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  1. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Hello Shappy, I am glad to read that you have had such a good time. I saw the Artistry II docked for a while at Engers. This is part of that itinerary, isn't? But did you stay longer than planned and took the excursion from there? Can you remember the name of that boat and/or the company? We do not hear much about this itinerary, it is one of the rarer ones. Incidentally, it is a more fortunate one to do in drought as, like you have hinted at, the tricky Rhine gorge is easier to manage with an excursion boat and then you can rejoin the Avalon towards Amsterdam without much impact! notamermaid
  2. notamermaid

    Avalon Waterways Cruise Updates

    Perhaps you might find CroisiEurope's itineraries in the Elbe northbound interesting. One is Berlin to Amsterdam, the other incorporates the Oder river. They are both in my German language catalogue so not sure if they offer them with English language cruise director and guides in 2019. notamermaid
  3. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    The river levels this morning: Maxau 318cm, Kaub 24 cm, Koblenz 18cm. The figure at Worms is slowly reaching non-existence, 4 cm! On paper, this means the navigation channel there has a depth of 142cm. Is there actually anybody out there still sailing between Worms and Rüdesheim? Container barge traffic in Basel has been suspended according to newspaper reports. Too dangerous. notamermaid
  4. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Tonight I would like to teach you a new German word: Niedrigwassertourismus - low water tourism. It is an actual word used in the media and tonight I saw a video of these "Niedrigwassertouristen" barbecuing on the riverbed! It has been a warm, sunny day, probably the last Sunday this year, so many people headed to the great outdoors, i.e. hills and embankments along the Rhine to watch the spectacle - for a day forgetting that this is actually an extreme event that nobody really wants to see happening. And I decided to join them. I went to the river's bank looking for treasures - any kind of rare bottle, unusual stone... I stepped into the area which is normally the riverbed and felt as if I was standing in a mix of pebble beach and metal scrap yard. There were no treasures to be had, I found modern bottles, clothes, a corrugated metal sheet, a bycicle, a shopping trolley, car tyres, metal rods and cables, and a - ghettoblaster! Needless to say that I took none of it home. Here is a photo I took from Urmitz bridge today. I am facing upstream towards Engers and Koblenz. None of the gravel and sand in the photo is normally exposed. The navigation channel is between the red and green buoy and is much reduced in width. The river levels tonight: Maxau 317cm, Kaub 26cm (a new record, hooray (big sarcasm...)), Koblenz 21cm (a new record, hooray etc., been that low for much of today really). And with that I shall retire to my hot chocolate and more snooker on television. notamermaid
  5. notamermaid

    The river Moselle infos and river cruising experiences

    I would like to head away from the Moselle again, but not far as the mouth of the Saar river is only a stone's throw from Trier. Following the Saar upstream you get to the Saarland. I have posted the quiz about the Saarland before but here are a few travel tips with video from Deutsche Welle: https://www.dw.com/en/germanys-16-states-saarland/a-45259835 notamermaid
  6. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Haven't a clue. Just depends on how much rain comes down where. Here is a photo gallery of the situation in various places in Germany: https://www.dw.com/en/germanys-disappearing-rivers-and-lakes/g-45951565 Notice the last line in photo 5: "Experts are unable to predict when the autumn drought will end." I would like to think it is the first week in November but I have been disappointed by the amount of rain that came down one weekend in September, so I am not optimistic, just hopeful. I could be completely wrong... It cannot just keep on not raining, can it? Sigh... You asked about the thread I mentioned to another cruiser. I seem to remember it was Bill who kindly replied above and I think I was referring to the thread started by vino100 about Uniworld changes on the Rhine. notamermaid
  7. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    This week the level at Kaub has fallen from 41cm on Monday to 27cm today. The stretch was already impassable on Monday. A forecast for Kaub, or rather a prediction for further than the 25th is not available today. No real rise of any sort will happen before then. Maxau will react to rain on the 27th. I have described it as to rise from catastrophically low to very low on another thread. I personally doubt that the stretch in the Rhine gorge will be passable for large river cruise ships (the very small ones can sail) by the 30th. Sorry. But I would be very happy to be proven wrong. notamermaid
  8. notamermaid

    Any River Cruises cancelled due to low water?

    It is the 21st today with levels potentially still falling five more centimetres in the Rhine gorge before levels are predicted to rise after the first rain on Wednesday. The rise will be from catastrophically low to very low. That is about it next week. I am sure this is causing APT some sleepless nights. I agree that a coach substitute from Cologne to Passau is unacceptable. Hoping for you that APT make up their mind soon. notamermaid
  9. Thank you for the photo. Question is how did you get to that spot as the ships cannot sail!? I think it helps to filter in Google. I put in Rhine River low or Danube River low and switch to news rather search under all. You can also limit by date additionally. The hits on the Danube are so so in numbers, for the Rhine you get more. notamermaid
  10. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Ooh, sorry. My memory is failing me here. As regards insurance I have mentioned lately that European laws are more favourable as regards problems with river cruising. ABTA is the organisation that is helpful for the UK. With a bit more time and when I am on my computer I will try and find more. notamermaid
  11. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    I have actually only found this website wetterkontor today. I am playing around with it a bit. Here is a page on which I put Dresden in for you: https://www.wetterkontor.de/de/wetter/deutschland/rueckblick.asp?id=49&datum=19.10.2018&t=4 You can see for 2018 the precipitation "Niederschlag" of 310.9 l per square metre. Now change the date to 2017 and compare the figure. Around half of last year's (so far)! Official summer days in 2017 were 45, in 2018 77. Says it all really, too hot, to dry. You can play this game on both web sites, just put in place names near or on the Elbe. On wetterkontor for example Sachsen is one of the Länder (Bundesland) you can put in on the left, on the right towns are then suggested. The river levels on the Rhine now: Maxau 321cm, Kaub 29cm, Koblenz 22cm. Emmerich on the Dutch border is on 13cm. Sounds as if the Rhine is drying out down there, but it is just how the figure has been calculated. The navigation channel is still deeper than upstream from Cologne. In the Rhine gorge traffic is reduced now, even some barges have had to stop sailing as the propellers get too close to the riverbed. Till tomorrow. notamermaid
  12. Rain is indeed coming to the area. The following website calls it "a rare guest this year". This is their forecast for Deggendorf: https://www.wetteronline.de/wettertrend/deggendorf Does not look much in mm but at least it will rain (so hope the weather forecast is correct). Have a great time on your river cruise adventure, I hope the company will look after you well. notamermaid
  13. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    I am able to answer my question more quickly than I thought. Two ships have definitely sailed through the Rhine gorge today. The Mona Lisa (CroisiEurope) and the Quo Vadis. They are 82m and 45m long, respectively. Sometimes small is practical. austinetc, I have seen the graphs on television. One a few days ago showed the rainfall at Wörth on the Rhine. The percentages were striking. Some months had only 60% of the average rainfall. I do not remember more details, apart from that one: 99% less than average in the first two weeks of October, i.e. it has hardly rained at all. You could try accuweather and wetteronline.de The second site is in German only but this page of amount of rainfall can give you some idea how little it is: https://www.wetteronline.de/?gid=DL&iid=DL&metparaid=RRS&month=10&pcid=pc_rueckblick_data&pid=p_rueckblick_colormap&sid=ColorMap&year=2018 I have put in October 2018 for you. You can change the date to the right of the map. Averages are often available on wikipedia. Other weather sites might be more helpful with averages. Or you can look here for Germany: https://www.wetterkontor.de/de/wetter/deutschland/rueckblick.asp?id=60 For Freiburg in Breisgau (a little East of the Rhine valley, i.e. the rain from there feeds the Rhine by means of small rivers) rainfall so far this year: 484.3, the whole of 2017: 840. To get even close to that second figure we would need many days of lots of rain. Doesn't look likely. notamermaid
  14. notamermaid

    The Elbe river 2018 - not just water levels

    Thought as much. And the river at Dresden is back to its "normal" low level again. I heard the odd news yesterday: the Spree is flowing backwards! Something to do with a weir/lock and the differing amount of water in the Havel and the Spree. Strange things are happening... notamermaid
  15. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    I have returned from work to find that river levels on the Rhine have fallen again. The rise yesterday was daily fluctuations only and both Kaub and Koblenz have got new lowest water level records, i.e. beat yesterday's. Koblenz is now at 22cm! Which means that (on paper) the depth of the navigation channel is 154cm. Ok, I think that almost puts an end to sailing in the Rhine gorge even for the ships smaller than 110m. I wonder who still dares to sail it? I have finally found some info on German companies and how they fare. But more on that later. notamermaid