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  1. Not to worry, I am sure it will be fine and we always appreciate the effort. Problem is that you may encounter an eager German who wants to practice his English on you. It has been known to happen. I do not know Duolingo, is that online learning? notamermaid
  2. How nice. Have you been able to master the G, J and Y difference yet? That takes a bit of getting used to. Deutsche Welle has got some nice lessons online/youtube. notamermaid
  3. Porto - Bordeaux Yes, I can hear that conversation quite clearly in my head. notamermaid
  4. AmaWaterways: https://travelweekly.co.uk/news/cruise/amawaterways-boss-eyes-august-restart-in-europe notamermaid
  5. @Canal archive Congratulations! Have a lovely day tomorrow and many, many more happy days to follow. notamermaid
  6. Thank you. I guessed it would be an unusual question. I have looked at the Saga itinerary and it looks an interesting one. It must be real fun to see André Rieu live, he is such an entertaining conductor with a great way of presenting the lighter side of classical music with this orchestra! notamermaid
  7. With all the hints who will be the laughing fifth in the background and name this one? notamermaid
  8. I remember the bridge location now. I checked the name online and "stone bridge" does not narrow it down unless it is the proper name of the bridge rather than any stone bridge. I cannot see the name either on my smartphone, probably because I do not know the command. They might have named the bridge after the fact that is the first bridge of stone over the river - you need to note that according to Wikipedia Pierre can refer to masonry, i.e. brick as well. Just a guess with the naming but there is an analogy for streets in England. There is a stone street in Kent which is a Roman
  9. Now that you say it - you do have many street lamps in photos. ☺️ This is a particularly nice photo. You first look at the massive lamp in the foreground only to realize seconds later that there is this iconic bridge in the background! I have seen this one on photos - the bridge, that is - but do not recall where it is. notamermaid PS: sent my post seconds after AnhalterER1960's post. I rarely look at photo names...
  10. Plantours with the MS Sans Souci were due to start the season as @AnhaltER1960 has mentioned but while they may still be the first back on the river it is now confirmed on their website that the first sailing has been cancelled. The first one on the Oder with Plantours has also fallen victim to the extended lock down in Germany. What a pity. notamermaid
  11. True. Such a journey does not work without transfer. You could do a 46 day journey on eight rivers without transfer, but not on an AmaWaterways ship. CroisiEurope could do take with a small ship. I think I would crave home-cooked food after three weeks. notamermaid
  12. Oh my, very good. Renmar will hopefully confirm that it is the one, it really looks correct. Beilstein is a lovely place, but do not go there on a Sunday afternoon, full of day trippers. It has not been a hidden gem since Heinz Rühmann made it famous in 1936 (in a German film classic). notamermaid
  13. dogs4fun, door, windows on the right and angle of alley look spot on with a photo I found. Not on this page, but you can see the door: http://www.beilstein-mosel.de/hotels.html How did you find that? I have not been to Beilstein so would not have found it, by the way. notamermaid
  14. Uphill, small, windy, with set stone, vine over the street and Café Hotel Garni. I would put this on the Moselle but I do not remember ever having seen this. It is not distinctive enough. However, there is lettering over the doorway and along the house on the left that indicates a long-standing family business, if someone knows how to alter this to show it better we may get closer to the solution. It could also be the Rhine but I do not think it is Rüdesheim. Have you ever been to the Wachau? Might it be on the Danube? Less likely for me but I will not rule it out if you have been
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