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  1. Thanks.Happy to read that some of you are following, I am trying to get the list of original meet-up interested people together for personal invitation so you do not miss me. It completely eluded me to do it there and then, some time in Autumn, sorry. I have seven so far. For safety reasons, I am afraid, meeting at St. Kilian's statue is out. I will work something out. Time difference is a problem, "meeting" definitely after 1pm my time, promise. Right, onto packing. notamermaid
  2. Thanks for the links. Nierstein and area vintners organized a charity sale but they have already sold out, it was Rhine wines, some of the money goes to the Ahrtal vintners. On the Moselle they are organising something similar. @CPT Trips I have had no luck so far for something convenient for you, perhaps roam around the sites: https://www.deutscheweine.de/aktuelles/meldungen/details/news/detail/News/flutkatastrophe-an-der-ahr-so-koennen-sie-helfen/ https://www.winespectator.com/articles/flooding-devastates-europe-damaging-wineries-in-germany-s-ahr notamerma
  3. The date: 29 July The place: Würzburg, near or at the Main river The hotel is booked, if the incidence rate stays low and all people travelling test negative (I am not going alone) then I plan to send a message to you from the town. So that many people can join, I am keeping this in the open CC, but I have to keep info limited as I need to look after my fellow travellers. I hope my phone works on the day, technical problems happen to even the powerful, not just us (Mr. Speaker, can you hear me?) ... notamermaid
  4. @steamboats Thanks for the idea. That is even better than depleting the supermarket shelves, so REWE and EDEKA restock. Will explore that. Money is very much needed in the wine region, but the other ones are suffering as well, so I will see what I can do there. Probably exploring restaurants and local shops when they are ready to receive guests again. This is likely to be soon in a few places, with many more to follow. On a river cruise you are very unlikely to see the damage, but on a land trip into the hills and I wonder if it will affect any excursions. B
  5. I am getting ready - slowly - for my trip to Würzburg and my attention has shifted temporarily to Germany, away from the island in the North Sea. In the meantime, here is a travel video from Deutsche Welle that focuses on another island in the North Sea - in Germany: Sylt https://youtu.be/lmCjnRJ1exU notamermaid
  6. Final planning for Würzburg trip right now and virtual meet happening, hopefully. Not long to go at all. Get ready. ☺️ More info from now on in the water cooler thread. notamermaid
  7. Thanks, found the version where I can see the automatic updates. notamermaid
  8. Sorry, you have also asked about what is needed. Thank you. I have heard in the news today that they have everything, more or less, there is nothing that is needed extra, they have extra doctors, tons of volunteers, etc. They only thing that they are worried about for the coming weeks is that help will get less, fewer people coming to strip plaster of walls, shift mud, etc. Not sure that you want to do this on holiday. If you are very interested in helping and able to negotiate your way around a German website, look at this one: https://fluthilfe.rlp.de/ Other than that what is ne
  9. The UNESCO people can be quite strict, they have threatened Cologne in the past and they are threatening Vienna. Cannot say anything about Liverpool. I remember talking to a woman from Dresden when the UNESCO was debating about the city. She said they need the bridge for daily commute. The bridge was built, the title is gone and I am convinced some locals have not cried about losing it. Still, I like the idea of the spa towns. It is a European cultural phenomenon that deserves recognition in my opinion. @Canal archive I hope it gives a boost to Bath - in the right quant
  10. Redcar is still over a thousand, but other areas are a bit better, the official government website I looked at is trailing behind. This is a colour map with direct comparisons across Europe, country averages. Sorry but I cannot see where I may have gone wrong: https://www.corona-in-zahlen.de/weltweit/ I am sure this is generally speaking still manageable, do not get me wrong. But I am worried about the Northeast. I saw footage from the Lateral Festival today. The people looked really happy. And they appeared to have really good crowd control, also all had to have tests.
  11. @Canal archive I meant to say that the buildings are still there but the new projects - also the football stadium, it was mentioned - destroy the atmosphere/overshadow the buildings that create the maritime heritage. Not sure actually. The emphasis is definitely in recognition and tourism, the overcrowding can happen as a result, we have seen it more than once. But that also happens elsewhere. Hallstatt for example. And Neuschwanstein castle. That is not on the list either, just a mad project for solitude, now filled with tourists. notamermaid
  12. That demands checking/a comparison for clarification of the figures I have stated and I will get back to you about it. notamermaid
  13. Well done to those getting the application papers together, the mayors of the respective towns and cities and everyone involved. Congratulations 🎉! The eleven great spas of Europe are now a UNESCO world heritage site. Liverpool has sadly been stripped of its title as a UNESCO world heritage site. The reason appears to be that recent building projects have destroyed much of the maritime heritage character it is known for. notamermaid
  14. A brief update: Pfelling 425cm, Passau 551cm. Much better. That is just high, not flooding anymore. With rain forecast, the levels will stay high. notamermaid
  15. @Riksu4452 It really depends on what you mean with area. Right now, on the right bank of the Rhine you will find things as normal as they can be in this pandemic, but you may find people a bit pre-occupied just South of Bonn, mainly in their thoughts. Be prepared for minor disruptions to public transport, Deutsche Bahn has them on the website. Do a wide berth around Sinzig and the Ahr valley. Be prepared for occasional road blocks in the Eifel region, diversions will normally be signposted. South of Andernach things are fine. The Moselle is fine as far as I know, I would avoid the
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