without risk of proper flooding. Here is a light-hearted look at the Moselle from a Luxembourg website: https://today.rtl.lu/life/do-s-and-don-ts/a/1340902.html notamermaid
  5. Last night, the experts said one thing and the river decided to do otherwise. It has exceeded this morning's (adjusted) expectation of 732cm and is currently at a plateau of 739cm. Could this now be the peak? The smaller rivers' waters are receding so we have reason to believe the Upper Rhine will not rise further. Levels in the Middle Rhine valley are still rising but are still not forecast to reach flooding level. Two ferries in the Upper Rhine valley have had to cease operating for a day or two and the Neckar around Heidelberg is closed for shipping. All that water from the Neckar will reach the Middle Rhine valley during today, Thursday and Friday. notamermaid
  6. I find it does not look too bad. Anything between 16 degrees and 22 degrees is not nice, but o.k. and as I tend to say "it is not the North Yorkshire Moors" here in the Rhine valley, those Moors are only for the hiking fans and sheep in thick wool. Decent shoes against the rain and an umbrella - usually provided by Viking - will help much in our mild valley. There is normally shelter nearby, or a café for a decent warming cup of tea or coffee. You are on holiday and you can trust Viking to take good care of you. And if needs be, the ship is always close by (anything between 100m and 10km depending on where you dock), either on foot or by means of a shuttle. There is not as much rain forecast as we have had in the last three days, so I am sure it will be better than you imagine, looking at the weather chart from a great distance as you currently need to do. The Rhine levels are likely to fall, as well, so the situation will improve on the river. You might not get brilliant photos but I am sure there will be enough opportunities to get decent shots as reminders of a memorable river cruise. Enjoy. notamermaid
  7. Tentatively good news. The forecast at Maxau has been adjusted and is now supposed to peak at 720cm tomorrow morning. That is a bit better as the earlier forecast gave a peak of between 725cm and 740cm. At 750cm the river is closed at that section. Maxau is at official flooding status, though. A figure that lies between the first mark and the second mark for navigation. With the big tributaries Neckar and Main carrying much water and joining the river downstream from Maxau a rise is forecast at the gauging stations there, but so far Koblenz - as an example - is not predicted to rise to a level that entails a closure of the river in that section. The middle and lower Moselle have got a fair amount of rain during today but it will not have as much an impact as the rain along the Eastern tributaries. notamermaid
  8. Hello KathyK13, I like that itinerary, if it is the Avalon waterways one! Although I think going South from Koblenz to Basel is a bit more scenic IMO. The Moselle is lovely, I am sure you will enjoy it. Will you be coming from Paris with the company or independently? I always think that it is a pity the Lorraine area of the Moselle is not given more attention. But a bit of news to follow in the thread on the Moselle. notamermaid
  9. Yes, they really need much luck. I have just had a look at the gauge for Passau and the graph says the Danube has risen by 150cm in just under 24 hours. That is a lot! More rain must have come down in the direct Danube area around Passau than I had reckoned. Hoping to hear from G.M.T. how the ships are getting on at the infamous bridge in Passau. notamermaid
  10. It has been an unpleasant day so far in the Middle Rhine valley. Rain and mild storms with me and on the weather maps. The rain is supposed to ease tomorrow but it will not be dry with more rain forecast after a hopefully dry Thursday. The river: Hauenstein on the High Rhine (upstream from Basel) is on flooding status, so are three tributaries coming from the East in the Upper Rhine valley. The Ill running through Colmar and Strasbourg has risen much. West of the Ill the Vosges mountains stop the clouds thereby forcing the rain down into the valley. Fortunately this means that no rain is coming from the mountains themselves or via the Moselle. Maxau gauge has risen to 630cm. This means it is over flood mark one and traffic slows down. The graph is showing a further rise. A river closure is still not anticipated but the level could get close. Tomorrow will tell us more. notamermaid
  11. An area of low pressure formed over the Czech Republic and has brought much rain westwards into Bavaria, sweeping further into Germany along the Alps. The Allgäu region is on high alert. Those rivers there are the tributaries to the Danube. Several gauging stations reported flood warning levels of 3 and 4 during the night, 4 being the highest possible. But other regions of Germany have been hit by bad weather as well, this morning the state of Hesse looks the worst on the river levels map. More rain is coming and the water from the tributaries will reach the Danube during the course of today and tomorrow. So, over to our man in Passau, G.M.T. .... notamermaid
  12. Thank you very much for the info. I saw the low pressure area over the Czech Republic and was wondering how much water that would give the Elbe. Hopefully a steady flow but no flooding. The rain is indeed being pushed into Bavaria and spread along the Alps. I fear this will cause flooding along the Danube, seeing that the Danube and her tributaries are getting rain at the same time rather than one small area one after the other. Bavaria (along with other areas of Germany) is on alert. notamermaid
  13. It is raining in the Middle Rhine valley. As much rain has already come down in the Upper Rhine valley and adjacent areas, Maxau gauge is now rising and forecast to do so fast. Currently at 488cm, it will reach 600cm and could reach the first flood mark by Tuesday evening. At mark one traffic slows down, i.e. there is a speed limit in place for the affected section of the river. At this point in time the graph shows that a further rise to level two, at which point the river section is closed, is very unlikely. Update to follow tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday. notamermaid
  14. On this board I have repeatedly heard very good things about APT's Grand European itinerary Amsterdam to Budapest. I find the itinerary very appealing as it has got a couple of specials that are hardly offered on another itinerary and the dinner at Namedy is definitely exclusive to APT (I very much like that castle). notamermaid
  15. Hello sawtooth, Thank you. Happy to help. Unfortunately, weather reports say that May in Germany will show its "moody" side with sunshine and warm temperatures but also thunderstorms and much rain. Several places show a lot of rainy days (10 out of 14 days for Bonn for example). Temperatures can still reach 22 degrees but will more stay below that. The gauge at Maxau is predicted to rise sharply, but as this is a prediction - not a forecast - I will not give you a figure and wait. Only this much: there is still much room for the river to rise before it reaches full flooding level. Mild flooding that slows down traffic could happen with this amount of rain. Figures will become clearer by Monday morning. notamermaid
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