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  1. Thank you for checking. I am not so familiar with stretches beyond Passau, so I just do not want to rule anything out. I don't know but I really wonder if they could this better logistically? It does seem a long distance on a coach, why not do that excursion to Passau on the previous day differently? Perhaps it was just a one-off, I hope they do not do this more often. You are certainly right about the high number of ships, strategically placed one could do a boatel swapping trip, a bit like a ship (pub) crawl along the Danube from port to port and Viking ship to Viking ship... or a Viking ship relay race, I mean the ships "race" from port to port. (Light cough) I better get some dinner, before I get into trouble. notamermaid
  2. Timbeeer! Or rather concreeete! It has now been a few weeks since the "eyesore of the river basin" at Mülheim-Kärlich fell. While the nuclear power plant has been in the process of being dismantled for some years, the cooling tower's last days were eagerly anticipated by the locals as the massive construction had become somewhat of a symbol of a decade-long fight against nuclear power. The plant only produced electricity for a very short time in the eighties, making the electricity some claim the most expensive ever produced. Here are the tower's last moments: https://www.dw.com/en/germany-demolishes-cooling-tower-of-former-nuclear-power-plant/a-49967279 This is the location: North of, i.e. downstream from Koblenz, a little past Urmitz railway bridge, at kilometre 605. To water levels: still looking okay towards the weekend. We shall keep our focus on the Danube where things are worse. notamermaid
  3. That is correct. What is bugging me with Jammy Bun's description is that they cut out Engelhartszell and Linz as potential ports for a swap. On top of that the excursion was from Straubing to Passau (and back). Going straight to Grein from Straubing is a lot of river cut out of the itinerary That could have been sailed - in part at least in daylight. As I have stated before it could have been to do with water levels in Austria. But I have no way of confirming this. notamermaid
  4. Hopefully a cruiser on an Avalon ship will be able to post from the Danube. Meanwhile you could try a tracking site and follow the ship. It is a bit of test of patience but can work. As regards the stretch Straubing to Passau: I have found the Switzerland I (110m) in Melk this lunchtime so she is through. The Amadeus Silver II (135m) arrived in Passau this morning, she made it through during the night. notamermaid
  5. During last night, just before 2am, a river cruise ship scraped the old railway line bridge at Konz near Trier. The ship's bridge had not been lowered enough and the top of it was ripped off. No reported injuries, thankfully. Initial assessment is human error. The ship is fully functional, but nevertheless police put the damage at a six figure sum (in euros). Here is the report from a local German newspaper: https://www.volksfreund.de/blaulicht/passagierschiff-faehrt-gegen-konzer-eisenbahnbruecke-fuehrerhaus-beschaedigt_aid-45932405 The ship's name has been covered up, but we can make out that it is the Swiss Crown. The Moselle has a few more low bridges, by the way. But the worst in terms of bridges appears to be the Main where past cruisers have reported that the sundeck is mostly closed due to this fact. If you would like to read more on the Main river, look for the thread dedicated to the river. notamermaid
  6. Good morning, everyone. The dreaded post... The Danube at Pfelling took a turn for the worse during the evening, actually falling below the range of figures the forecast gave. The gauge now shows 260cm! Naturally, the forecast has been adapted and shows figures that stay well below 290cm. It looks as if the river is most likely to loose a few more centimetres within the next 36 hours. The situation after Saturday is anybody's guess... Weather forecast remains the same: no rain of note for the Bavarian Danube before Monday. And Austria looks dry to me as well, following the same weather pattern as Germany right now. Jammy Bun has hinted at problems possibly starting in Austria, them having swapped to the ship at Grein town. A delay due to slow sailing or the ship had to stop? A manoeuvre just with better logistics in mind? notamermaid
  7. All Gate1's ships are 110m in length which we have seen from last year on the Rhine can be an advantage. By that I mean a few centimetres less draft that ships of a shorter length tend to have can be helpful when sailing through the shallow stretch. I mention the Rhine as I did not follow ships in marinetraffic along the Danube last year. The problem with the stretch from Straubing to Passau is that in marinetraffic the signals are lost and more accurate data is only available to subscribers. To give you an example: I looked at the Serenade1 which was near Straubing more than 20 hours ago, she should reappear after Passau soon if all has gone well. Have a great cruise. notamermaid
  8. Thank you for reporting back. I am glad to read the ship swap went well. Thankfully the distance one has to cover in a coach is not that big. Unless one takes a scenic route (no pun intended) then one can spend hours... Enjoy Bamberg and the rivers to come. notamermaid
  9. While the Elbe is still just a trickle and the Bavarian Danube is now really struggling, the Rhine is still doing okay. I say okay, as good would be too optimistic. Here are the figures: Maxau 429cm, Kaub 121cm, Koblenz 111cm. I said on Monday that Kaub could reach 120cm later in the week and it did this morning (a few centimetres of fluctuation always happens during a day). It has been reported by industry sources that freight surcharges are now in place, this is a logistics industry negotiated amount of money to compensate for low water levels and its transport problems. This need not concern river cruisers yet, but with the volume of water coming down from the High Rhine being lower what it could be at this time of year - as confirmed by the latest low water report - and no rain for the next few days, the level is bound to fall further. As a report suggests: "we need to look closely at the Rhine now". Looking ahead in the new prediction we can see figures of 110cm to 105cm at the weekend. Rain is still forecast for Sunday, but the amounts supposedly then falling in the Upper Rhine valley do no appear very substantial as of now. The longer term forecast suggests more rain on several days next week. Enough to keep the level above 100cm? It sounds promising. For those who have recently joined reading this thread: From 100cm it is not far to 90cm, which is a figure we do not want to see as it indicates cruising problems coming up. notamermaid
  10. The forecast for river levels always has a figure but also includes a range within which experts predict the river will stay. This range gets larger the further into the future the forecast/prediction reaches. So what is the gauge at Pfelling doing? Within the last 24 hours it has stayed within the range, both being at the top and low end - we are currently speaking of a range of no more than 15cm. As you will have gathered from the previous posts both from me and current cruisers, we are at a "wobbly" time as, despite the low range, exactly these centimetres determine whether a 135m ship can sail or not. Which ship will sail and which will be decided at short notice, i.e. you might be out on an excursion during the day and during pre-dinner talk you could be asked to pack your bags for a ship swap in the morning. I am grateful to current cruisers giving us info from their cruises. That is really helpful for those who will be on the river - especially close to Regensburg or Passau - in the next few days. Now onto hard facts. Pfelling gauge is now at 275cm, which as we have read is too low for some ships. It has dropped slightly below the forecast most likely figure of 284cm for this lunchtime. As the forecast shows figures of 283 to 280 for the afternoon the level is now already below that and other than that the forecast shows no great range of figures for the next two days, so we cannot say anything specific about the situation for the rest of the week. Current weather forecast suggests that the Danube catchment area will get almost no rain before Sunday. Rain is sweeping in from the West on Sunday, but Bavaria needs to wait till Monday for good amounts of rain all over the Danube basin. Does not sound too good, I must admit. For those who would like to follow along with the situation and put it into a visual perspective, here is a screen shot of the graph of Pfelling gauge station for the last 30 days: RNW is the line to look at, it is the 290cm I have mentioned before as being of nautical importance and an indicator of problems for the large river cruise ships. notamermaid
  11. A bit more rain for the Danube today than the forecast showed yesterday. Pfelling gauge is at 286cm. Forecast and prediction show figures of around 280 or a little less, so no major fall within 48 hours. Hopefully the experts are right... After today, hardly any to no rain in the catchment are of the Danube for the rest of the week. Will post again if the next forecast for levels shows a significant change. notamermaid
  12. Only Bitburger, that is boring. One could consider it local - it is brewed in the Eifel region North of the Moselle. But it is quite hoppy. There are many more that are good and come from smaller breweries. Koblenzer for example, but the Kölsch beers of Cologne and the Alt beer of Düsseldorf are also worth a try. If buying the package gives you access to them it might be worth considering. Especially if this also means you get more regional wines. While one can get those drinks in local shops I would certainly prefer them being served to me than having to look for them on shop shelves. Have a great cruise. notamermaid
  13. That is US Labor Day in September, right? Water level issues are most likely to arise North of Vilshofen. Vilshofen or Passau to Budapest is fine, or vice versa. A ship swap would not be necessary then, but it does not rule out your ship arriving late for example or being bussed to an alternative dock. The AmaMagna could do a bit more sailing upstream from Vilshofen as regards lock size, but I could not see such an itinerary. A wise decision by Amawaterways I should think - whichever reason there might be for it. Like the others suggest I would look at the itineraries closely, for example overnight in Vienna, Melk versus another town, etc. notamermaid
  14. On 10 September the level at Dresden rose to over 100cm - for about six hours. I wonder if Viking did some relocating of ships... Well, the window of opportunity was not long (two days perhaps?) and now Dresden is back at 65cm. But visiting Dresden is sure to be a delight - I have never been there - and to relive memories or as an appetizer, here is a short 360 degrees video by Deutsche Welle: https://www.dw.com/en/the-baroque-city-of-dresden-in-360/a-40294060 notamermaid
  15. A new week and a look at the water levels. Maxau 437cm, Kaub 137cm, Koblenz 124cm. With hardly any rain falling in the upper catchment area of the Rhine the forecast shows the levels falling slowly. Later in the week a figure of 120cm at Kaub could appear. At the weekend we will see sunshine and temperatures in the mid twenties Celsius but the "promise" of lower temperatures and rain is already in the air by Sunday, approaching from the West. notamermaid
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