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  1. A land trip to the Saar via the Moselle part 2 The following day took us first to Saarburg, a town right on the river and true to its name with a castle perched on the top of the hill. Saarburg itself is a hilly town surrounded by vineyards and the river Leuk flows through it, the Saar kind of round it. Saarburg is known for its spectacular, somewhat man-made waterfall. In the Middle Ages, the Leuk river was diverted to create the waterfall of 18m to serve two mills. Here is a photo: The castle is more or less a ruin, but a part of it has been turned
  2. The lady looks a little French. An official person with a crown on her head. She is holding something of significance in her right hand which resembles a mirror or picture frame. The belt she is wearing holds medallions and a shape which might be a coat of arms but I cannot tell what it might symbolize. notamermaid
  3. The photo of Namedy castle was taken last year. They have a Christmas market and festive music weekend every first Advent. This year it had to be cancelled, along with most other events and concerts in the castle from March. I enjoyed last year's Sunday trip and would have liked to see it again. One may not think of it straight away, but such places that are private - although being helped by regional organizations and state funding if it is a listed building like Namedy Castle - have suffered much loss this year. The mother and daughter team are very enterprising, but regulations have prevent
  4. Congratulations! It is. To be even more precise: Schloss Namedy in the village of that same name, which is a suburb of Andernach. Namedy village boundaries border on the Rhine, but the castle is set further back towards the hills. A bit more info to follow from my computer later. Do move on already Mitina if you feel like it, your go. notamermaid
  5. How I wish it was my own castle... We have indeed been doing a whirlwind tour of places in the last few days, but I seem to have unintentionally slowed things down. This is more difficult than expected. Let us say, APT found a little gem a few years ago and it is exclusive on the river cruising market. You are right with your ideas. Rhine, late Autumn, tents for Advent market event. notamermaid
  6. So, a teenage brain study. Quite a feat. 😁 The 'spaghetti harvest' is hilarious. Canal archive, when I was in England last year I came across a tiny place called "The World's End". A cul-de-sac at the end of a hamlet. I was trying to find it again yesterday and the internet tells me there are several in England and there is even one in Edinburgh! For a nation that once had an empire spanning a quarter of the globe, it is surprising that they think it is somewhere at home and then cannot agree on the exact location. But at least most think there should be a pub there and give
  7. This is a small place and you will be taken by coach from the nearby river cruise port. It is not open to the public unless you book it for an event or the owner opens it for a public event. notamermaid
  8. Hmm, the tower together with the roof shape is distinctive and could help with identifying if you have not been there. It is possible that someone recognizes it from their river cruise, again as it is distinctive. It is definitely visited on cruises, but the Australian and New Zealand people have an advantage with guessing this one. notamermaid
  9. Here goes. I am posting this one for a special reason. Please name the river and the name of the castle/palace. notamermaid
  10. Thank you. Just need an hour or two to get to my photo files. Lafayette is amazing. I would love to see it decked with Christmas trees and ornaments. I wonder if there are photos of that on the internet? notamermaid
  11. As I do not have a garden, there is not much space to grow things. Personally I only have potted herbs and strawberries. My neighbours have cut all the vine, the last tomatoes went to their kitchen a couple of weeks ago and it all looks quite barren now. I expect it snowed during the night in your area. We had snow in the air but it was just a tiny bit too warm, so it just covered the cars with icy raindrops. With no reason to travel, I am not getting out and about much. But visiting a stall with a bit of Christmas stuff somewhere in the valley is a must. I will look fo
  12. If I am not mistaken, we are still on the Seine and in Paris with that photo. The main shopping store of Les Galeries Lafayette? notamermaid
  13. Ah, yes. Hugo. Weird film but pretty good. Could not remember the name immediately. Thanks. I am not that great a fan of Paris, but a film set in Paris that involves a train station can hardly fail with me. You have given me an idea for some travel photos for the water cooler. notamermaid
  14. Postcard from Fu***** Unusual place names are so much fun, but this small village in Austria has had enough. They are finally able to do something about it and the village will change its name to Fugging on 1 January 2021. The current name has no meaning in German and evolved quite naturally over centuries: https://m.dw.com/en/austrian-village-of-fucking-decides-to-change-its-name/a-55740967 One of my favourites is still Pett Bottom, a hamlet in Kent, England. notamermaid
  15. Oh, my goodness, what a setting! Got to see this. Reminds me of a strange film set in Paris, with a clockmaker/repairer theme, that I saw a couple of years ago. I saw the impressionist paintings when they were still hanging in the Jeu de Paume. They are now in the Musée d' Orsay and for that reason and the fact that the museum is a disused railway station, I want to go to Paris again. Mitina, that was fast, I am impressed. notamermaid
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